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Introduction about the General Electric Company 

  • General Electric is the full form of GE and it is an American global alliance headquartered in New York. Since 2015, the company has been operating in the following segments: home appliances, energy and water, oil and gas, energy management, aviation, healthcare, transportation and capital that meet the needs of the appliance, financial services, medical devices, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, automotive, software development and engineering. 

  • In 2011, GE was ranked in the Fortune 500 as the 26th largest company in the United States by gross sales and the 14th most profitable. In 2012, the company was ranked fourth in the world in the Forbes Global 2000 ranking, other measures have been taken into account. The Nobel Prize has been awarded twice to employees of General Electric: Irving Langmuir in 1932 and Ivar Giaever in 1973.

Advantages under the General Electric company

The general electric company offers a list of advantages to its employees which are listed below: - 

  • The company accepts that their employees are the biggest rewards and treats them like family. They often watch the employees for their hard work and reward them. 

  • The company has flexible, competitive and skill learning jobs at its company which are advantages for the employees working under it.

  • The company offers eight per cent savings for the employee’s future.

  • The company offers health insurance to their employees and their families.

  • The company also offers dental field coverage and expenses related to it except for braces treatment. 

  • The company offers eye treatment frequently to each employee and also offers free specs for every year to the person who needs it.

  • The retirement plan is also covered under the company.

  • General Electric gives its specialists and their dependents to choose incapacity profits safety insurance in case a worker is not able to work because of severe injury. Through this plan, the organization gives reimbursement of two and half of the worker’s revenue which is granted to eligible workers.

  • General Electric helps parents to support them at the time of the maternity period or if they are adopting and are in the process of it. The company offers paid leave to the applicants such as four weeks leave before the childbirth, six weeks leave after childbirth, and four weeks of leave for paternity. 

  • The vacation trips of the applicant who wants to go are also included in the company's policy for a three consecutive week plan. 

  • The company also offers gym membership to its employees after the working hours of the company. 

  • The company also offers fees reimbursement for the eligible undergraduates under the company. The company helps to pay the cost of books, tuition fees and other charges related to it.

  • The employees under the company get a twenty per cent discount if they want to get products produced by the company. 

  • The employees of the company can purchase stocks at the lowest market value price which offers twenty-four months of offering. 

These were some of the benefits which are provided to the employees under the General Electric company, there are also other various benefits which are provided to them as the company policies get modified frequently as per the need. 

Features about the General Electric company 

The features about the General Electric company and listed below: -

  • The General Electric company is well-reputed and they are open to hiring freshers.

  • The company hires people based on their degree and their qualification skills.

  • It's a dream for everyone to work under the company but to do that the person must make sure that they qualify the eligibility criteria and they have above sixty per cent in their board exams.

  • The applicants can enrol themselves by visiting the authorised website of the company and filling out the application form with the correct details.

  • The applicant must be up-to-date with the website and its regular notifications.

  • If there is any problem the applicant can seek out the helpline number provided by the company.

  • The General Electric company works under the aircraft engines, water, weapon, finance, gas, electrical distribution, wind turbines, other products, lighting, engines motors, etc. 

  • General Electric company is a multinational company and it works globally. 

  • The reports show that more than two lakh ninety-five thousand people work under the company as their employees. 

  • The company offers a wide reach of advantages to its employees and treats them well. 

These were the features of the General Electric company.

Eligibility criteria required to get in the General Electric company  

If a person wants to get into the General Electric company, then they need to be eligible.

For knowing the eligibility criteria under the company referred to the norms stated below: - 

  • The first thing which the General Electric company takes into consideration about selecting an applicant is their educational qualification. They check the degrees of the person which they have acquired in recent years. The applicant must have a bachelor, master, post-graduation or any other degree related to their job or field. 

  • The applicant must be thorough with their field of knowledge and must have a professional training course been done by the recognised institution. 

  • The applicant must have good knowledge and must be professional with their work.

  • The selection would be done on the written and verbal skills of the applicant, so the applicant must prepare accordingly.

  • The applicant must be good with technology and must have the capability of learning and grasping new things quickly.

  • The applicant could be asked to work in shifts so they must be ready to do so and they also must remain updated with the new technologies running around in work. 

  • If an applicant has taken a gap between their study years, then the gap must be of a maximum of two years to be applicable for enrolling in the company.

  • The percentage for the tenth and twelfth boards are also taken into consideration and the person must have scored a minimum of sixty per cent or above. 

  • The applicant at the time of enrolling must not contain any active backlogs.

  • Applicants who have a degree in bachelor of engineering, bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of science and communication, or other programs are all eligible to apply. 

  • There is no partiality based on gender meaning that both males and females can apply for the job.

These were the eligibility criteria required for an applicant to qualify if they want to get into the General Electric company. If an applicant qualifies with all the norms stated above then they are eligible to apply for the company. 

Documents required to enrol in the General Electric Company 

If a person wants to enrol in the General Electric company, then they must hand out a list of documents when enrolling in the company as these documents serve to prove the eligibility criteria.

The list of documents that should be handed out are listed below: - 

  • Firstly, the applicant must hand out the Aadhaar card as this is proof of an individual's identity. 

  • Secondly, the mark sheet of the tenth and twelfth standard must be given out as the percentage of these two grades are important for consideration. 

  • Thirdly, the applicant must also give their resume and they must make sure that their resume is updated. 

  • Fourthly, the picture of the applicant in passport size must be given out. The picture must be decent and recent. 

  • Fifthly, the degree which the applicant has pursued must be given out in the photocopy papers. 

  • Sixthly, if an applicant contains any of the experience, then they must give out the information related to that.

These are all the documents that an applicant is required to submit. The applicant can also hand out a bunch of other documents which relate to their situation. The applicant must make sure that they hand out the document to the official company. 

The selection and its working

Some facts about the selection under the General Electric company are listed below, an applicant can go through it if they want to know about it.

Refer to the points given below: -

  • Every year, the organisation hires a large number of new and experienced employees. Candidates for fresher employment are hired through campus recruitment and walk-in processes. Candidates must apply for the offered positions online. 

  • The corporation selects business schools and technical universities across the country for on-campus recruitment. A series of exams and interviews would be used to assess the candidates.

  • Candidates should contact their placement committee for additional information. The submissions received in a direct competition approach would be examined first. Those who are shortlisted will be interviewed over the phone. Candidates would be called in for an onsite interview if they were shortlisted. Candidates assigned General Electric India assistance in the administration cadre would be compelled to obtain a case study, group training level, and interview method. The selection process differs depending on the position. The corporation has the authority to alter the selection procedure whenever it sees fit.

  • As a result, before applying for a job, you should understand the current selection process. 

  • Applicants for General Electric Healthcare employment will be subjected to a telephonic interview as part of the screening process. Those who are chosen will be required to participate in another phone interview. The candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to a personal interview. Candidates must go through both a technical and a behavioural interview. Those interested in General Electric opportunities should make sure they have all of the necessary information about the hiring process.

  • When applying for General Electric jobs, keep in mind that there are a lot of people in the country that want to work for the company. To discover more about the current jobs and other processes, visit General Electric's official website.

These words the coins with an applicant must make sure and must understand about the selection process of the General Electric company. 

Procedure to apply under the GE career company

If a candidate wants to register under the GE courier company then they must follow the steps given below as this explains the procedure of doing so: -

  • The person must first make sure that they are connected to the internet.

  • After making sure of that, the person must go to Safari or Google browser.

  • The applicant must search for the official website of GE career company

  • After searching for the website, the homepage would be the first interface that would get loaded on the applicant's device.

  • There would be a bunch of options and the data related to the company and the jobs.

  • The applicant can look at it and collect data.

  • From the homepage, the person must find the job link and click on it. 

  • After clicking on that, the applicant must read out the instructions and data posted for it carefully before applying. 

  • If a person is interested in a job, then they can fill the application form by entering the details which are being asked from them.

  • After filling in fulfil the information, double-check it.

  • Then the person must click the button saying submit to complete the procedure. 

  • The applicant must also hand out the documents along with the application form as this is a mandatory part of the registration process.

  • The applicants must make sure that the document file size must be in the format of PNG/JPG.

  • After doing that, the person must pay the fee for the registration as per their field. 

  • While paying the fee the applicants must make sure that they are paying it at the authorised website of the company. The fee has to be paid through online transactions. 

  • After the fee is paid, the portal hands out the receipt regarding it to the person and the person must keep it for future reference.

  • Applicants can also take the printout of the application form they have filled for future reference.

  • Applicants must note that the application fee is non-refundable so they must pay before making sure of that. 

This was the procedure to apply under the General Electric company and the applicant must apply only if they're eligible. Follow the steps given above if you want to do the same.

Helpline contact support of the General Electric company

If an individual is facing any problem regarding the career option provided under the General Electric company and they want to get assistance from the company's organisation then they must contact them through the helpline support.

Given below are the helpline contact support of the company which an applicant can make use of: - 

  • The applicant can call at 0120-5011011 or +001 203 373 2211 * during working hours and the company secretary would take up the call. The phone must take place during the weekdays and the applicant must formally address their query.

  • The applicants can also be made to the Company at their authorised mail address and Thomas drafted males in a formal language which should be in a correct grammatical format.

  • Lastly, the applicant can either visiri or pose the letter of enquiry to the company. The address of the company is: - 

    • GE India
    • 401, 402, 4th Floor, Aggarwal Millenium Tower,
    • E -1,2,3, Netaji Subhash Place,
    • Wazirpur, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034, India

These were the three ways through which an individual can contact the Central electric company and seek assistance from them regarding their query. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the GE Career 

Question 1) Is GE working from home?

Answer 1) Yes, the GE employees are working from home in the pandemic as the company offers to keep them safe.

Question 2) How do I check my GE application status?

Answer 2) When the applicant has registered under the programme, they would have received an email from the company and to check the application status the applicant must go to the job profile they have created earlier. The applicant must log in by using their username and password, and from the homepage, they can click on the application status button and check the track of it. 

Question 3) Does GE hire freshers?

Answer 3) Yes, the General Electric company hires freshers and gives them the opportunity. The Selection is done through campus recruitment and the processes such as a walk-in. 

Question 4) What are the benefits which an employer gets under the GE company?

Answer 4) GE employees are up to the challenge of building a world that works. To fulfil this mission, the company offers a variety of competitive benefits to help support our workforce. The company's compensation and benefits are designed to help you manage your personal and family needs while rewarding senior performers. 

Question 5) what qualities are required for a person to have to be able to be selected under the GE company?

Answer 5) The person must have done the professional training and the required educational qualification. Apart from that, the person must be creative, good with technology, a good learner, flexible, team worker, etc. 

Question 6) What is the helpline number of the General Electric company at which a person can call if they are facing any difficulty?

Answer 6) The applicant can call at 0120-5011011 or +001 203 373 2211 * if they are facing any difficulty as these are the helpline number of the General Electric company at which a person can call during working hours and the company secretary would take up the call. The phone must take place during the weekdays and the applicant must formally address their query.