SCERT Book Online

Introduction about the SCERT Book

  • Telangana's SCERT - State Council of Educational Research and Training – distributes free textbooks for all topics to students in both English and Telugu medium schools. The State Council of Educational Research and Training of the Government of Telangana publishes these books. 

  • Subject experts and professionals have carefully crafted the Telangana State SCERT books to provide students with a broad and fundamental understanding of the different topics covered in their curriculum. All of the official websites for the Telangana board tenth class books are now up and running. 

  • The Telangana State SCERT Textbooks PDF for all main subjects from Class first to tenth may be downloaded below. Students who study from these Telangana State Board SCERT books will be able to cover the whole syllabus and achieve high exam scores.

Features of the SCERT Book

  • Telangana's State Council of Educational Research and Training supplies textbooks for all subjects. By reading on, you will learn about the Telangana SCERT Books for Classes first to twelfth. The existing Telangana State SCERT Books & Study Materials are recommended to you after extensive investigation by topic specialists. Students can gain a better understanding of the curriculum's syllabus and topics to study. 

  • Study Material for classes first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth in Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, and English is available from the State Council of Educational Research and Training. They make it simple for you to prepare for the exam and get higher marks. 

  • The Telangana State SCERT Books are available for students in grades first through twelfth. Reading the Reference Books will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the issues and areas to which you must pay attention during your preparation. You'll be able to achieve your goals if you have the correct books. 

The QR Scan Code in the SCERT Book

  • Because of the Corona outage, it is not feasible to direct teaching in Telangana schools. The government has made initiatives to encourage kids to listen to digital lessons at home. In the coming academic year, pupils in government schools from grades sixth through tenth will be given QR codes in their textbooks. Students can access audio and video lectures by scanning them with their phones. 

  • The QR code, which was previously printed as a test project for specific subjects, is now printed in all subject textbooks by the government. Students will be able to comprehend the lessons better as a result of this. Students can access videos, photographs, and audio elements connected to the lesson by scanning the QR code with their smartphone.

The need for SCERT Book in an online manner 

  • Hyperlinks can be used to direct students to a variety of instructional resources that aren't included in the course text, such as multimedia assets, interactive exercises, quizzes, and debates. As a result, eBooks could be useful learning tools, particularly for kids who are familiar with computers. 

  • The use of ebooks by the general population has grown in popularity in recent years. The opportunity for ebook adoption has gradually risen inside Higher Education and Further Education institutions, driven by improvements in ebook technology as well as increases in ebook consumption in general. SCERT e-books and handbooks for the exam. 

  • Many institutions have begun the process of adopting and using ebooks; however, as they embrace and embed ebooks in classrooms, research, libraries, and diverse adoption and usage situations, they must be aware of difficulties.

Advantage of having SCERT Book in an online format 

  • The contemporary era is characterised by technological advancements. Many aspects have evolved simpler as an effect of technological improvements. It is also effective in the realm of teaching and learning. E-books are available to both teachers and students. 

  • As a result, users can take e-books with them everywhere they go. They'll need a smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer or laptop for this. 

  • It will be simple to have an e-book on your mobile device. You don't need to bring any books with you to prepare your lesson. You can grab this book with you anywhere you run. Because most of us carry a cell phone with us at all times. 

  • A digital book is referred to as an e-book. It usually arrives in the form of a PDF file. It is free to get through the internet by getting it downloaded. 

Procedure to download the SCRET book in the online format

If a person wants to get the book in the online format and is willing to know the procedure of downloading it then they must follow the steps mentioned below as the steps given below explain the procedure of doing so.

Keep up with the method explained below: -

  • The applicant must first make sure that they have a smart device and after that, they must connect a device to the internet connection so that they can get able to download the file.

  • After connecting to the internet, the person must go to the Google browser and search for the book.

  • Upon searching, they must go to the authorised website to download it.

  • After they have visited the website, the first interface with which the person would interact would be the homepage of the website.

  • On the homepage, the person must specify their details and they can also check out the homepage as it has plenty of information that is useful and can guide the person correctly.

  • To achieve the download procedure, the person must specify the class standard for which they are looking on the homepage.

  • After specifying the standard, the person must further add the subject they want to get downloaded.

  • Another list of options would appear on the screen and from that the applicant must enter the title or name of the book which they want to get. 

  • These are all the details which the person must specify and after doing that, the person must click on the “next” button and then they would be able to get the chapter name list of the book they have wanted.

  • From here, the person can now get any chapter to be downloaded by clicking on the link of downloading it or they can also download the entire book by clicking the link related to that. 

  • The files can be downloaded in pdf format. 

This was the procedure of downloading the SCRET Book and the person can achieve the same by referring to the points given above. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the SCERT Book

Question 1) What are the programmes which are included under the SCERT policy? 

Answer 1) The programs which are included under the SCERT policy is that it organises the yearly training programmes which are meant for the teachers and specialists hired under it to produce the quality of material and assistance provided for each subject. Training is furnished to experimenters to begin analysis projects in the fields of academic and pedagogical training. 

Question 2) What is the curriculum under the SCERT book policy and can the teacher participate in its process too?  

Answer 2) Curriculum preparation is a process developed with the participation of educators, subject matter experts, SCERT staff, DIET staff and teachers. This is usually done in a phased manner which begins with the preparation of a  policy document or an approach document. Then, approach documents are finalized on different subjects and different stages of teaching. A curriculum framework is then prepared for each class and subject indicating the general nature of the curriculum context and the pedagogical principles to be followed. Based on the program, materials for students and teachers are prepared, including textbooks. 

Question 3) Tell the scholarship programmes which are under the SCERT examinations and carried out by it? 

Answer 3) The SCERT Examination management performs various levels of tests to select the potential students who are worthy to get the scholarship and for selecting, the organisation conducts the state-level examinations and then final national levels examinations such as the National Talent Search exam and the National Merit Cum Means Scholarship. 

Question 4) Tell the initiatives taken by the SCERT examination policy to promote and explore students’ skills? 

Answer 4) To promote and explore students’ skills in social sciences and mathematics, SCERT organizes programs such as STEPS and NUMATS. Thanks to the realization of screening tests of different levels, forty pupils of class sixth will be selected each year. State-level camps will be organized for selected students up to grade twelfth with the participation of experts at the national level. 

Question 5) Tell how the SCERT examination organisation gets the research development programme initiated and who are eligible to participate in the programme?   

Answer 5) Each year, the SCERT invites research projects in the fields of school education and teacher training. These research projects undertaken by individual researchers are funded by SCERT. Best practices in schools are documented. The research journal presents projects and studies based on research in the field of school education. School teachers and DIET faculty members can participate in SCERT research. Support is extended to NGOs and individual researchers subject to specific conditions.