Gramavolunteer Application Status

  • For quite some time, the Andhra Pradesh Government has deployed numerous candidates on government jobs.  Andhra Pradesh Gramavolunteer recruitment is one of them.  We will discuss in detail the Gramavolunteer Application Status, online checking or editing of the applications. The recruitments are going in several phases. Already deployment of the volunteers of phase one is over. 
  • To make the recruitment process moderate and flexible, the candidates have been given full freedom so that they can apply and check their grama volunteer application status online. Thus, they can know whether their applications have been rejected or approved. They can even know if any edit is to be done in the application.
  • As the Candidate can check their grama volunteer application status online, they will be happy to know where their applications are standing.

Grama Volunteer Status

  • A gramavoluneer’s status is multipurpose. According to a spokesman of Andhra Pradesh Govt., one Gramavolunteer will be responsible to look after 50 houses.  He has to perform several duties. A Gramvolunteer has to observe the houses under him. 
  • He has to attend the meeting held in the gram panchayat, and he should maintain the record of the issues and requests made by the residents under his observation.
  • He should resolve the issues such as Roads, sewerages and ensure sanitation, street lights. He will report to his higher authority for the solution of Drinking water problem under the Group of Houses assigned to him.
  • He should be honest and transparent in performing his duties.  
    • He will work as the bridge between the government and the common people.

    • He will encourage people to know about the Government schemes. He should take care regarding Education, Health, and security.

    • Besides, they will serve all the houses assigned to him irrespective of their caste and creed.

  • At the village level, the performances of Gram volunteers are monitored by the Panchayat Secretary.  In Mandal Level it is done by MPDO, and in District level the responsibility is of the District Collector’s 

How Will You Know Your Grama Volunteer

  • If you still don’t know your grama volunteer, and hence do not get any information about government schemes or any chance to redress your problems, read this paragraph. It is really easy to follow the process and you will know your grama volunteers. 
  • First open the link:!/knowyourvolunteer
  • The official site of Grama Wards Sachivalayam will be opened.
  • You will be asked to put your Aadhar number.→Then captcha → Then hit Check.
  • You will find the details of your Gramavolunteer. His name, Mobile number, Mandal Name, and district name all will be displayed.  Now you can approach him about your problems.  He will take care of the problems of your locality and try to solve them.  Even, he may present difficulties to his higher authority. 

Grama Volunteer ID Card Download

  • The volunteer identification card is vital as a verification of identity. It contains the majority of the information of a volunteer. This information comprises the volunteer's name, date of birth, and reason for volunteering.
  • To obtain your Grama Volunteer identification card, visit the official website.!/knowyourvolunteer
  • You will be prompted to Give your Aadhar number and then to enter the captcha.  After entering captcha hit Send OTP Button.
  • An OTP will come in your mobile number. Enter the OTP and hit Submit Button.  You will get your volunteer id number. Now you can download it.

The Chief Purpose Of Employing Gramavolunteer:

  • Sometimes it happens that the Government welfare schemes for the poor and uneducated people who live hand to mouth, do not reach them. The poor people and uneducated people cannot reach offices and claim their rights

  • The Gramvolunteers will deliver service to the doorstep of every eligible citizen irrespective of his political opinion, or caste and creed.

  • Ensure timely uncorrupted service and eradicate corruption from the administrative level. 

  • To ensure to bring the government programmes and schemes to the people’s doorstep.

  • To identify the problem faced by any citizen within the volunteer’s jurisdiction and bring it to the notice of Gram Panchayat and to solve it.

 Grama Volunteer Application Status Phase 1

Grama volunteer phase 1 is already over. Still, the candidates will get an opportunity to see the grama volunteer phase 1 application status from the official website. They can understand why their application was rejected or remained pending.

Grama Volunteer Application Status Phase 3 

  • Applications for the 3rd phase Grama volunteer in Andhra Pradesh, were accepted from 20th April 2021 to 24.04.2021. Scrutiny of the application is done by 25th April, 2021.
  • Date for interviewing of the candidates was scheduled 27th -29th April, 2020. 
  • Letter of intimation was scheduled to be sent to the selected candidates on 27th 29th April, 2020. The joining date was scheduled on 21st May,2020. 

Grama volunteer 3rd Phase Recruitment related Dates

Notification Release Date

17th April 2020

Starting Date of application receiving

20th April 2020

Last Date to Apply

24th April 2020

Scrutiny of the Applications starts

25th April 2020

Dates for Interview 

27th April 2020 

To 29th April 2020

Intimation Letters will be sent to the 

Selected Candidates

27th April 2020 

To 29th April 2020

Joining Date

1st May 2020

Checking of gramavolunteer application status

 Steps to check the gramavolunteer application status.


  • Many people are curious about the permanence or temporary nature of the Andhra Pradesh Grama Volunteer Job.
  • The Government of Andhra Pradesh's Order makes no mention of the job duration. Most likely, it appears to be a full-time job. Once a candidate has a more favourable job profile, he may seek employment elsewhere. His position will be advertised again. Candidates are ready for the next lot of employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Official Website for AP Grama volunteer post?

  • Is there any Help number for Gramavolunteeer?

  Yes. For, any help, candidate may contact at the given numbers: 7731929108, 9966599550, 8328235881

  • How to apply for a Grama volunteer post? 

  18-35 years can apply through online

  • Is off-line application allowed?

   No. application for job, and all other communications should be done online.

  • Is there any written examination held for the selection?

   No.  The selection is done through an interview.

  • Educational qualification to apply as a volunteer?

  10th standard pass for rural areas, 12th for urban areas, graduate from town areas.

  • How much Pay a GramVolunteer gets?

   The pay of gramavolunteer is 5000/- per month.

  • What documents are required for online application?

  • 10th pass Original Marks sheet

  • Intermediate Marksheet. 

  • Degree Certificate/original (only for urban areas)

  • Caste certificate

  • Original photo Identity proof

  • Aadhar Card

  • Recent Passport size photographs.

  • Voter id

  • Can a candidate from Non-Scheduled area of Andhra Pradesh, can apply for Gramavoluneer vacancies in Scheduled areas?

   No. Candidate of a Scheduled area, can only apply against vacancies under the scheduled area category.