Haryana Avsar App 2021


  • Under the working of Haryana Avsar App, Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar is the head of the administration team and he launched this scheme by showcasing his idea.
  • During the time of the pandemic, the schools and other institutions went shut. To carry out the semester, educational associations opt for the online teaching method, and to ease the process the government of Bihar launched the app. 
  • The app functions to take assessments and tests through an online system for the entire state. 
  • The tests were taken up by the teachers every month to ensure the smooth outflow of schooling and boost productivity during the lockdown. 
  • The Haryana administration made it compulsory for all academic organizations to conduct schooling by using this app only. 
  • The app works for students who are studying from standard first to standard eighth. 
  • Online schooling has become easier because of the app's contribution to it as its working is super simple and convenient. 
  • All the schools located in Haryana can access the app whether they're private or public schools. 

Benefits regarding the use of Haryana Avsar App

  • The digital platforms store up all the data in an organized way which saves time because to search for any data, the user just needs to type it on the search bar and access the files rather than finding papers and files manually in an offline school. 
  • Online schooling also saves up the trees as fewer papers are getting into use because now the students have to maintain homework presentations and word files. 
  • Digital learning assists the students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, besides that it also allows their teachers to monitor the development. Teachers have an easy-to-access online record of all work and will be able to keep track of student's commitment. 
  • The app also contains recorded lectures which enable the students to access the lectures anytime they want which is quite convenient because if in case the learner doesn't understand any topic then he/she has the option to take up that part again. 

Features regarding the use of Haryana Avsar App

  • The Haryana Avsary app got launched in the time of the covid pandemic and its functioning started from January First. 
  • This Haryana Avsary app provides a function of conducting online questionnaires which help to get the information about the present graphs at that moment.
  • The Haryana Avsary app would provide students with learning educational materials which were provided to them in the offline school and now it would be useful to them as they can access it online by removing the pandemic barrier in studies.
  • On this platform, the school and institute teachers would be able to upload videos and theoretical notes in an organized way about each subject and deliver it to the students of their class. 
  • The app provides an outlet on which the classes and tests get scheduled as per the day and time like an online calendar and students can keep the record of a timetable provided. 

Who can download the Haryana Avsar App and are applicable to use the app

To get eligible to access the app, the individual should fit into certain criteria. And if the individual passed the eligibility test then he/she can go ahead and avail of the app's benefits.

  • The first requirement to get eligible for the Haryana Avsar App is that the individual should be a student studying from standard first to standard eighth to get preferable. 
  • The second criteria state that the individuals from both areas hence the urban and rural areas can download the app as they're eligible to avail of its benefits.
  • The third regulation describes the necessity that the individual should belong to the state of Haryana as this app is being brought up by the administration of Haryana.
  • The fourth requirement is that the purpose for downloading the app should be academically related and this app supports only the educational requirements of the individual.
  • Fifth eligibility criteria state that if an individual's household members hold up a post in any government department or bureau then it would be difficult for such a case to get the benefit of the app. Also if the student belongs to the government official's family or whose family whose relatives are on a post like that he/she would be exempted from the eligibility selection list as this app is not rendered for the government or any job related to that area of interest. 
  • The sixth limitation notes that before selecting the applicants, the scheme officials also check whether the family of the student applying are regular taxpayers and if the result comes out that the applicant's family have not paid taxes earlier then he/she would be rejected for getting registered to use the app.
  • The seventh prerequisite which is asserted under the guidelines is the applicant belonging from general caste, scheduled tribe, scheduled caste, and other backward classes can apply for the scheme
  • The eighth provision is regarding the age as the individuals applying for the scheme should not be above the age of eighteen years old. The reason for this is that the administration doesn't appreciate individuals above the age of eighteen years old because the app has been made to help the children of the state and the youth below that age are expected to be more focused on their studies. 
  • The ninth requirement which is stated under the guidelines is that if the individual already has an account on the app then they cannot make another one. Or they should not be enrolled with another app with similar guidelines as this app is being made for only those who genuinely need assistance and are helpless. The individual can only avail of the benefit of the Haryana Avsar App during the period of covid pandemic and online school. 
  • The last regulation states that the scheme is open for both the gender i.e boys and girls indicating that the program is free from gender partiality.

Procedure to download the Haryana Avsar App

  • If the applicant wants to download the Haryana Avsar App then he/she can surely do it by visiting the "play store" If he/she has had an android device or the "app store" if the user has an android device. 
  • These two platforms would be already available on the devices. By opening the platform, there would be an option regarding the search bar, the applicants need to type and search for Haryana Avsar App. 
  • After searching, there would be a pop-up page with results regarding the app and other apps with similar functions. 
  • The applicant needs to find the official Haryana Avsar App by looking at its logo, the logo of the app would be like a two-dimensional drawing picture in which there would be a hand holding the mobile phone and the word "Avsar" would be written on the phone screen symbol and the Hindi translation of "avsar" would be written in the hand. 
  • After identifying the app, the applicant then needs to click on the option, and after opening the preference there would be an entire description of the app in the form of text, pictures, and videos. 
  • On the cover page, there would be a green-colored button option on which "install" would be written, if the applicant wants to go ahead and download the app then he/she can click on the install option and wait till it gets downloaded. 
  • The cover page would also show the percentage of the app at every minute of being downloaded. 
  • When the percentage hits a hundred percent, then the app would get on the phone's home screen and would be ready to use. 

How to register and make an account on Haryana Avsar App

  • After the app gets downloaded, the applicant then needs to set up his/her account on the app to enjoy the services. 
  • For getting registered, the applicant should analyze the eligibility test and analyze whether they're eligible to use the app or not, and if they're eligible then they can go ahead and sign up for the account.

Sign up process 

  • From the homepage of the app, there would be a pop-up page on which all the necessary details should get filled up like the name of the user, age, citizenship, mobile number, email address, caste, etc. After filling up these details the system would send the verification code to the mentioned mobile number through the message to continue. After stating that code on the website, a username and a password would be allotted to the applicant and after this, their username would get registered. 
  • After that their account would get set up and ready to use.

Log in process

  • If the user wants to log in, they just need to enter their username and password on the homepage of the app, when they're asked to. 
  • After that, they would be required to fill the one-time code which would be sent by the app to their mobile number, after entering the code they can then use the app and enjoy its features. 

(Note- If the user wants to make a new account then he/she needs to sign up.

  • In case the applicant already has the account, then they need to log in after downloading the app.) 

The helpline contact number of the Haryana Department regarding the launch of the Haryana Avsar App

  • If the students are in any problem with the registration of their account on the app or the downloading procedure then they can contact their class teachers and solve the problem. 
  • If the school is facing any issue then the organization can ring up the number of the Haryana Department which is 0172-2749396.
  • The additional number is 0172- 2749394 if the previous one doesn't get useful. 
  • Meanwhile, the landline number of the office is 2749409 or 2749395.
  • They can also write up mail and send it to the authorized mail id of the scheme. The address of the email is [email protected] or [email protected]
  • The applicant can also browse the official website of the scheme and check up on the common queries mentioned there, the official website is haryana.gov.in. or haryanacmoffice.gov.in
  • Or the applicant can post the query letter to the commissioner at their official office address which is:-
    • Haryana Civil Secretariat, 8th Floor, Chandigarh

Frequently asked questions related to the Haryana Avsar App

Q 1) What is the helpline number of the Haryana Department for launching the Haryana Avsary app, in case an individual has any query and wants to ring up the number?

A 1) 0172-2749396 and 01722749394 are the helpline number of the Haryana Department for launching the Haryana Avsary app if the individual wants to ring up the number and solve their query. 

Q 2) Who launched the Haryana Avsary app?

A 2) Administration of Haryana under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar launched the Haryana Avsary app. 

Q 3) What is the objective behind launching the app of Haryana Avsary?

A 3) Haryana Avsary app was launched to deliver the education to the students from class first to eighth through an online way during the time of pandemic so that their education doesn't hamper because of the covid situation. The app lets the user study with ease and makes the process convenient. 

Q 4) Can the educational organization of state Haryana not teach through the app of Haryana Avsary and come with their online teaching way?

A 4) No, the educational organization of state Haryana has to teach through the app of Haryana Avsary and they certainly cannot come with their online teaching method. 

Q 5) When did the working of the Haryana Avsary app get commenced? 

A 5) The Haryana Avsary app's working commenced from January First in the state of Haryana.