High Security Number Plate Online Apply UP


If you have been planning for the high-security number plate online apply UP and want to know how it works then firstly you need to have clarity on how does it overall works. According to the CMVR 1989 Act Rule Number 50, all two-wheelers and four-wheelers owners must install High-Security Number Plates on their vehicles. It is followed by all the states including Uttar Pradesh and made the number plate registration mandatory. The main aim of such HSRP Registration is to identify the stolen and vehicles with duplicate number plates easily. The application to apply for High-Security Number Plate in Uttar Pradesh can be submitted online by entering the vehicle details at the official bookmyhsrp Uttar Pradesh portal.

What is a high-security registration plate

  • Before understanding the process, you need to know what exactly is high-security registration plate is and how crucial it can be for you. hsrp online registration Uttar Pradesh is simple but there is something important to not ignore. This is made up of aluminum and is fixed on the vehicle using two non-reusable locks. It comes with a hot-stamped chromium-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra on the top left blue corner and precisely measures 20mm x 20mm. At the bottom left corner of the plate is a 10-digit PIN (permanent identification number) that is laser-engraved on the reflective sheet.
  • In the same manner, when you opt for the high-security number plate online apply Uttar Pradesh, the HSRP also comes with a hot-stamped film applied on the registration numerals and letters bearing the inscription ‘India’ at a 45-degree angle. Once the unique registration is fixed, it is then electronically linked to the vehicle.

Recent changes have been made in the application process of UP HSRP

  • As you are initiating to book my hsrp UP online, you need to understand that there have been few changes that are made in the overall process of application for UP HSRP. This includes:

  • Customers will now have to enter only the last five digits of the engine and chassis number.

  • The company has also launched separate helpline numbers and email addresses for general inquiries and specific grievances related to the affixation of HSRP at dealerships and during a home delivery.

  • The rider-fitters will also have to enter the App’s photographs, confirming that affixation has been done. Moreover, an SMS will be sent to the dealer and vehicle owner regarding the same.

  • From here on, the customer does not need to enter all the details of the vehicle. He/she should be required to enter the vehicle number to fetch all the details regarding the Vehicle Database that is integrated with UP HSRP Portal.

  • The company has also introduced a new application whereby an SMS goes to the customer and dealer, letting them know that the plate is on its way to the designated address for affixation once a plate is dispatched from the embossing center.

  • For home delivery affixation, the company currently has more than 450 rider-fitters. The number is expected to go up to 600 in the first week of January.

HSRP Online Registration Details

There are certain hsrp UP online registration details that you need to know. This way while checking, at least you will have clarity about it.

  • Name of Owner

  • Engine Number

  • Vehicle Class

  • Mobile Number

  • Type of Application

  • Chassis Number

  • Vehicle Number

  • Select Fitment Location

  • Vehicle Type

  • Registration Card Type

HSRP Features

Once you apply for the hsrp online registration up services, given below are the features you can enjoy from it. This includes:

  • Hot-stamped chromium-based hologram

  • Prevents counterfeiting

  • Hologram should contain chakra in blue color

  • ingressed IND legend

  • Laser-etched digital code

  • snap lock

  • super grade retro reflective sheeting

  • security inscript

  • Embossed Alpha Numerals & Border

Why is HSRP mandatory and what are its benefits

The process of high-security number plate up online applies but if you don’t know its value then there will be further complexities that cannot be avoided. Here are few things to know:

  • The HSRPs are also beneficial because essential details of a car including engine number and chassis number are stored in a centralized database. The stored data along with the 10-digit PIN becomes crucial in identifying a stolen car.
  • The authorities have also addressed the issue of incomprehensible registration plates as owners end up using different fonts and other additions and make it difficult for the traffic police to read the plates. The HSRPs have a uniform pattern, therefore eliminating the entire issue.
  • The primary reason behind this mandate is that the old number plates are quite easy to tamper with and can be taken out or switched easily. A stolen vehicle always ends up with a replaced registration plate, making it difficult for the authorities to track it down, but the HSRPs come with a non-removable snap-on lock and are quite difficult to replace.
  • The HSRPs are fixed by automobile dealerships and state authority-approved private vendors. The HSRPs are only issued once the vehicle owner passes on essential details like engine number and chassis number. This procedure is quite useful in preventing the counterfeiting of the registration plates.

What are the differences between HSRP and a normal number plate

You can even opt for the high-security number plate online to apply UP for old vehicles but you should also make yourself aware of the differences between HSRP and a normal number plate. This includes HSRP number plate comes with several features which are missing in a normal number plate -

  • The number plate also comes with a  chromium-based Ashoka Chakra on the left.

  • These are just some of the differences between a high-security number plate and a normal number plate.

  • The fonts and style are kept the same, unlike the previous number plates.

  • The HSRP is strictly made of aluminum and comes with two non-reusable security locks which are tamper-proof. This means that once these locks are broken, you cannot reattach the number plate and need to purchase a new one from an authorized retailer only.

  • The PIN is laser encoded so it can be easily scanned and also makes it tamper-proof.

  • The HSRP is also to be clubbed with a color-coded sticker to denote the fuel type.

  • With the HSRP being a mandate, all vehicle owners have around a year to install their new number plates. We suggest you get it sooner to avoid the last-minute rush.


Uttar Pradesh govt. starts hsrp UP apply online for vehicles at bookmyhsrp.com. the 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler owners need to be fitted with HSRP number plates compulsorily as per CMVR 1989 Rule 50. These plates will be installed by their respective automobile dealers in UP this month. In this article, we will tell you about the details of how to fill UP the HSRP Application Form.

Questions and Answers

How to Apply Online at UP Book MY HSRP Portal @ bookmyhsrp.com?

Let us see the procedure to book an appointment for Cars and Bikes on the official bookmyhsrp.com website. This process is for the applicants of Uttar Pradesh who wish to register for High-Security Number Plates online.

  • Visit the official portal of UP Book MY HSRP bookmyhsrp.com.

  • On the Home Page Click on the HSRP Number Plate Plus Colour Plate or Only Colour Sticker.

  • Click the First Option – HSRP Number Plate Plus Colour Plate.

  • Select the Private Vehicle or Commercial Vehicle from both the options.

  • Click on the Private Vehicle, and it redirects the applicant to the page.

  • Now Select Petrol, Diesel, Electric vehicle, CNG, or CNG+ Petrol from the given options.

  • It then redirects to the type of vehicle options.

  • Select the two-wheelers or four-wheelers from the given alternatives.

  • Selecting the two-wheeler displays the page.

  • Select the Scooter, MotorCycle, or Auto Rickshaw from the given options.

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  • Select the brand of the vehicle from the given alternatives.

  • It then redirects to the new web page.

  • Choose Uttar Pradesh from the given states.

  • It then redirects to the new page which shows the list of dealers.

  • Select the dealer’s name out of the available dealers.

  • It then shifts to the Vehicle Information Page, where the user is required to enter the information related to his/her vehicle.

  • In the Vehicle Information, Enter the Registration Number, Registration Date, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Email ID, Mobile Number, and the Vehicle Number.

  • Click on the Next Button.

  • In the final step, the applicants should make the payment online. However, the vehicle owners can also enter the GST Number, if registered.

  • It completes the payment process, and the order will be confirmed through the mail and phone number.

Who needs HSRP?

Now that you know what HSRP is for vehicles, you must understand who needs the same. All vehicle owners must get an HSRP fixed before July 2022. Number plates sold after 2019 are already HSRP, so people who bought a number plate before 2019 need to get it changed.

How to follow UP HSRP Status Check?

The applicants can also check the status of their application, using the steps given below:

  • First of All, Visit the “Status Checking” Page

  • Now, in the first section, enter your order number. This order number was given to you when you successfully applied for a New High-security number plate.

  • Then Enter your Vehicle’s Registration Number

  • Finally, enter the captcha and click on “Search’ to check the status of your application.