How To Join Digital India

The platform of digital India which is also popular by name of DIP is launched by Narendra Modi and has so far got so much positive response. There is so much smooth functioning that the Government has initiated through this platform. This is the main reason why the digitization process has become so easy at the national scale is because of this very known platform. The approach of how to join digital India offers a good digitization service. The primary focuses are to digitize the documents and records that are available in the paper format and thus reduce those piles of papers in the government offices, organization, and even in those organizations that are non-government. With this platform, the citizens can scan the images and documents and thus make them available for uploading the verification time comes.

What is Digital India?

It is a central program that helps in making India ready to be a future of knowledge-based. The primary aim of the Rs 1.13 lakh crore is made on making the use of technology thus to make the transparent, participative, and even responsive government. The focus of Digital India is mainly to achieve the missions which are:

  • To offer the digital infrastructure as the utility source for each citizen

  • The services and governance on the demand

  • To have a lot at the digital empowerment for every citizen

The establishment of digital India was done with an injective to improve the growth in those electronic services, manufacturing, and products that can enhance better living along with more job opportunities.

Key facts that you need to know:

This program helps to offer people to get all the solutions in a digitized format. This includes the documents that are existing ones and it also helps them to manage the documents in a much effective manner. It also uses algorithms that are machine learning-based and also the methodology that is crowdsourcing for implementing the functionality.

  • The program aims to take digital literacy to another level. This would focus on coming up with new ways for encouraging people to choose the cashless financial transaction.

  • The initiative also focuses on the integration at the seamless format all over the jurisdictions and even departments. This makes sure the services are available in real-time on mobile and online platforms.

  • In case you wish to get the documents digitized but not sure how to do it, then this is the right place where you have landed up.

  • There is a snippet solution in which the documents are scanned or say the little data as per the organization requirement is met

  • The data of the documents are then well maintained using the document lifecycle

  • There is a little amount or the snipper of the data that you offer which is then passed out through the system of the DIP

  • They are then compared and then converted to form the actual document


Before you go ahead and join digital India, it is important to understand the eligibility criteria. This would give you clarity on whether you are fit for this job role or not.

  • Must have enough knowledge of computers

  • Must have a valid Aadhaar Card

  • Must possess a Laptop and smartphone.

  • Be a citizen of India

  • Perform simple data entry jobs

  • Must have a bank account with Aadhaar Card linked

How to Join Digital India:

There is no hard and fast rule that a candidate must worry about while registering to the digital India portal. The steps are easy and if followed in the right manner then all things would get done more smoothly.

You need to visit the digital India portal official website

Then comes the homepage of the website where you have to look for the ’franchise registration’’ 

Now upon clicking the ’franchise registration’ there will be a page that shall appear in a form of a contract franchise. The form shall include different fields that you have to fill in. This includes:

  • Country

  • Current business

  • Email address

  • Address of the applicant

  • City

  • Pin code

  • Name of the applicant

  • Mobile number

  • State

  • Retailer shop name   

Once all the details in the form are filled in, you need to then upload all the documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, and even the digital signature

Right after you upload the documents, you need to click on the buttons that are given in every category. Remember, every file must be in the JPG format with the size of 300DPI

Right after you click on the submit button your application form also gets submitted.

You will be then able to get the User ID and Password within the next 24 hours on your registered email ID

Post this, you can start using the digital India portal for which you must log in using your User ID and Password.


Digital India is one amazing portal that gives customers great advantages right from creating the license network for the homemaker to the pop store which is located in the neighborhood of the customer. Such licenses are well reequipped in the multifunctional terminal which is then connected to the server's service provider and thus there is an execution of the transaction that too as per the real-time basis. The portal has then a contract that comes with service providers and which is then authorized to issues at the legal level for validating the reservations and consumers' receipts. It is all owned by experts who are into the services of the e-government industry since 2017.

Questions and answers:

What are digital India and its primary motto?

Ans. Digital India is one of the Indian Government initiatives that focus on providing the online infrastructure and thus enhance internet connectivity. The motto of Digital India is “Power to Empower”

What are the three main components of Digital India?


  • Digital Infrastructure Creation

  • Digital Delivery of Services,

  • Digital Literacy is the three main components of the Digital India initiative.

What is the key objective of digital India?

This portal focuses on providing high-speed internet in every country’s every part and thus improving the online infrastructure.

What are the crucial initiatives under Digital India?

  • E-Health Campaigns

  • E-Kranti (Electronic Delivery of Services)

  • E-Hospitals

  • DigiLockers

  • E-Education Campaigns

  • BHIM – UPI Portal