IREPS Portal

  • The Indian Railways E-Procurement System (IREPS portal) is an acronym for the Indian Railways E-Procurement System. The railway department has launched a web portal for e-tendering and re-auctioning various projects. This website will aid in the electronic procurement of railway projects. This Indian Railways E-Procurement System(IREPS) web portal allows vendors to search for E-tenders and E-auctions. To do so, you must first register with the IREPS and then log in using the user name and password provided. We will learn how to log in and register on the railway department's website,, in this post.
  • This Indian Railways E-Procurement System provides a secure online platform for material procurement and payment. This portal meets the needs of 16 zonal railways.

IREPS portal registration

Follow these procedures to access the Indian Railways E-Procurement System:-

  • Go to the IREPS portal official website

  • On the left side of the Home page, select New Vendors/Contractors(E-tender).

  • If you have not yet registered, select the first option; if you have already begun the registration process, select the continue with registration request initiated earlier option; if you want to check the status of your registration, select the third option; and finally, select the fourth option if you have any questions.

  • To begin a new registration, select Initiate Registration Request. A page with instructions will appear in front of you.

  • When you click the proceed button, the form will appear in front of you.

IREPS portal login process

Follow the instructions below to access the IREPS portal for online procurement.

  • Visit for further information.

  • You'll be taken to the home page.

  • Select Login from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter your user name here.

  • Please enter your password.

  • Login by pressing the Login button.

How to reset IREPS portal login password

If you know your user id but have forgotten your login password, you can use the IREPS portal login page to reset your password using your Digital Signature Certificate.

Using a Digital Signature Certificate, reset your login password: To reset your login password, follow the instructions below:

  • Click the 'Click Here To Reset Password Using Digital Certificate' link beneath the 'Forgot Password' block on the IREPS login page.

  • Press the submit button after entering your registered email id (which is also your user id).

  • After that, click the 'Attach Digital Signature Certificate & Change Password' option to attach your Digital Signature Certificate.

  • Click the 'Save' button after entering the new password.

  • Your password has been reset, and you can now log in to using the new password.

The IREPS password policy states that your password will expire after 60 days, which means that users will be automatically prompted to update their password after 60 days. After logging in, users can change their password at any time by clicking the "Change Password" link in the right navigation under the My Profile block on the logged-in user's home page.

To change the password, enter the existing and new passwords and click the save button.

IREPS app download

Follow the steps to download and install the IREPS portal app for android and iOS.

1. Users should go to the Andriod app or IOS app links to get the IREPS android or IOS apps.

2. When the Android or iOS apps appear on the screen, click the Install Button to download them to your devices.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the pre-requisite for IREPS application registration?

For registration with IREPS, vendors must have a valid Class III Digital Signature Certificate with the Firm's Name issued by a certified Certifying Authority. They'll also need a computer with an Internet browser (IE 6 to IE 9) and access to the Internet. Vendors are unable to participate in E-tenders unless they have a valid Digital Signature Certificate, User ID, and Password.

2. How do i use the IREPS portal application to register?

To receive a User ID and password for future use and direct participation in E-tenders, the vendor must click on the " New Vendors" link on the Home page and complete the login registration form. After clicking on the "NREPS Users Click Here" link, NREPS Vendor Users can simply click on the "New Vendors" page to register with IREPS. Before registering, please check your computer system's browser settings [found on the Home page] and import the public key of your Digital Signature Certificate to "Other People" in your Internet browser after exporting it. Vendors should provide a correct, genuine, and presently using the e-mail address in order to receive passwords and other crucial communication by e-mail.

3. After submitting a registration request with ireps portal, how long will it take to receive a user-id and password?

In most cases, responding to a vendor's online registration request takes three clear working days. In order to receive a timely answer, vendors must present valid information such as the firm's name, the user's name, and other information as specified in the Digital Signature Certificate (with appropriate Validity and Class III). They should also make sure they aren't already registered with IREPS. The system generates a password (which must be changed after the first login) and sends it to the e-mail address provided during the registration process; this e-mail ID also serves as the User ID. If a user's registration request is denied, an e-mail is sent to the user with the reasons for the denial.

4. What should i do now that i've received my password?

Connect to, select "Login," input your registered email address as the user ID, and the password you received in your email as the password. The system will prompt you to update your password right away. Change your password according to the "Password Policy" section of the same page. The system will next invite you to enter your company's statutory and banking information. When you log in, though, the system will prompt you again. This information is important to you and can be seen or modified using the right navigation links.