Jeevan Pramaan App


  • The world of digitalization has certainly grown to a great extent. So many people are now looking for reliable applications for better security and stability. Talking of which Jeevan pramaan app download has also been talking of the town. It is one of the best options for the senior citizens that have been providing great Advantages. The retired employees need a pension. It is their only source of income. Once the retirement is done, the state and central government employees may have to earn a pension every month. For pension continuation, the beneficiary needs to keep submitting the life certificate on yearly basis. This can be quite a daunting task for the elders. To offer them better feasibility, Jeevan Pramaan or the Digital Life Certificate is started.
  • Before you go ahead and download the jeevan pramaan app it is important to understand how the overall process works. There are more than 50 lakhs of the pensioners of the central government and different state and UT governments along with the government agencies that have been using such service. It also includes the pensioners from the various public sector enterprises. In addition to this Army and Defense Personnel, drawing pension exceeds Twenty-five lakhs. It certainly is one efficient option that people can consider using.

Know the objective

  • One of the primary reasons why people should opt for such an app or Umang app for a life certificate is to ensure they don’t have to visit the bank, especially at old age. It can offer many conveniences to do things with just a few taps. Besides, the earning process is easy so it allows them not just to apply but also use different kinds of services and facilities with a single click. Certainly, in the digital era, it does not make sense that senior citizens must keep a follow-up of life certificates by visiting the bank often and that is why this type of option is best to download.
  • Along with providing feasibility, this solution can also ensure that people can opt for better convenience without traveling to the bank often. This certainly is one of the finest initiatives that the government has taken for senior citizens. AT least with this, the senior citizens can get their pension continuously. Since Jeevan pramaan app download for mobile is easy to do besides, it works on any mobile model that is why using it should not be a challenge too.

What is Jeevan Pramaan

  • Before you go ahead and download this life certificate app, it is important to understand more about Jeevan Pramaan. Well, options like the Umang app for pensioners life certificate or Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric-enabled Digital Life Certificate for pensioners where they can generate and share it with Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs). With such a facility, the retired employee of the state and central giver net along with other government institutions can get what they deserve.
  • There is no denial of the fact that it is a big challenge for senior citizens and other retired employees to visit the bank every year and submit a life certificate in person. The Indian government has created a provision for such pensioners to generate the digital life certificate using Aadhaar-based biometric authentication. They simply must visit the Jeevan Pramaan portal or download the Jeevan Pramaan app on their smartphones.
  • Using access to the Jeevan Pramaan portal or downloading the Jeevan Pramaan app on their smartphones, the Government of India has already created many different arrangements. Pensioners should create a digital life certificate using Aadhaar-based biometric authentication.     

Eligibility criteria to be not ignored

A person can avail the facilities of the Jeevan pramaan patra app if he meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • The Aadhaar number should be registered with the Pension Distributing Agency

  • He/she should be a retired government employee (Central Government, State Government, or other Government Institutions)

  • He/she should be a pensioner

  • He/she should have a valid Aadhaar number

How to Avail Jeevan Pramaan Facilities Online

Whether you want to make the use of services offered or the facilities, to avail them using the Jeevan pramaan app android or another operating system, you need to first download the app or use their website. The application needs to be downloaded for Windows/Mac/Android and installed on his/her device. A biometric device must be attached to the device (PC/smartphone/tablet) to avail of Jeevan Pramaan services.

How to access Jeevan Pramaan Services Online

Umang app life certificate can be a great platform for many experts. Using such Jeevan Pramaan website or smartphone app an individual can avail a different amenity. Whether it is to get the No DLC to be generated, SMS notification to be received, or the verification is done, everything is possible through a few taps. Also, there are some other benefits too that should not be ignored.

Benefits of Jeevan Pramaan

The verification is done using the Aadhaar-biometric authentication which eliminates the chances of fraudulent activities

  • No DLC can be generated without the approval of the pensioner

  • Once submitted, the pensioner gets his monthly pension disbursed in his pension account.

  • Jeevan Pramaan makes it easy for pensioners to submit Digital Life Certificate

  • SMS notification is sent to the pensioner on successful Jeevan Pramaan Certificate generation


There are more than Jeevan pramaan apps for android that are being used. No doubt that with 50 lakh pensioners of the Central Government and more or less of the various State and UT Governments and various other government agencies, Umang app life certificate can be bliss. With an option like Jeevan Pramaan that is a biometric-enabled digital service for pensioners, pensioners can now be stress-free. It is possible for the Central Government, State Government, or any other Government organization Pensioners to take benefit from this facility. There are now more than one crore families in India who are categorized as pensioner families, where the pension disbursed by the various government bodies forms the basis for their income and sustainability.

Questions and Answers

How does the overall Registration Process work?

Follow the steps mentioned below to register for Jeevan Pramaan:

  • Open the Jeevan Pramaan app in your device

  • Select the option for new registration

  • Enter the required details such as Aadhaar number, Pension Payment Order, Bank Account, Bank Name, and mobile number

  • Click on send OTP to generate an OTP and send it to the mentioned mobile number

  • Enter this OTP to proceed ahead

  • Authenticate your details through biometric verification (fingerprint or iris scan) using Aadhaar

  • Once you click on submit, your details will be validated by UIDAI and a Pramaan ID will be generated against your details after a successful registration

  • You can use this Pramaan ID to log in to your Jeevan Pramaan account.

How to Generate Jeevan Pramaan Certificate/ID?

Jeevan Pramaan can be generated online through the app. Follow these steps to generate Jeevan Pramaan online:

  • Login to your Jeevan Pramaan app by entering your Pramaan ID and OTP

  • Select the Generate Jeevan Pramaan option

  • Enter the Aadhaar number and mobile number and click on Generate OTP

  • An OTP is sent to the mobile number. Enter the OTP in the space provided

  • Enter details such as –

  • Pensioner Name

  • PPO Number

  • Type of pension

  • Name of Sanctioning Authority

  • Name of Disbursing Agency

  • Name of Agency

  • Email Id

  • Select Remarried options

  • Select Re-Employed Options

  • Select the no objection option and scan your fingerprint/iris

  • The biometric input is authenticated using the Aadhaar data

  • The Jeevan Pramaan is displayed on the screen after successful authentication

  • A confirmation message is sent to the pensioner’s mobile number containing the Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID

How to get the Jeevan Pramaan Certificate Download?

Once a Digital Life Certificate (DLC) is generated, it is stored in the Life Certificate Repository. A pensioner can download the Jeevan Pramaan certificate through the app or by visiting the website. The Pension Disbursing Agency (PDA) can download the Jeevan Pramaan from the Life Certificate Repository of a pensioner. Here’s how the Jeevan Pramaan Certificate can be downloaded by the PDA:

  • A PDA has to log in to the registered account at the Jeevan Pramaan website

  • Jeevan Pramaan of the pensioner can be downloaded by entering the Pramaan ID

  • The PDA can view/download the Jeevan Pramaan only when it is shared by the pensioner

  • If not registered, a PDA cannot access the Digital Life Certificate of the pensioner

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How to Locate Jeevan Pramaan Centres?

A pensioner can visit a Jeevan Pramaan Centre (JPC) to get the Digital Life Certificate as well. The option to search for JPC is available on the website. Here’s how you can locate a Jeevan Pramaan Centre:

  • Visit the Jeevan Pramaan portal

  • Click on “Locate a Centre”

  • Jeevan Pramaan locate a centre

  • You can either search for a JPC using a “Location” or “Pincode” 

  • The search results are displayed on the screen along with the support for Google maps