Jharkhand Marriage Registration


In Jharkhand marriage, registration is now available online where couples can get their marriage certificate once the entirely physical verification is done. This usually would take 15 days from the day the Marriage Online Registration Form is submitted and processed. The process is created online but the department of land, revenue, and registration. It will be under the new system for the first time which is that civic bodies in urban areas have been empowered to issue marriage certificates. In rural areas, it will be the panchayats who will be empowered to issue marriage certificates. Simultaneously, the offline mode for registration of the marriage will be functional too. The online facility usually is advised for better convenience for the people so that everyone shall obey the Compulsory Marriage Registration Act 2017 that states the marriage is mandatory to be registered. If the registration of the marriage is done within one year, then a fee for online be just Rs 100 or beyond a year it will be Rs 150.

About Online Jharkhand Marriage Registration

Jharkhand Marriage Registration needs to be done as a compulsory part after marriage since the marriage certificate now works as a legal record. It certifies that there is a marriage bonding between the bridegroom and the bride. Besides, the concerned state government gets the right to issue such a certificate in every Indian state. 

Jharkhand government has launched the online portal Marriage Registration Act 2017 that consists of the marriage registration process. Currently, the marriage registration is finished in Jharkhand within two types. In the special marriage act, it is an applicant who must submit the one month notice to the concerned register office for which they need to fill up a prescribed form before the registration is done. If there is immediate marriage registration, then the provision will be made under the Hindu marriage act. As per this act, the married couple will be eligible to register themselves on the wedding day itself. But there will be a certain condition to it. Online registration through serviceonline.gov.in is any time the best choice as the time and money to visit the court and further proceeding at the official department gets saved.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

Those who have not applied and paid the Jharkhand Marriage Registration Fee are missing out on some of the best advantages associated with the Jharkhand marriage certificate which are:

  • The marriage certificate shall establish that marriage has happened and it can further be used as the legal record

  • It acts as a deterrent to husbands abandoning their wives.

  • A marriage certificate establishes that marriage has occurred and can be used as an official record.

  • This certificate let even the widows claim the inheritance.

  • With such a certificate it would be clear that the minimum age for marriage to restrict child marriages has been followed

  • It can also be used to check bigamy or polygamy.

  • It lets the women practice their rights of asylum from their husband 

  • It can be a legal document used for the custody of children.

  • Using it while applying for passport service and even to get a visa for immigration advantages can be helpful too.

  • The women can claim their rights in case of going for a divorce.

  • It prevents the activities of the husbands to opt for more than one marriage.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be a perfect fit for the Jharkhand Marriage Online Apply process, it is expected that the groom and bride both fall under certain eligibility criteria to get the marriage certificate

  • At the time of the marriage, the concerned party should have a living spouse.

  • The groom or the bride should be a permanent resident of India for obtaining the marriage certificate in Jharkhand.

  • The groom must have attained the age of 21, and the bride must be the age of 18.

  • The party should apply to the office of the concerned Registrar under whose jurisdiction the marriage occurred 

  • The party can apply to the office nearby where the spouses had stayed for at least six months before the wedding. 

  • To register, either of the following places must come under the jurisdiction of the Registering Officer:

  • Residence of the bride

  • Residence of the bridegroom

  • Solemnisation place

Understand the difference between the Marriage acts that are followed in Jharkhand’s

In India. The registration of the marriage will be done under the Hindu marriage act or the special marriage act. The special marriage act shall be applied to all the citizens of India no matter what their caste and religion are. In this case, if the Hindu marriage act, applies only to the Hindus. The special marriage act offers the marriage solemnization and registration by a marriage officer. In the case of the Hindu marriage act, the registration is already a solemnized marriage and don’t have to go further for being fitted in the marriage solemnization by Marriage Registrar

Documents Needed

To apply for the marriage certificate in Jharkhand, there are some documents that an applicant is expected to keep handy. These documents if the person is applying online needs to be uploaded otherwise if the person is applying offline needs to be carried out at the office to avoid any kind of confusion.

Affidavit of the couple stating the place of marriage occurred including the details of marriage date, marital status, and nationality.

  • Application form

  • Residency proof of the applicant

  • If marriage happens at a religious place, then the declaration by the priest.

  • Passport size photo of the applicant 

  • Birth certificate of the groom (Age Proof)

  • Photograph of a marriage invitation card, if any.

  • Birth certificate of the bride (Age Proof)

  • For divorced people, the order of divorce is needed

  • A verified copy of the death certificate is needed

How to apply for Jharkhand Marriage Certificate

Firstly, the applicant needs to get an application form by visiting the office of the marriage registrar from a certain jurisdiction and submit the same. The jurisdiction can be located at the place where marriage was held or at the place where either of the couples is residing for more than 6 months from the date of marriage preceding.

The couple then needs to appear before the registration along with the guardians and parents. The registration will be finished once the registrar prefers the verification. The applicant will then be able to collect the certificate at a certain time.

Currently, the marriage registration in the state is done in two days. Under the special marriage act, the applicant will need to give one month's notice at a certain registry office for which the prescribed form before the registration needs to be filled up. Suppose for the registration if needs to be done instant there needs to be a provision offered under the Hindu marriage act wherein the couple can get the registration in the same marriage date at the office of the registry. But if the marriage needs to be registered in Ranchi then the marriage can be solemnised or the groom must hail from the city.


There is no hassle process involved in Jharkhand Marriage Registration. Since a major number of things are now online, people can get the job done with few clicks. However, there need to be all documents updated and well verified by the registrar.

Question and answer

How can I check my marriage certificate online in Jharkhand?

  • To check your Jharkhand marriage certificate on the service, you can always visit the official website of Jharkhand which is serviceonline.gov.in.

  • Once the home page opens you need to select the get marriage registration certificate option.

  • Fill up the basic details asked and the physical verification by the couple needs to be done.

  • Then the certificate of the marriage will be issued online once the 15 days are completed post the application.

What is the process of Marriage certificate name change?

  • Marriage certificate name change is an important part that makes sure the name of the individual has been taken up as the surname of the spouse. 

  • Before going on to apply for the change of name, it is important to check with the local registrar and their procedure.

  • You need to visit the official website of Jharkhand which is serviceonline.gov.in. Once the homepage will open, you must click on the change in the surname or name.

  • On clicking upon it, you must submit valid proof-like a 10th pass certificate or Aadhar card.

  • You even must submit the notarized affidavit declaring your intention to change the name after marriage

  • Hit the submit button and fill up the required fee for the change and the process of application will be done.

How to rectify the Error in Marriage Certificate?

  • You need to visit the official website of Jharkhand which is serviceonline.gov.in. Once the homepage will open, you have to click on the Error in Marriage Certificate

  • On clicking on it, you need to enter the important details asked in the form and attach the simple notarized affidavit that states the correction in the certificate.

  • The registrar upon receiving the form will verify it and make the necessary changes.

  • You may even have to pay a certain amount of fees that is asked.