K2 Challan Generation

Things are becoming much more on track and convenient as technology slowly creeps into government structures. The Karnataka government has also launched an online site for treasury functions called Khajane, based on this idea. Because of its enormous popularity, the government improved the portal and renamed it Khajane 2 challan.

The Government has connected all of the State's treasury offices to a single server with the use of the site Khajane 2 challan. The goal of this gateway was to create a state-wide treasury system that was devoid of any inconsistencies.

What is the k2 challan generation portal

Khajane 2 challan generation Portal Karnataka is primarily a Karnataka Government Integrated Financial Management System that operates on the principle of easy portability, providing users with easy access across the state's various unified departments, allowing them to fill out challans, track challan status, use a variety of payment gateways for secure transactions, and provide financial information.

Benefits of khajane 2 challan generation online portal

Khajane 2 challan is a portal with a lot of features for users. Payments, deposits, pensions, returns, receipts, stamps, housekeeping, accounts, and maintenance are some of the essential elements or functions that users may discover in the portal.

  • The portal has several advantages that have helped it become so successful. Here are a few of the advantages offered by the portal.

  • Through the interface, all treasury functions can be conducted automatically.

  • Not only were the functions automated, but the operations were also considerably smoother than before.

  • The interface made tasks like printing receipts and depositing information considerably simpler.

  • It also provided the benefit of intelligent data tracking for a variety of uses.

K2 challan generation form submission and registration

The next step is to figure out how to get these benefits, which is crucial. Because it is a state government-registered portal, government personnel must register in order to make use of these perks. The ID and password that a person receives after registration can be used till he retires. This registration can also be completed by an officer at the District Treasury Office. The DDO must, however, be present during the registration process. You can now proceed to the next stage in the K2 challan Registration process.

  • Begin by going to khajane2.karnataka.gov.in to learn more about K2 challan generation.

  • You must obtain two forms R1 and R2 from the website khajane2.karnataka.gov.in.

  • You must now take printouts of these K2 challan generation form and complete them.

  • You must go to the District Treasury Office after you have completed the applications and filled out the required information.

  • The Officer will perform your biometric enrolment and take these forms from you.

  • You must now complete the procedure of obtaining a digital signature.

  • After that, go to khajane2.karnataka.gov.in and get Form 7, fill it out, and send it to the Treasury.

K2 challan login status

You can access the portal at any time once you've registered. The primary registration is the one that you completed. Furthermore, if the DDO or other officials believe you should not be in charge of this, they will not enable you to use Login credentials. As a result, only authorised users have access to this portal.

  • Go to the website khajane2.karnataka.gov.in.

  • When the homepage appears, scroll down. You can now select the language in which you want to work.

  • The screen then displays two login options. The first is for IFMS, and the second is for DMS. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Now you must input your credentials in order to complete the login process.

  • You will be able to log in successfully after completing the Captcha.

  • If you can't remember your password, click the Forgot Password link to have it reset.

  • You will receive an OTP to write on the screen after entering the contact number.

  • You can then submit the page and reset your password after it has been validated.

How to generate a challan on the khajane challan generation portal

You must follow the steps outlined below in order to generate a K2 Challan:

  • The citizen should click on the start of the Generate Challan trait appearing in the Services section once it has been opened on the screen.

  • On the screen, the khajane Challan Generation window will appear.

  • To begin with the khajane Challan Generation form, the citizen must complete the parts below:

  • Give the challan's date.

  • Provide the remitter's information, such as:

    • The Citizen's Full Name

    • The applicant's email address

    • Applicant's residential address

    • Citizen's mobile phone number

  • Next, in the Department Details section, the applicant must fill in the following information:

    • Categorization ( whether Government, Deposits, ZP, TP, GP)

    • Choose a district from the drop-down menu.

    • Make a note of the name of the department in question.

    • Mention the DDO Code as well as the DDO Office in question.

  • Citizens should write the following information in the last area of the Purpose Details:

    • Choose a purpose from the drop-down menu.

    • ID for a specific purpose

    • Accountant in Charge

    • Total expense for the Challan

To successfully produce the Challan on Khajane 2 challan Portal Karnataka, the Applicant must click on the Add button for additional manual information and then click on the Submit button at the bottom.

Frequently asked questions

What is the email address for contacting the Khajane 2 challan generation authorities?

The authorities can be reached at [email protected].

Can we get the registration and login forms from the khajane2.karnataka.gov.in website and send them to the Treasury department?

Yes, you can get the registration and login forms from the khajane2.karnataka.gov.in website and submit them to the Treasury.

Where can we find information on the khajane challan generation Portal's advantages?

You may read about the Portal's advantages in the previous post. After reading the article, all of your uncertainties will be dispelled.

What is the official link of the Karnataka Government's Khajane 2 challan Portal website?


What conditions must be met in order to look at khajane 2 challan search on this portal?

In order to search the Chalan in the Khajan Two portal, the user will need to write down the Challan Reference number and the Bank Reference number.

What exactly is UTR and how does it apply to the Khajane 2 challan Portal?

The UTR (Unique Transaction Reference Number) is a 22-character number that is used to check the RTGS and gateway within the portal.