Kerala PSC Thulasi Login

  • Thulasi is the online platform of Kerala PSC or Kerala Public Service Commission. Kerala PSC registration was implemented by the Kerala government in January 2012. All candidates who want to apply for Kerala PSC jobs must register with the Kerala PSC Thulasi. This KPSC Thulasi registration method assists all job seekers in learning about the most recent government employment openings. A job notification will be sent to the candidate's registered mobile number. The procedure for completing Kerala PSC registration is detailed in this article.
  • Kerala PSC Home,, is another legal website run by the Kerala state government. Individuals seeking job vacancies, on the other hand, should visit the PSC Thulasi website, where various posts are listed to assist qualified users in applying. To access the page, one must have a user id and password. Here you'll find details on how to register with the Kerala Public Service Commission, how to log in, and how to change your password on the portal.

Registration process for Kerala PSC Thulasi

Follow the steps below to register yourself or create an account on Kerala psc thulasi.

  • Go to to access the official Kerala PSC KPSC Thulasi website.

  • To access the Thulasi portal, go to the homepage and click the one-time signup tab. 

  • Select the option new registration on the screen and fill in all essential information such as name, date of birth, gender, and other details to create a user id and password.


  • After that, fill out the declaration information and attach our Aadhaar number.

  • Accept the declaration details and enter the captcha code in the space provided.

  • Now, as directed by the site, add your photo and signature, then submit to complete the process.

Kerala psc thulasi login

You can now use your user id and password to login to the Kerala PSC Thulasi login website gateway. The user must submit written examination confirmation, download a hall ticket, and then use the portal to view the examination results.

  • Go to to access the official Kerala Public Service Commission Thulasi Login page.

  • Enter your user id and password on the site, then the captcha code on the page. 

  • To access your OTR profile, click the log in icon.

  • Check for different tabs on the page, such as my profile, my application, confirmation, and so on.

  • Choose the service you want to use for the page, then log out when you're finished.

How do I update my Kerala OTR profile information

From the official website, Kerala PSC users can rapidly upload new profile info or make changes.

  • To log in, go to the official website page and enter your user id and password.

  • Go to the educational qualification tab on the dashboard. Change the communication address and then continue with the editing process.

  • The candidate must submit a request to amend his or her personal information.

  • Download the request form from the page, pick the registration card, and then select the option "print correction request form." Now you may download the form and make the necessary modifications.

How do I update the password for my KPSC Thulasi registration

  • On the official KPSC Thulasi website at

  • Enter your old password first, then the new one.

  • After that, click the "change button" to confirm the new password.

  • The system will update the changes, and the user will need to log in with the new password.

Kerala psc thulasi login forgot password

In case you forget the password and can’t log in then follow the steps below to retrieve your password or set a new password.

  • Visit the official website page once more.

  • Choose an option. A different page will open if you forget your password on the homepage. 

  • The user id, date of birth, id proof, and captcha code must all be entered next.


  • The password should include the first six characters of your user id, followed by your date of birth data.

How do I use the One-time registration profile to apply online for jobs

  • Candidates can apply for jobs directly on the website after registering. They can also see the site's notifications.
  • All state and district-level notices, as well as the overall number of vacancies, will be posted by the government. Select the appropriate job opening to check eligibility and information, then input the category number and submit an application.
  • All details, including the category number, will be posted for notification. To see the details of a qualification, click on eligibility.
  • Then press the Apply button. If you meet the requirements for the job once you've finished, the opening will be marked as applied.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Thulasi?

To access Thulasi, go to, the official website of the Kerala Public Commission Service.

What is the procedure for receiving the Kerala PSC exam notification?

The KPSC Thulasi registration system assists job seekers in learning about the most recent government employment openings. The job alerts will be sent to the candidate's registered mobile number.

When is the next Kerala PSC exam?

In September, there will be numerous tests, such as those for Assistant Professor in Dermatology and Venerology, Assistant Professor in Arabic, Assistant Professor in Home Science, and so on.

What is the purpose of the PSC bulletin?

PSC Bulletin is the official publication of the Kerala Public Service Commission, and it includes a wealth of information for job seekers. The service of the bulletin can be subscribed to for a price of Rs. 170 per year.

How do I create a PSC account?

The applicant would be led to the OTR portal after visiting the Kerala Public Commission website and clicking on One-time registration. For a new user, the first step is to log in. Fill in all of the essential information, including passwords and identification. Upload your most recent photos and signature.

What should I do if I forget my PSC profile ID or password?

  • If the applicant forgets their KPSC account's user ID or password, they can reset it using the following methods.
  • Send a text message to 166/51969/9223166166.
  • To obtain the User ID, send an SMS to KL USR.
  • SMS: KL USR RST USER DATE OF BIRTH to reset your password.
  • Only the applicant's registered mobile number should be used to send the SMS.

What are the benefits of having an email address and a phone number?

When the applicant signs up for KPSC Thulasi, the OTP should be used to verify their email and mobile numbers. Exam notifications will only be sent to this phone number.