Khajane Challan Generate


  • This portal has been launched by the Government of Karnataka, which comes under the Department of Treasury. This portal is used only by the government employees of the state, under which financial services are also provided. On this portal, you can log in with the link of the official website, about which a full explanation is given in our article. You must have your registration to log in to this portal, only then you can use this portal.
  • All the employees who work in the government department, only they can log in by visiting this portal. After registering on this portal, you are given an ID and password and through that, you can log in. The ID you get after registering, you can use till you retire. Many services are provided to you on this portal, about which we will provide you with complete information in our article. This portal is connected to all the treasury offices of the state, through which all the financial services are provided.
  • For a government, the treasury sector is one of the most important sectors. All funds are accounted for in the treasury. Central, as well as the state government, will rely on the treasury to pay employees, fund projects, and all other development occurring across the country. Any discrepancy that happens in this department will affect the whole state. In order to ensure accountability and transparency, the Government of Karnataka has implemented online services for treasury matters.

About Khajane 2 Portal

  • Karnataka YS Yediyurappa led government has initiated the Khajane 2 Portal. Khajane 2 Portal is an Integrated Financial Management System. The basic aim of the Khajane 2 Login Portal is to provide a unified service to the citizens and civil servants of the state. Thus, the Portal facilitates the user with a treasury system to avoid discrepancies and lead a simplified system. All civil servants who are looking after the financial business and challan services of the treasury activities. Those now have a good opportunity. Thus, the K2 Login Portal facilitates the treasury system to avoid discrepancies and lead to a convenient system.
  • The Karnataka government in their way towards making everything digitized has initiated the Khajane – II or Khajane 2 online portal. This is exclusive to both Karnataka employees and the citizens allowing the Government to properly manage its finances.
  • One of the essential features of this K2 Challan(ಕೆ2 ಚಲನ್) platform. It is to provide the citizens with the opportunity to pay for any service from anywhere through this website for the Government services with a lot of online payment modes available.

Benefits of Khajane 2 Login Portal

Some of the advantages of this portal are as follows:-

  • Through this portal, you can get information about all Treasury Offices.

  • There are many finance-related services available to you.

  • Ever since the government has launched this online portal, there has been a lot of time-saving.

  • Only employees working in government departments can use this portal.

  • The ID you get through registration, you can use till retirement.

Khajane 2 Services

  • Generate Challan

  • Search Challan

  • Verify Challan Payment Status

  • Citizen Facilitation Centers

  • Search Karnataka Pensioner Payment Status

  • New Pension Scheme

  • Search UTR

One of the most important things citizens can do through K2 is to generate their Khajane 2 challan. Users can make the payment either online directly or even save the challan to make offline payment. In the steps below you will find out ways to generate and make your payment.

K2 Challan Generation

In the below steps, we will clearly explain how to generate K2 challan online for different categories, check the process, and raise your requirements.

  • Open K2 Challan Portal

  • Open the Karnataka Khajane 2 online portal from

  • Click Services and Challan

  • Click on Services and Tap click on Generate Challan

  • Fill the details

  • Enter the Remitter, Dept, Purpose details on the challan generation page

    • Remitter Details – You have to enter your personal information here

    • Department Details – Select the department and the area to which the challan was generated for

    • Purpose Details – Select the purpose of the challan generation

  • Submit

  • Click on the Submit button, to generate your challan

  • Complete the payment

  • Next, you may redirect to the payments page where you can find different payment options to complete the challan payment.

  • The objective of Khajane 2 Login Portal

  • The main objectives of this portal are as follows:-

  • In today’s time, all the work has started being done online, so the government created this portal to make the work easier.

  • After the launch of this portal, you do not have to go to the government offices to get any information.

  • All treasury offices are connected in this online portal.

  • This portal has been launched to make the work of those who are working in the government department easier, as this makes all the information available to you in a single portal.


It is a single standalone platform to provide citizens with challan generation, search, status, and learn more about pension schemes as well. So in this article, we will help you with the K2 challan generation process online. At the same time, this guide will help you to go over the login process required. This is all for users to potentially check and verify their challans.

Questions and Answers

How to login into Khajane 2 Portal?

  • To log in, you have to first go to the official website whose link is:-

  • Then on the home page, you have to choose one option between DMS and IFMS according to your need.

  • After that, a form will open in front of you, in which you have to fill in your username, password, and captcha code.

  • After filling, you have to select your language, either English or Kannada.

  • Then you have to click on Sign In.

  • After that, you can get all your details.

How to Search K2 Challan UTR Status?

Once you make payment for any challan through the K2 platform you will receive a UTR number. This stands for Unique Transaction Reference Number that allows you to track the challan payment easily.

1. Open the Karnataka K2 official portal at

2. click on the services option

3. Under the services click on Search UTR Status and then it will open the search page

4. Enter the UTR number and captcha code from the image

5. Click on the search button to find the status.

How to generate challan in Khajane 2 Login Portal?

  • To generate the challan you have to first go to the online portal

  • Then you have to click on the option of “Generate Challan” on the home page.

  • After clicking, the form will open on the next page.

  • In the form, you have to fill in your name, email, mobile number, address, district, department type, department category, DDO office, DDO code, purpose, head of the account, specific ID and amount, etc.

  • Then you have to click on submit and now check the details once again and click on confirm.

  • After that, a message will appear on your screen and your challan will be generated.

  • If you want, you can also take out its print copy for the future.

How to check Verify Challan Payment Status in Khajane 2 Login Portal?

  • For this, you have to first go to the official website of Khajane 2

  • Then you have to click on the option of “Verify Challan Payment Status” on the home page.

  • After clicking on the next page, you will have to fill in your reference number and captcha code.

  • After filling and clicking on submit, all the details about your challan will be opened.

How to check online Complaint Status in Khajane 2 Login Portal?

  • To check this status, you have to click on the online portal link, which will be available to you in our article.

  • After that, you have to click on “Helpdesk” on the home page.

  • Then you have to click on “Check Incident Status” on the next page.

  • After clicking, enter your ticket number and click on search.

  • Your complaint status will open on your screen.

How to search Challan online in Khajane 2 Login Portal?

  • To search the challan, first, open the official website

  • Then click on the option of “Search Challan” given on the home page.

  • On the next page, you have to enter the Challan Reference Number, Bank Reference Number, and Captcha Code.

  • After filling, click on search and all your details will be opened.

How to reset password in Khajane 2 Login Portal?

To reset the password, you have to visit the official website

  • After that, you have to click on ‘IFMS Login‘ given on the home page.

  • Then you have to select the option of “Forget Password“.

  • After selecting, enter your KGID and mobile number.

  • Then you have to fill it in and click on ‘Generate OTP‘ given below.

  • After clicking, OTP will come on your phone number, you will have to verify it.

  • After verifying, you have to enter your new password.

  • Your password will be reset as soon as you enter your new password.

How to Search Khajane 2 Challan using Reference Number?

In case if you have made payment for any challans, then you can search for it using your Challan reference number or bank reference number.

1. Go to the Khajane 2 Official

2. Click on Search Challan from the options of the services.

3. Enter the Challan Reference No or Bank Reference No

4. Provide a captcha code from the image and simply click on the search button to find your challan.