Kisan Call Centre Number


There have been quite so many challenges that Indian agriculture has been facing. The sector requires the growth to be done at a faster rate as compared to the actions that happened in the past to let for better per capita income and consumption. It is a fact that has been accepted stating the sound agricultural development is important for the overall economic progress. Nearly two-thirds of the workforce indirectly or directly are dependent on agriculture. This sector creates nearly 28% of the GDP with 15% of the experts. With such increasing consumer prosperity, the search for made by the farmers for high income will drive better crop diversification. That is when the role of Kisan Call Centre can come into action.

What exactly is the Kisan call center?

With the huge range of the group ecological setting and even the producers, Indian agriculture certainly has been facing quite a diversity of opportunities, needs, and even prospects. In order to respond to the challenges successfully, there is much great attention that needs to be given and for which information-based technology can be helpful. If there are a technology generation and a better transfer, it will have more string focus as compared to the past on the optimization in the management themes for the resources available by producers and better suitability too. To ensure the information transfer is quite effective there shall be quite a good use of modern information technology amongst the farmers and researchers is needed and that is why Kisan Helpline Number is helpful.

Considering this need the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), along with the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India came up in the year 2014 with a service called the Kisan call center. It helps in delivering extension services to the farming community. The primary reason for such a call center is to respond to the issue set by the farmer and quickly than in the local language. There are also call centers for each state which are believed to handle the traffic from any country corner. 

It is possible for the farmer from any corner of the state to contact the Kisan Call Centre by dialing the Kisan Customer Care Helpline No. 1551 or 1800-180-1551 and even present the problems and queries associated with the farming. The operation of this call center shall try to answer all the queries of the farmers quickly. In case the Call Centre operator may not address the concerns then the call shall be further handled by identified agricultural specialists.

What exactly is the purpose of the Kisan call center?

The Kisan call center started in the year 2004 and since then it has managed to have more than 14kccs across India. It has even received 14000 every day. But these are the calls that are not evenly distributed across the country. Nearly 50% of such calls form from the four states which are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. There are very limited calls from Kerala, Northeast, and even West Bengal. Moving further, there are 80% of the callers come with the issues associated with agriculture whereas 0.83 percent have concerns associated with animal husbandry, and then 0.26 percent associated with fisheries.

During the creation of the concept, the KCC had a vision of it as a multiple-tier system. Initially, the farmer would give a call to this center to ask the queries. There are operators in KCC that are all graduates in agricultural science. They are expected to even answer the routine question. Then comes the second stage where agriculture scientists and officials of state governments were expected to answer routine questions. They shall be roped in when the employees of the KCC will not be able to answer any farmer queries. However, the employees of the state-level call centers can hardly follow this chain flow.

Scope and Objective

The primary objective of Kisan Online Help Number is to establish a network relationship amongst the policy market, scientists with that of the farmers and extension workers. This initiative is launched with an intersection of providing extensive telecom infrastructure in the country and offering extension services to the community of farming for the quick transition of the technology and this offers the latest technical updates to the farmers. The call center needs to respond to such issues that farmers raise in the local language on a regular basis.

Topics Covered

There are some of the major topics which are covered and those are:

  • Concept of Kisan Call Center

  • Infrastructure

  • Monitoring and Review

  • Animal husbandry.

  • Good agricultural practices, livestock management, fishery, etc.

  • Plant pathology.

  • Disease and pest control for different crops grown in the region.

  • Soil sciences.

  • Documentation and Reporting

  • Vermicompost, organic farming, etc.

  • Market-related information for various crops across the state.

  • Operational Mechanism

  • Schematic Representation

  • Skills Required at Different Levels in Kisan Call Centres

  • Best farming practices to be practiced across the country.

  • Crop-related information in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry aromatic plants, spices, plantation crops, cash crops, etc.

  • HYV seeds and nutrient management for various crops.

  • Farmer support programs.

  • Other information pertaining to agriculture that impacts farmers, farming practices, etc.

Registration Process

The farmers must contact the KCC using the toll-free number (1800-180-1551). The farmer’s registration is carried out with the help of the Kisan Call Centre Agent collecting and recording the personal details of the farmer on the Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS. The farmers will be given a choice whether to go for voice message or text message mode. The farmer also has the option to limit and even select the information scope which is needed by him/her.


Currently, there are issues that have been addressed by State Agricultural Universities, Extension Systems of State Departments of Agriculture, and even different Private Extension Services to make different extension approaches in the technology transfer. The primary objective of such a call center is to respond to the issues that are raised by the farmers quickly in the local language on a regular basis.

Questions and answers:

Is there a Web Registration possible?

Those farmers who have internet access can register using the portal or visit the nearest common service center to register.

What is the SMS Registration?

It is possible for the farmers to register by sending the SMS on 51969 or 7738299899. The format of the same shall be “KISAAN REG < NAME >, , , and ”