Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Online

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Online

The Kotak Emerging Equity Fund scheme has the sole purpose of generating as much capital as possible for the investors and making their life and future financially secure to a great extent. The reason for starting kotak emerging equity fund direct is to facilitate easy access for the people right from their homes. Due to the rapidly increasing danger of COVID-19, coming out of their houses just for the sake of investments is very dangerous for people. However, the market is growing very rapidly, and not investing in it right now will cause a great financial loss to them as well. 

This puts people in deep trouble about how to protect themselves both health-wise and financially. To lessen this pressure on people, Kotak decided to start an online service for the kotak midcap fund so that more and more people will be able to invest in it in the first place. 

The kotak emerging equity scheme direct growth has a lot of advantages in itself and some of these can be listed as follows-

  • Amazing Flexibility:

The flexibility provided by the kotak midcap fund direct growth is commendable and for the same reason, it has convinced a lot of people till now to be one of the best investors in their respective fields for sure. 

With the help of comfortable investments and returns of this scheme, people get a lot of earning opportunities in the first place and that is why more and more people are approaching this scheme nowadays. 

  • Easy Investment & Withdrawal Methods:

The investments and withdrawals of kotak emerging equity growth are very easy and if people follow the proper procedures, then they are sure to get amazing results from the same as well. 

Therefore, believing this scheme and investing in it can be done according to the convenience of the people in the first place for sure. 

  • Investing Money is Growing Money:

As we all know that just earning more and more money is not enough at all. We need to invest our money in the right place so that we can achieve amazing returns from the same in the first place. Therefore, investment result is very important for amazing returns in the future and this can easily be facilitated with the help of Kotak Emerging Equity Funds, and that too undoubtedly. 

  • Much lower risk than other funding schemes:

The Kotak Emerging Equity Fund scheme has the least investment of about Rs. 5000 only. The minimum balance amount that needs to be maintained in this scheme is also much lesser. It is only Rs. 1000 and both these amounts are easily achievable for the people. For the same reason, people who don’t earn much for the other fund schemes can easily invest in this scheme and get amazing and unexpected results from the same as well. 

  • Before Time Withdrawals have very low penalty:

Unlike the other funding schemes, this scheme has a very low exit fee which is almost about 1% of the total amount being deducted. This is undoubtedly very less as compared to the other schemes that people invest in and that is why this scheme is much profitable for the people to avail themselves of so that they can have a good and safe financial future for sure. 


By facilitating yourself to the kotak emerging equity direct plan growth, people can set up themselves to greater financial achievement for sure. The emphasis of this plan will work in the investor’s favor without any doubt and will provide a lot of financial relaxation to the people in the first place. Also, the initial investment of this scheme is very low and that is why everyone can avail themselves of this scheme with great ease and simplicity. 

Therefore, the people who are investing in the kotak emerging equity scheme growth will get amazing returns from the same only if they follow all the rules and procedures of the same very accurately. 


What is the best duration for keeping your investment in Kotak Emerging Equity Fund?

The best duration to keep your investment in a Kotak emerging fund is about 3 years. This time-span can give you much greater results than your normal 1-2 years investment time. 

Can people track their Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Growth online? 

Yes, it is possible and quite easy for people to track their kotak emerging fund growth on an online medium. For this, they just have to go to the official website of Kotak and search for their policy details there logging into their account. 

What is the performance percentage of Kotak Emerging Equity Fund for the last 1 year?

The performance percentage of the Kotak Emerging Equity Fund has raised quite rapidly for the last 1 year. It has become about 99.96% in 2020 and this is the highest recorded performance from the time of introduction of the same. 

What is the percentage rate of 1-year returns of the Kotak Emerging Equity Fund scheme and midcap opportunities?

For the Kotak Emerging Equity Fund scheme, the percentage rate of 1 year has increased to becoming 98.5%and for the midcap opportunities, the percentage rate has become up to 75.5% for 1-year returns. 

Can the withdrawal of Kotak Emerging Equity Fund be done through mobile banking?

Yes, for doing your fund withdrawal through mobile banking, the concerned person should first log into their mobile banking account and then select the redemption option from the investment category there. This will facilitate a 24-hour withdrawal for the person and that too directly in their bank accounts. 

Is the Kotak Emerging Equity Fund scheme too risky to invest into?

As we all know that mutual funds come with pre-alerted risk and there is no way to reduce it at any costs. However, people can read all the terms and conditions of the same very properly and then decide on whether they want to invest in the kotak emerging equity fund direct growth in the first place or not. 

Investing in which type of company is beneficial: emerging or fully settled?

Investing in a valid emerging company will be more beneficial for the people than investing in a well-established or settled company. The kotak emerging equity fund direct growth nav facilitates people in investing into small-scale and emerging midcap companies investing for getting much better and assured returns for the people in the first place.