KSEB Solar Application form

  • Kerala Solar Scheme, commonly known as KSEB Solar Scheme 2021, is a new programme announced by the Kerala state government. The primary motivation for launching this scheme is to encourage residents of the state to use solar energy. As a result, anyone who is interested in installing a solar panel in their home can take advantage of this programme.
  • By 2021, KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) plans to generate 500MW of electricity by installing rooftop solar panels on consumers' own buildings around the state. According to government criteria, plans with a capacity of up to 3KB are eligible for a 40% subsidy. For the next 25 years, KSEB will be responsible for the maintenance of these solar panels. Anyone who wishes to put in a solar panel can apply for it. All of this is part of the KSEB Solar Scheme 2021, also known as the Kerala Soura Subsidy Scheme.

KSEB solar panel scheme

Kerala State Government initiated this programme. Approximately 46,000 applications were received shortly after the scheme was announced in the state of Kerala, with approximately 4600 applications coming from the Ernakulum district, for a total of 2.8 lakhs applications received to date from private households and business establishments.

  • The Kerala government has three types of initiatives for consumer welfare under this one-of-a-kind project.
  • Under the first programme, the KSEB is willing to cover the cost of solar panel installation and maintenance on the roof. Consumers will receive 10% of total electricity produced for free under this arrangement. Under this plan, the people are not required to pay anything.
  • The installation of a solar panel on a rooftop will be free of charge for consumers under plan number two, and the panel will be installed on their personal rooftop for a period of 25 years before being sold to them on a fixed tariff.
  • The consumer will shoulder the entire cost of the project under this arrangement, after which he or she will be able to sell the electricity to KSEB in whole or in part.

Criteria for Applying for the kseb Solar Scheme

  • The applicant must be a resident of Kerala on a long-term basis.

  • The applicant must be interested in installing solar panels as part of this programme.

  • They must authorise the department to install solar panels on their roof.

KSEB Solar Panel Scheme 2021 Features and Benefits

The scheme's main benefit is that it allows the state to generate more electricity.

  • The installation of these solar panels would also help to minimise pollution.

  • The installation of solar panels will also result in a lower utility cost.

  • Interested individuals can apply for the plan online and take advantage of its perks.

KSEB solar application form for new users

Let's have a look at how to register as a new user on the KSEB's official website.

  • Visit the Kerala Solar Scheme's Official Website wss.kseb.in.

  • It redirects the user to the Home Page.

  • As mentioned in the Login, click the Sign UP link.

  • The Register New User Page appears next. 

  • Enter the Consumer Number and Bill Number in the Consumer Details section.

  • Enter the User ID, Password, and Confirm Password in the Login Details section.

  • Enter the Title, Name, Date of Birth, Email ID, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Plot/Flat Number, Street No., Area/Locality, City/Village, and Pin Code in the User Details section.

  • For security reasons, select the Secret Question and enter the Answer.

  • Put the Verification Code in the box.

  • Check all of the information and click the Register Button.

  • On the freshly opened page, it then displays the alert Registered Successfully.

Apply for kseb solar application online at wss.kseb.in

Let's take a look at the online application process for the Kerala Soura Subsidy Scheme on the official website.

  • Visit the Kerala Solar Scheme's Official Website wss.kseb.in.

  • It redirects the user to the Home Page.

  • To apply for the Soura Subsidy Scheme, please go here.

  • The online applicant is then redirected to the page below.

  • The two models are then shown (Kerala Model and Normal Subsidy Model).

  • To apply for the Solar Scheme, click on any of the Modes.

  • Under the two models, select the Apply Now tab.

Fees for KSEB solar application form

  • The application cost can be paid online through the KSEB Portal by applicants applying for the scheme.
  • To take advantage of the Soura Subsidy Scheme, candidates must pay an application fee of Rs.1000 for both the Kerala Model and the Normal Subsidy Model.

Frequently asked questions

In Kerala, how can I acquire a solar subsidy?

If you wish to receive a solar subsidy, you must invest the entire cost of installing solar panels. They can receive a subsidy of up to 40% of the plant's cost.

How do I sell KSEB a solar panel?

You can sell your own capital to KSEB if you don't want to set it up. As a result, KSEB will share 10% of the power generated by the plant with the owner.

What is the KSEB's official website?

  • If you want to apply online, go to the wss.kseb.in website.
  • People who wish to install solar panels but don't know how can call a toll-free hotline that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the KSEB Rooftop Solar Panel Scheme 2021, and how does it work?

Rooftop solar panels are expected to provide roughly 500 MW of power under the KSEB Rooftop Solar Panel Scheme 2021.

What is the scheme's advantage?

To conserve energy and generate electricity so that individuals can receive a rebate on their electricity bills, as well as to create jobs.