Manav Sampada Portal


In today’s time, digital technology is playing a lead role in many ways. It has certainly made living a lot simpler. Talking of it, one such fine example is the Manav Sampada portal. Since the trend of digitalization has been swiffer as compared to the innovations that have been made in the past there is no doubt that it has now reached more than 50% of the population that certainly has managed to make changes in the societies’ as well. Manav Sampada is an online portal designed for the human resource management solution for government departments. It has been designed, and maintained, and run by the national informatics center UP state. It is accessible at the site where you can use different government departments.

What is Manav Sampada Portal

The portal is designed for helping the different government departments to make decisions and thus keep a track of manpower arrangement, postings, recruitment, promotions, and even transfers. The primary focus of such a portal is to offer protection, maintain and even store the employee’s valuable information in electronic form. In case there is any official notification is announced by the officials of Uttar Pradesh, it can be seen on the portal. Now this includes the primary, secondary, and even school principal team applying for their leaves as well which can be done simply through Manav Sampada Portal

It is obligatory for all the government-based workers of UP to apply for such applications online using this website. With such portal online sites, there are different staff members who can get the portal services at a great deal. There is a subsequent section where you can explore its benefits and features as well. Make sure before you become part of such a portal, you focus on all its features and how the application should go.

Manav Sampada Portal UP – Benefits

There are so many advantages that can be availed through Manav Sampada Portal Login. Talking of which some of them are:

  • It is possible for the employees working in the government sector to apply for leave easily using this online platform

  • All the details of the government employee can be recorded here and used whenever needed

  • The process is quite easy for the government to maintain the employee’s record digitally instead of managing them at the manual level

  • It contains the finest detailing of the employee’s office and other important details.

  • Initially, this was the facility meant only for the health and other departments. But with time this portal has come up with better conveniences for the staff and the UP government has also planned of implementing this portal for the government offices.

  • This portal can be used for better security and the application can also be accessed using the login ID and Password.

Eligibility Standards 

In order to apply on this website, there is an eligibility criterion in which the person is expected to fit in. This includes:

  • The aspirants who are keen to apply for the leave using this portal must be resident of Uttar Pradesh

  • This applicant who are employees of the government can submit the online application leave using this site

Key Features of Manav Sampada Portal 2021

  • The officers and personnel details of different departments are recorded on this portal which makes it convenient for tracking the record

  • The employee’s information and officers who work in the Uttar Pradesh state are available on such portal

  • This portal is used by the employees for applying to the leave and the teachers and employees can also apply here

  • All the departments’ details can be gained by the employees using this portal

How to do the online registration

There is no hard and fast rule to register yourself on this portal. You simply must:

  • Visit website of Manav Sampada portal [eHRMS UP],

  • You shall see eHRMS login section on which you have to click at the top right corner 

  • There will be a login page that shall open. Make sure you fill in all the department details including the name, medical health, and basic education with a password and user Id as well. 

  • There is also an official authority that can login to this portal and even click on making the new user for further registering new employee 

  • Fill up all the details of the employee such as the name of father mother, date of birth, gender and department, and joining date.

  • Make sure you check all the details and then hit on the submit button. Once you submit the employee User id and password will get generated automatically.

  • Basically, there will be a 6-digit employee user ID and the passwords which shall have the combination of the first 3 letters of the name and then date of birth.


Manav sampada portal offers an improved workflow with great accessibility of the government department. It has eliminated paper use at different levels and thus improves the carbon credit rating by saving more paper. This portal is designed for the Uttar Pradesh state employees. In this, the maintenance of service book work is carried out from the leave management of all the employees. The facility of the service book and holiday will also be made available online for all the employees who are registered under the Uttar Pradesh Human resource portal 2021 wherein the officers and employees of different departments offer tehri details. This is one easy-to-use portal that comes with advanced features for better operation of different departments.

Questions and Answers

What is Manav Sampada Portal?

This portal is created for the employees working in the government sector of Uttar Pradesh, it lets the applications feature be easy for those who wish to apply online. portal is only for UP citizens?

Certainly, this is the official website that is only designed for the UP residents. Every state that has got such a link shall be using it.

For which type of leave application can I apply with the help of this portal?

It is possible to apply any leave application type using this kind of portal.