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The portal of Meeseva is created by the authorities to help those citizens of the state in order to carry on the different processes associated with the services or documents while sitting at the home. There however are certain eligibility criteria, processes, and even the application status steps that need to be carefully understood to avail the benefits and features of the scheme. The concerned authorities are the government officials who have come up with this meeseva login form scheme with an aim to offer candidates a better yet systematic process for certain services to which they wish to apply.

Designed by the Telangana state concerned authorities, meeseva 2.0 login has been to be a more convenient platform for every resident of the state to carry on those activities that are associated with certain crucial documents be it Voter Id, Aadhar Card, or even the land records and ration cards. These are the services that are easily available at the Meeseva 2.0 and for which there will not be any requirement for the resident to visit the government meeseva accountNestham officials to carry out the further application process.

What is MeeSva?

MEESEVA is a word delivered from the Telugu phrase which means at your service. It is a government initiative of the Andhra Pradesh state where they look forward to render the public service in the electronic mode. Meeseva user login is a source yet the online and transparent platform that has been created to offer convenient access to the government services to all those citizens without any need to visit different government offices physically. It offers the government to citizens and even the government to business services. 

Meeseva online login is a single-entry online meeseva portal with an integration of the services that are currently extending delivery models of the state like Rural Service Delivery Points, eSeva, and even Rajiv Internet Villages and Common Service Centres to name some. In total, this platform offers more than 100 services that a user can easily access at any time irrespective of the location.

Benefits of Meeseva 2.0

Ap meeseva login brings the citizens multiple advantages that are designed and approved by the Telangana State authorities. One of the crucial advantages of this portal is the application form availability with regards to the Telangana state services that are available at just one click. Simply visit the portal and understands what all different process of the government offices searches like to apply for the pan card, Aadhar card or to apply any other crucial identification certificate 

Services Available at Meeseva Portal

You can explore different services at the portal of meeseva franchise login and meeseva franchisee login. To name some there is a list of categories you might want to look at:

  • Agriculture

  • Civil Supplies

  • Aadhar

  • CDMA

  • Commissionerate of Industries

  • Department of Factories

  • District Admin

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Revenue

  • Social Welfare

  • Police

  • Election

  • Housing

  • ITC

  • Legal Metrology

  • GHMC

  • Health

  • Mines & Geology

  • Municipal Admin


  • Endowment

  • Labour

  • General Administration (NRI)

  • Industries Incentives New

  • Rural Development

Important Documents that need to be submitted:

In order to avail of the benefits that this meeseva 2.0 registration offers, there are some documents that are important during the application. You may have to register yourself at this portal by submitting the application and uploading the documents shared below:

  • Address Proof

  • Photograph

  • Working Email ID

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Bank Account Details

  • Working Mobile Number

Understand the process for New User Registration at Ts Meeseva Portal

There is no hard and fast rule to meeseva online login form portal. However, there are some steps that need to be followed well.

  • Click on the login section and then a new user option will appear by the name of Meeseva portal. 

  • There will then be a registration form that shall pop on the screen 

  • You can then go ahead and click on the registration form which is a direct link. 

  • You will have to enter credentials like login ID, Password and then even confirm your password again

  • In order to send OTP and verify, you need to enter your correct mobile number.

  • Once you submit the OTP, your form details will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Further, you must enter details at cms meeseva login like first name, last name, Aadhar no, and even the address and gender with country, District, and pin code. Now it is time for you to log in using the credentials.

Application Status

If you have used any kind of services using the meeseva citizen portal registration portal, then you can go ahead and check your status as well. In order to check the status, you need to follow the steps:

  • First, visit the official website where you can check the status

  • You then must enter the login details like User ID and password and then hit enter button 

  • Now once you hit the button of know your application status, there will be some details asked which you have to fill up and then submit the option

  • Your status of the application will then come on the computer screen

Know the Meeseva Authorized Service Provider

The applicants can even know the nearest service provider that offers the services of Meeseva. For this, there are some processes that need to be followed that include:

  • Visit the official site of Telangana Meeseva and then click on the left-hand side option that appears as Meeseva centers 

  • Choose the Authorized Service Provider” option further from the opened list  

  • There will be another web page that would appear with the distract wide number of the center’s list 

  • Now look for the district name and even choose the link that is shared in the other column

  • The address of the web page will come on the screen with the center’s list district-wise

  • Look for the district name and then choose the link given in the opposite column

  • The address shall come along with the name of the agent and even mobile number 


Meeseva portal gives a good scope to access 24/7 from any place. It is even possible for the user to login directly and raises the service request without even going to the Department. In case they need to check the service requests that have been raised, it is possible to do so. The payment shall be done in a secured manner with the help of Debit/Credit cards.

Questions and Answers:

How the applicants understand request pending in which Mandal?

In this portal, there is already a provision of a facility to “Know your Application status”. Once the Application Number is given in the ext. box is entered, you must hit the enter button and then there will be another window that shall open with transaction detailing.

In MeeSeva Portal what is the Meaning of Revoke?

Revoke is nothing but the cancelation of the approved certificate.

How to revoke approved requests in Meeseva?

Currently, there is no revoke option available for Department Login In Meeseva.