Meghalaya Curfew Pass Registration


The rate at which coronavirus has been spreading surely there has to be some restrictions that the government had to make. There is no doubt that corona disease is turning out to be quite an infective one which is spreading at a greater pace and staying at home is the only possible solution that can be seen. The rate of patients who are getting infected because of this virus is quite high in all countries and India has also been the victim of it. Considering this, the Narendra Modi legislature of the Centre has come up with the curfew policy recently. It will not be a lockdown as it was earlier but there would be some restriction. Thankfully the Government of Meghalaya has launched a Meghalaya Curfew Pass so that people can at least get basic food like milk, and other grocery products. Using e-pass the organization will have a better option to come up with good support to the common man

Know more about the Curfew pass registration

As per the Meghalaya Government and Administration department, the official website has been published for the Covid 19 which is called Meghalaya Curfew Pass Online Registration. In such cases, the government officials have decided to offer the curfew lockdown government e-Pass to all the crucial service providers. The official website of Meghalaya Lockdown (e-Pass) Movement Pass Registration is https:// Where all activities shall be carried out. 

This pass has some steps that need to be followed well so that the supply of the essential commodities will not get stuck up anywhere. To make sure the pass is arranged on time, all the details should be filled up correctly.

The candidate who applies for essential service, medical emergency, or traveling from Meghalaya to outside or essential goods movement can certainly opt for such curfew passes. The candidates who wish to apply for the online process would have to first download the official notification. It is important to go through the application process and even read the eligibility criteria very well. The person applying for such registration should be aware of the benefits of the scheme, features, and eligibility criteria.

Benefits Of Meghalaya Curfew Pass

In case there is a curfew taking place or the chances of lockdown will again happen across India, then the state district magistrates have come up with an assurance to offer better accessibility for clinical and nourishment administration in the premises of the state. There are some rules that are already set by any state and central government. The passes shall be given to the organization which is specialized to ensure there is an accessibility of every financial assistance till there is an hour of the lockdown circumstance. With such a pass the specialist companies will have the option to get to such treatments in Meghalaya without any concern.

Categories of the people that fall for e-pass service

  • All grocery traders, milk vendors, and chemists.

  • People involved in essential services or any other emergency.

  • Government employees and media persons.

  • Those who involved in essential services like, health, provision stores, medical shops, vegetable shops,  internet, bank employees, telecom and media, milk and beverages 

  • Persons who are under essential services in Meghalaya in the Lockdown. 

  • Those who use private vehicles on roads provided they have a declaration to the Meghalaya Police.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to avail the Meghalaya Curfew, Pass Online Apply advantages of such pass, tehri is an eligibility criterion that has been set. Talking of which some of them are listed below:

  • The applicant must be a delivery person of essential commodities 

  • The applicant must be a resident of Meghalaya state.

  • Doctors can also apply for the Meghalaya e-pass

  • Government employees can also apply for the pass

Documents Required

Along with the eligibility criteria comes to the documents because when you plan to fill the form online you will be asked to upload some important documents. To list some of them are:

  • Document Proof stating the reason to have this pass

  • Mobile Number

  • Proof of Identity like Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport

Procedure to Register For Meghalaya Curfew Pass

The Meghalaya Curfew e-Pass process is extremely simple and hence there should not be any problem for you to even consider applying to it.

  • Simply visit the official website where you will land on the homepage At the homepage, you need to click on the section that states curfew E-pass 

  • There will be another page that shall open with an application form 

  • It is now time to fill-up the form with all the details asked and then at the time of submission enter the captcha code as well. 

  • Once all the details are filled dup and documents are uploaded you are all set to go ahead and submit the form. 


You can get the application form and even the curfew e-pass online details on the website. Since the risk of coronas has not gone, suffice it today at least the service providers who offer essential goods should travel to help common man meet their needs. Curfew e-pass is meant for those. However, with all the details and guidelines shared, it is expected that a person understands the whole process and knows whether he is eligible for such a pass and then only should go-ahead to apply.

The registration process for the curfew pass from Meghalaya is quite simple. But suffice it to say for the first-time users there are likely to come up with some problems. That is why you can always choose the helpline numbers that can be helpful. 108 is the helpline number that can solve all your issues.

Questions and answers

Where to apply for Meghalaya Curfew E-Pass Apply Online?

You can apply at the official website for an e-curfew pass which is

For whom is the epass organized?

This curfew pass is arranged for those service providers who offer essential services like a chemist, grocery, and milk. With such e-pass solutions, service providers can get the essential services to the common man without any problem.