National Test Abhyas


The national test abyas is an application that the National testing agency has created. The focus of this app is to let the candidates take the mock tests for the exams like NEET 2020. This app is powered by artificial intelligence and is one of the meaningful solutions for candidates in today’s time. nta abyas helps the candidates understand the mock test and access them without any hassle at all. As per, Minister of Human Resource Development Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank this app was designed to make sure not a single student is left to get the exposure when it comes to practice the testing especially when there is a loss of the student because of educational institutions closed. This can work as compensation for those students especially in crucial times like Covid 19 lockdown when the NTA’s test-practice centers are also not available. 

Know more about nta abhyas app

nta abhyas app is developed for helping the students to prepare themselves for competitive exams such as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). This app conducts the mock test on different topics and subjects which students can use for preparation. The app is available in the app store for the iOS platform and on Android. Once the app is downloaded the students can sign up. They simply must provide details like name, email ID, mobile number. Once they log in, they can select the topic and exam. This way they can access the mock test with no hassle.

Do's and Don'ts for National test abhyas app

Once a student enrolls themselves and downloads the national test abhyas app, there are a few do’s and don’ts they need to follow. This would help them use the app smoothly and avail of all its features and benefits too.

Do’s (Taking a test on Android App)

  • It is important to sign in with your email/phone number and Password after the test is downloaded

  • The batter of the device should be charged for at least 3 hours before the test is started

  • The device can be kept on charging mode to avoid any hassle

  • It is important to ensure that the device is in one airplane mode when it is being started to avoid any kind of disturbance

  • The device needs to be connected well to the interest so that the paper can be downloaded even when offline

  • It is important to sync the internet before the paper is submitted so the results could be generated and the report of score improvement is created.

  • While taking the test the strongest section should be covered first. 

  • The whole paper should be checked first and the questions you know should be attempted.

  • Give at least 30 minutes for simply proofreading revising the answers

  • In the mock test, it is possible to change the answer at any point.

Don’ts (Taking a test on Android App)

  • The time and date of the device during the test cannot be changed. Otherwise, the test will get submitted automatically

  • You cannot submit the test before the time. It is important to use the whole duration of the test smartly.

  • While taking a test careless mistakes should be avoided

  • If you are not active on the NTA app then you will be out of the test for more than 30 seconds.

  • Never attempt the questions that you don’t know. This can give you a negative marking.

Benefits of Taking the Test through National test abhyas app

Once the student gets the national test abhyas app download process done, then there are ample advantages that can be availed. This app is designed with AI-powered feedback. It uses the analytic platform because of which the personalized assessment of the test is attempted. The test given is quite easy to understand. Other than this, it also offers the advantages such as:

  • Improve Time Management

  • Elimination of careless mistakes

  • Insight around test-taking strategies for better scores 

  • Improve Speed and Accuracy

  • Awareness of Areas of Improvement

  • Awareness of behavioral issues causing you to lose marks

Features of NTA app

National test abhyas for pc is also available and for the mobile device too. There is no specific timeline for the students to perform the mock tests. It is available for the students to do as per their convenience. This way they can get the scores easily on the device. Once the question paper is finished, the students can get the correct answers with the right explanation. The app can offer proper assistance in understanding the strengths and weaknesses. This would help them prepare in the right manner.

How to attempt a test on the National test abhyas app?

The process to attempt the nta test abhyas on the application is quite simple. It includes certain steps that need to be followed in the right manner. This includes:

  • Open National test abhyas app 

  • Log in using the username and password

  • A new window will open, click on the downward arrow to choose a test

  • In the next window, click the download arrow to download the test

  • After the test download, open the test, a set of instruction will appear

  • Read the instruction and click ‘I am ready to begin’

  • In the next step click ‘Open Setting’ and switch on Airplane Mode

  • Now you can attempt the test


You can always log on to the app National Test Abhyas with the help of your credentials that includes username and password. These credentials you must have created during the signup. The username is your phone number or email id. While you need to make sure it is entered in the specific format which is [email protected] / Currently, JEE Mains and NEET complete syllabus tests are available on the National test abhyas app. Certainly, it is one of the best platforms that has been made available for the students to have better growth and success. The process of application and download is simple. It at least can give students better confidence to complete their actual exam. Besides the time of covid 19 can be made to the right use for better practice using this application.

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to download the National test abhyas app on all devices?

It certainly is possible to download the app on an Android device. For this, you need to visit the google play store. This application is available for iOS users as well. For this, they need to visit the app store. Students across the country can access this mock test which is of high quality free of cost. They can thus, prepare themselves for the NEET, JEE, and other competitive exams on the application. This test is extremely easy to download. The simple must follow the steps given below:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for ‘National Test Abhyas’

  • Once the name of the App/logo appears in the search list, candidates need to click install to download the App.

  • Also, candidates use the stepwise process given below to download the App.

  • Click on the link National test abhyas app

  • Click on the ‘Download the App’ button 

  • You will then be redirected to the National test abhyas app in Google Play Store

  • Click on the ‘Install button to download 

  • Install the App

  • Sign Up by filling in the information asked, the signup window is shown in the image below

  • After ‘Sign Up’, you can access the test

How should a candidate give a test on the National test abhyas app?

The process is quite simple. You need to however make sure all the guidelines are followed in the right manner. To clear the exam, few things need to be done. But before that to attempt the tests, the steps are:

  • Log in to your National test abhyas app on your device. 

  • You will see a list of different tests.

  • Click on the test type that you want to attempt. Then, you will see a list of all tests under the selected test type on the screen.

  • After you click on a specific test, you will be directed to the instructions page.

  • Then, read the instructions carefully and click on "I am ready to begin" to take the test.

Is it possible to give National Test Abhyas tests without internet connectivity?

Certainly, it is possible to give the test on the app even when you don’t have an internet connection. This means in offline mode; you can follow the steps on the device given below:

  • Log into the National test abhyas app. (with active Internet connection).

  • Click on the 'download' button next to the test you wish to attempt. (with active Internet connection).

  • Now, you can attempt the downloaded test in offline mode (Internet is not required).

  • After completing the test, please connect to the internet to sync your test with the server.