Ndane Gas Booking Online


Digitalization has certainly made many things simpler. There is no doubt that at one click customers can do most of their work easily and without any problems. Those who have been looking forward to or make the booking at Indane Gas Cylinder Booking can use this digital field in the right manner. There is a web portal which has been designed to do the booking of the gas cylinder refill easily. The payments for the same can even be done using a credit card, debit card, UPI, or net banking. 

How to book an Indane Gas cylinder online

In order to understand how the process of booking works, you simply must follow the steps that are given below:

  • First, to book the Indane Gas Booking online, you must be a registered customer. If you are not registered then you can do the registration online by simply proving the details such as customer number, 17-digit LPG ID, and then ration card number and contact address

  • Once you have the reiteration, you can then go ahead and log on to the Indane gas online portal for which you would have to use the password and user id that has been shared with you.

  • Once you login you can then go ahead and book your cylinder or refill. All you must do is enter the desired details and then submit the form to place the order

  • The order shall then be sent to the concerned disruptor and then you can pay the amount to the distributes directly at the time of delivery.

  • You can even use this portal to track down the status of the booking that you have made online.

Indane Gas Booking Through SMS

If you don’t have an internet connection then do not worry because then booking a refill of it is possible through the SMS facility as well. Simply follow the steps that are given below:

  • In order to use the SMS facility, you will have to drop a message to the IVRS number for your city which is IOC to the IVRS number for your area.

  • Suppose if you are from Chennai and your distributor’s phone number is 5022890 and the customer ID is AX00867C, SMS as given below - IOC 044 25022890 AX00867C

  • For subsequent booking, you can simply drop an SMS IOC to a certain area number using the registered mobile number.

Indane Gas Booking Through IVRS

In order to avail the advantages for the LPG customers, Indane gas has come up with the IVRS system in different language options using which the customer can create a rebury to the LPG cylinder refill online. There are three languages in which the IVRS shall play. The first one is the local language then comes the Hindo and lastly English.

  • The customer can choose either of the languages by selecting the language option and then do the booking using the IVRS

  • Once the code of language is selected the customer will have to give the STD code along with the distributor telephone number. For example, a customer in Chennai will have to give the STD code of 044 followed by the distributor number. Right after the distributor is verified then the caller will have to give the customer number and not the alphabets present in it. For example, if the customer ID is A12345, the customer must dial 12345. 

  • Customers can even use the last refill cash member for better understanding. The IVR system will then ask the user for the input suffix or even the refix of the apheta of the numerical customer number that exists with the same distributor.

  • Once the customer number has been validated by the IVRS then the system shall ask for the booking option of refill along with other services. Choose the refill booking and other services that you wish to avail yourself.

  • Enter the number applicable for each area and state is the same as the numbers for SMS given above.

How to Transfer an Indane LPG Connection in Case of the Death of the Holder?

It is now possible to transfer the connection to your name in case there has been a sudden demise of the holder provided you submit certain documents that shall prove that you are the legal heir. You need to submit the documents like:

  • Copy of death certificate.

  • KYC of the legal heir.

  • Declaration by the legal heir.

  • The roof of address and proof of identity of the legal heir.

  • Original subscription voucher in the name of the deceased.


Indian oil corporation limited is a well-known yet one of the largest commercial enterprises that specialize in lubricants, fuels, and even Petrochemicals. In the year 1970, Indian oil was counted as the trailblazer in introducing the Indane LPGS in India, and later it even showed its contribution in some of the major ways to take the clean yet efficient and safe fuel in the form of LPG to all the household’s in India. Indane Gas is now counted as the trusted brand which assures safety, reliability, and convenience.

Questions and answers

What are the tariff rates for a standard Indane gas cylinder?

The standard tarried price of Indane gas cullender completely depends on the LPG current price and depends on whether the customer has applied for the LPG subsidy.

What are the documents required to apply for a new Indane LPG connection?

 In order to apply for the new Indane LPG connection, given below are the documents that are needed:

  • When applying for a new Indane LPG connection, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Proof of identity- a duplicate copy of either aadhaar card/passport/driving license.

  • Proof of address documents- a duplicate copy of either Aadhaar card/passport/voter ID card

Do I have to buy a hotplate/gas stove from Indane only?

No, there is no need to buy a new hotplate/gas stove from an Indane company. There will be a company representative who shall see if your existing gas stove/hotplate is safe for use with an Indane LPG cylinder.