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A lot of things in this technological world are becoming advanced and structured. This starts right from eCommerce and ends up in the educational system. Many changes have taken place in the educational system that has changed the way students are getting their knowledge. In both good and bad manners, the educational world is taking a major turn, and respecting & accepting it is the only thing left in our hands. However, the Government of India and the different states of India are making a genuine attempt to bring about a huge revolution in the educational system and make it dependent on different social interaction platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom Meet, Google Classroom, etc.

The same attempt has been made by the Government of Odisha for its students who are unable to come out of their homes for education during this lockdown period. The Government of Odisha has started an online learning portal for its students named as OSEPA (Odisha School Education Program Authority) online learning portal. 

The emis osepa odisha govin login provides a lot of amazing facilities to the students such as latest question papers, updates about the application forms of CT/Bed, OTET, and a lot of other examinations that students want to avail themselves of in the first place. There also exists a special corner in this website that helps teachers interact and share their knowledge with the students in a much-improvised way. Following are some steps that need to be followed to get entered into the teacher’s profile-

  • Search for the osepa odisha gov in the teacher's profile link.

  • As another way, sign up in the teacher’s profile section on the OSEPA Odisha website. 

  • Enter all of your details in the teacher’s profile and click on the 'Next' option. 

  • A unique captcha code will be displayed on the screen and enter the same code in the blank box. Remember that this captcha is case-sensitive. 

  • Your teacher’s profile has been created now and you can access it at your convenience for sure. 

Apart from the students and teacher profile available on the emis osepa odisha gov in website , several records exist on this website. These records are related to the students, teachers, and all the services & factors related to the latest examination, papers, etc. These records can be labeled in different categories as below-

  • Regular Attendance Record of Students.

  • Updated Aadhaar card Records of the Students.

  • Record of the removal of any student from the program or school.

  • Updating the record of the existing students every year. 

  • Editing all the Student Records regularly. 

  • Check about the Entry of any Duplicate Students. 

  • Transfer Process Record of the Students from one school to another. 

All these records are appropriately maintained on the OSEPA website and that too with all the specificities and elaborations. For the same reason, it makes it easy for everyone logging into the website to navigate through it and find whatever information they want. 

People can also update the student details in the MIS portal by editing them properly in the first place for sure. This may need the below procedure to be followed by the people by the OSEPA Odisha authorities-

  • To log into the OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS portal osepa.odisha.gov for the editing of their profile, they can do this in the EMI module. Just enter your details into it and proceed further. 

  • Click on the Student profile and open it to continue the editing process. 

  • On the screen, you will be able to see 2 options: Infrastructure and Profile. Choose the ones that you want to edit among them to open the respective menu. 

  • Edit the profile of the concerned student as you want and fill the student update form properly.

  • Check all the details mentioned in the form properly and make sure that it is authentic and right. Click on the submit option so that your changes are saved on the website. When you log into that particular student’s portal for the next time, then you will see all the latest and updated information in the first place itself. 

By following all the above steps properly, the updating or editing of the student profile can be very convenient. Also, the flexibility of this website provides free and uninterrupted access to everyone anytime throughout the day. That is why using this website for all the latest news and updates will be very beneficial for the students in getting all the links and connections in time in the first place for sure. 


The osepa Bhubaneswar website gives all the clear educational instructions to Odisha students and provides proper education to them on all fronts. This also makes sure that the education of students is not compromised because of the pandemic and the lockdown situation.

Therefore, every parent and child should make sure that they enroll themselves in the emisosepa odisha gov on the website and get better and advanced education just a click away and by sitting in front of their mobile screens from their houses. 


  • Is OSEPA a private school or a Government school?

The osepa odisha gov is a Government school that provides an online platform to the students for better and timely studies. The government takes sole responsibility for this school and its annual work.

  • What was the starting year of the OSEPA?

The osepa odisha gov in started by the Government of Odisha in the year 1998. Since then, it has achieved a lot of success because of its innovative methods, and now it has become one of the most successful online schools in not only Odisha but the whole of India. 

  • How many students can enroll their names in the Annual Programs of OSEPA Odisha?

A total of 25 students can enroll in the Annual Program of emisosepa odisha. From all over India, only 25 students are selected to be engaged in this program and that is why these students need to be very perfect and up to the mark in the first place for sure. 

  • What if people are not able to log in to their profile on the OSEPA Odisha Website? 

If anyone is not able to log into their OSEPA Odisha profiles, then they can contact the respective authorities by calling them on their student guide numbers or by sending them an email of the same on their official email ID. 

  • Is the news on OSEPA updated every day?

Yes, all the news based on the daily educational appearances will be displayed on the OSEPA app. This keeps the students updated and they will not have to roam around searching for that educational news for sure. 

  • Are the question paper sets of different courses available on the OSEPA Odisha website?

Yes, all the courses and their related question papers (both expected questions and previous year papers) are available on the official website of OSEPA Odisha. Also, students can select their respective curriculum on the screen and all the question papers related to that curriculum appear on it without the students searching for it. 

  • What documents are required for admission or enrolment in the OSEPA Odisha website learning programs?

To enroll yourself or your children in the emis osepa odisha gov in the program, the following documents are required-

  • Identity proof of the applicant,

  • Passport size photograph of the applicant, 

  • Latest academic year passing certificate, 

  • Age proof such as Birth Certificate or Leaving Certificate of the previous school, etc.