PM Kisan scheme


The PM Kisan scheme offers financial support to the small and marginal farmers in the country. This scheme can extend the financial support of around 6000 rupees every year per farmer which is then released in three equal installments of Rs 2000 each. The scheme was then expanded as the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi that was launched in the year 2019 by Piyush Goyal who was the then finance minister as part of the 2019 interim budget. 

The scope of the PM Kisan scheme:

This PM Kisan Registration scheme is a central government scheme that offers a sum of Rs 6000 per annum as the minimum financial support to each farmer which is covered by the scheme. The project is of Rs 75000 crores scheme that shall cover around 125 million farmers in the nation no matter how much land they shall be held in India.

Key facts of the PM Kisan scheme:

There is a financial benefit of Rs 6000 every year which is offered to the beneficiary farmers who are eligible enough. This amount is payable in three-four monthly installments of Rs.2000 every three months using the direct advantage transfer under the PM Kisan scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana scheme was launched in the year 2019 with an intention to have the augment income of the farmers by offering support to the farmers holding the land across the country to let them take better care of the expenses associated with agriculture and other activities that are allied and the domestic requirement.

This scheme gives the amount of rs.6000 every year which is transferred in three to four monthly installments of Rs.2000 directly in the bank account of the farmers. This maintains transparency while there is also a time-saving solution with direct bank account transfers.

The scheme became effective from 1st December 2018 and got quite a good response. While the cut-off date for the beneficiary’s identification comes with the eligibility criteria that a candidate needs to be known at the time of application.

Identification of beneficiary’s responsibility under this scheme states the administrations and governments of the state shall take care of all. There is also an exclusive web portal by the name of which is launched for the scheme. The financial benefit is also released to the beneficiaries depending on the farmer’s data which is created and uploaded.

The scheme offers better income support to the marginal and small farmers of the country that holds the land which is cultivable to 2 hectares.

Eligibility criteria:

The families of the farmer hold the cultivable land in their respective names that can apply for this Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana assistance. The farmers from urban and rural regions can apply to the schemes. In order to claim the advantages under this scheme, the farmer must have:

  • Cultivable land less than 2 acre

  • The farmer should be a citizen of India

  • The farmer must be either a small farmer or the marginal one

  • Rural and urban farmers both can apply to such schemes.

How to register for PM Kisan financial assistance?

  • The farmers who wish to avail the PM Kisan financial assistance must first visit the nodal officer who is nominated by the state government.

  • The CS can also register for the farmers under this scheme by chagrining a tiny payment

  • There is a whole responsibility to register the farm under this scheme that is in hands of the state and central government.

  • Farmers can also apply for such schemes directly only for which they have to simply visit the farmer corner on the portal. 

  • Then there will be a new farmer registering section that shall open 

  • The further Aadhar card number should be entered 

  • There will be then a captcha code that needs to be put in while choosing eth state to go-ahead

  • Then a form shall come where you need to fill up all the personal information

  • There will also be bank account details and the information associated with the farm that needs to be filled in

  • Post this, the form can be submitted

The process of registration for such a scheme is quite easy and simple. You can further complete the process online as per your home comfort. Other than this, you need to also register for the scheme using the Panchayat Secretary or Patwari or Local Common Service Centre

Documents are required for registering under the PM Kisan scheme

It is important to have an Aadhar card for this scheme application. You also would need the certificate of citizenship, landowners’ documents, and the Jan Dhan Bank account details


The whole identification of beneficiary farmer families is in the hands of state and UT governments. The farmers are covered under the Exclusion Criteria of the Operational Guidelines are not eligible for scheme benefit. In the crises that poor farms face across the country because of the pandemic crises, the government has sent the first installment of the current financial year which is under the PM Kisan scheme. In case you are not registered under this scheme, you need to make the registration before 31st March.

Questions and Answers

How is the financial assistance given to the farmers?

This scheme shall disburse Rs.6000 per every farmer every annum in three equal installments of Rs 2000 once in every four months. The scheme shows a farmer's family that has a wife, husband, and even minor children.

Who is not eligible to be covered by this scheme?

The state and central government employees, institutional farmers, retired officers, and PSU employees, and even those people who have the high status of the economy or paying income tax that hold the constitutional post or doctors and engineers professionals are not eligible to be covered by this scheme

How to check the balance under the PM Kisan scheme?

In order to be sure that better transparency is maintained, the individual must go on the official portal of the site. There must be a register on the portal for the farmer be made. They can further use this portal for editing the name.