Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Online


Punjab Anaj Kharid is the name that the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs has given for the scheme that the Punjab state government has come up with. There is a portal of this scheme www.anaajkharid.in that is launched for the paddy procurement that can be done through the online mode. It is best to go for an online registration form or login process for Annaj Kharid from farmers. The decision of revamping the PDS has been made by the Punjab Departments of Consumer Affairs and the Food Supplies. The state government has come up with this digital platform to streamline registration and grain obtainment processes. This portal will have all kinds of yearly procurement operations that will be carried out from allotment of mills, their registration, application of release order, a deposit of fee, and levy/ security. It would also monitor the stocks that would be done online on a regular basis.

Objectives of Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal 2021

The focus of this scheme is to make sure that seamless milling of paddy is made along with the rice in the central pool from more than 4000 of the mills that are currently operating in the state.

Beneficiary Benefits of Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

There will be an incentive price under the policy of the new Punjab Custom Milling that is:

  • The rice mills must have finished their whole mailing by the year 2020 and shall be eligible for an extra 15% of the free paddy milled.

  • Those who have finished the rice delivery would get an additional 10% of free paddy.

Key Features of Portal

Under the milling schedule advised millers need to deliver 35% of the total rice while 60% of the total price will be due by the JKanarut 2021. The target of overall rice of 80% is due by 28th February and total rice by March 31.

  • In this policy, there are criteria for allotting the free paddy to mills for the common season that would have the performance of the miller considered in the previous year.

  • There will also be an extra percentage-wise incentive that will be given to the mills as per their delivery of rice date.

  • In another measure for guarding against the paddy diversion, the RO paddy was bought in the Custom Milling Security ambit. The millers need to even deposit 125 for each MT for the paddy which is stored.

How to Apply Online Punjab Anaaj Kharid Aarthiya Registration Form 2021

You need to visit the Official Website https://anaajkharid.in/. This is a Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

  • Once the homepage opens, you need to click on the Aarthiya Registration 

  • There will then be another registration form page that will be opening 

  • Once you have gone through all the instructions, you need to fill up the details like your mobile number and then hit the search button.

  • You will get an OTP at the desired mobile number for which you need to verify for proceeding further. 

  • Make sure you then click on the button to continue further

  • Once the whole process is followed, the Aarthiya Licence Online Registration Form will appear on the web browser.

  • In the registration form, you then must fill up all the important details like district, market committee, firm name, license number, TIN, PAN number, shop number, mobile no, e-mail ID, constitution, license validity date, bank details, details of the proprietor.

  • Make sure you upload the documentation such as cancellation check, license copy photo, pen copy.

  • Right after you press the submit button to finish the Arthiya License online registration form filling process.

How to Apply Online Punjab Anaaj Kharid Miller Registration Form

The Anaaj Kharid Portal Online is quite simple for which the person needs to follow the steps given below:

  • You need to visit the Official Website https://anaajkharid.in/. This is a Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

  • Once the homepage opens, you need to click on the Miller Registration tab. 

  • The Miller landing page will then be displayed on the screen 

  • Go through all the instructions thoroughly before you apply for provisional permission for new rice mill, fixation/enhancement of the capacity of rice mill, application for allotment of rice mill.

  • Then click on the section of For New Registration – Registration 

  • You will get two choices and those are Final Registration of New Rice Mill and an Apply for Provisional Permission from which the applicant can choose the right checkbox.

  • Upon selecting either of the options, there will be a corresponding New Rice Mill Provisional Permission / Final Registration apply online form that would appear 

  • You will have to fill up further details like district name, milling center, mill name, mill PAN number, GST no, milling type, latitude, longitude, e-mail address, mobile no, address of proposed rice mill premises, address of correspondence. 

  • Once all the details are fille and rechecked you then must click on the Submit to get the provisional permission for the new rice mill

  • You need to keep in mind that for Miller registration applicants can only verify the mobile on their own. The applicant can get an SMS to the mobile number for verification.

Important Instructions

While applying for the scheme there are stringent instructions set which the applicant must follow. This would pace up the approval for their application form.

  • You will have to apply for Provisional Permission for the New Rice Mill View Instructions

  • Application for Allotment of Rice MillView Milling Policy

  • Fixation/Enhancement of Capacity of Rice Mill View Instructions

  • Final Registration of New Rice Mill View Instructions

  • Change in Constitution of already Registered Rice Mill View Instructions

Important Document for Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

  • Aadhar Card/Ration Card/Voter ID Card/ Other Identity Proof

  • Canceled Cheque

  • Residence certificate of the Applicant Farmer

  • Pan card copy

  • Passport size photograph

Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Eligibility Criteria

 To be sure that you are the right fit for this kind of portal, listed are some of the eligibility criteria that the government has set. Some of them are listed below:

  • Income certificate license copy

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Punjab state

  • Farmers who have details of income and crop production can apply for this scheme

  • The applicant must fulfill the guidelines set by the government.

  • Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal 2021: Online Application Form


In this pandemic crisis, there is no doubt that farmers deserve the right returns for the hard work.  Pandemic has been a problem to many people. That is why with such a portal all rice delivery operations that include registration and physical verification of rice mills and allotment shall be undertaken online in the new Punjab Custom Milling Policy. There are different state procuring agencies such as Pungrain, Markfed, Punsup, Punjab State Warehousing Corporation (PSWC), and Food Corporation of India along with the stakeholders and rice millers who will be operating and interacting on the website with the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs acting as the nodal department.

Question and Answers

For what purpose millers can make registration at Anaaj Kharid Portal?

Millers can apply for provisional permission for a new rice mill, fixation/enhancement of the capacity of the rice mill, final registration of a new rice mill, and also the application to allow the rice mill.

What incentive amount will Rice mills get for delivery/milling of Paddy?

The rice mills that have finished their whole milling by 31st of January this year are eligible to get 15% of the free paddy mill. Those who have finished the delivery of the rice by 28th of the February will get an extra 10% of free paddy

How to apply for the Punjab-Grain-Kharid-Portal Online?

  • On the official website, click on the Artha Registration” icon

  • You will have to then enter your mobile number on the new page that would open where you need to press the proceed button

  • Enter the OTP that you get on your phone and the login form will appear once you proceed.

  • Make sure you read and fill out all the details properly.

How to Login on the Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Online?

 Once the registration of Applicant’s Farmers is done on the portal, the farmer can log in using the steps:

  • Visit the Home Page

  • Click on the Login tab. 

  • The applicant will be then redirected to Login Page

  • The person must enter the User Name and Password along with the Captcha Code

  • Proceed with Sign in.

How to Register for Flour Mill?

If you need to register for a flour mill, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Portal

  • Click on the Miller Register link. 

  • Another page will open where you need to click on the link to register.

  • Fill up the details that will be asked to be finished.

  • You will then be given two choices like temporary permission and final registration.

  • Upon selecting the one that fits your need, another page would open,

  • This page will have the registration form in which you need to enter the details like name, address

  • Click on the Submit button.

  • The registration process will be finished.