Punjab Curfew E-Pass


With the rising cases of coronavirus, it is obvious for the government to impose the curfew. This would at least give clarity on whether the number that is increasing can get stable or lessen down. Considering the status of Chandigarh there is no doubt that now the night curfew has been imposed from Wednesday 15om to 5 am. Certainly, it is expected that in this curfew there should not be any kind of gatherings, non-essential activities, and even parties that should be allowed. But there could be possible emergencies that may arise and for which Punjab Curfew e-Pass solution has come up. 

The constitution of the Covid and the curfew resulting to it

In Punjab, it has been stated that more than 4.5 preventing of deaths are now said to be because of the Covid problem. If you compare it with Punjab, well the cases are quite low in Haryana and Delhi. It is satisfactory that the RT PCT tests in the daily counting have increased to 87% but still, there needs to be extra alert at the containment areas. The reports soon shall be submitted to the state government as well.

But as the curfew has already extended to April 14, residents are now looking forward to different ways to at least make sure they can get emergency supplies with them. That is why online passes have come up. They can simply either call the police helpline numbers to get the passes if it is needed on an urgent basis or they can get it issued on an urgent basis. The passes that were issued previously were only applicable till March 31. Now thanks to the Lockdown Curfew Pass Online Registration system, those who are well versed with technology can apply to such a solution. They simply must apply it at one click on http://epasscovid10.pais.net.in/.

What is the purpose of the Curfew E-pass?

This kind of service has been started by the Punjab government to offer those who support the residents who wish to restore the supply of the essential services during the lockdown course. To deal with the scenario, there has been a nationwide lockout of 21 days that the central government has announced. By this, it means the milk, grocery, and even the chemist’s service providers would be able to reach their common people only using such pass without any kind of problem

Also, the police deputy commission Mr. Deepak Pareek has even come up with a statement that applying for an e-pass is quite an easy solution if it is done online. There are also five civil officers and even two police officers who have the authority to process such e-pass. With such service, the government aims to provide possible assistance to the citizens in crucial times. However, the government would also verify if the demand for e-pass is the genuine one and whether it should be approved on a priority basis or not.

For whom is the E-pass issued

It has basically been issued for those who wish to offer essential services

  • Health workers

  • Factory employees

  • Shops

  • Transporters

  • Storage unit staff

  • Media person

  • Banker

  • The pass is issued in three categories which are inter-district+, local, and interstate

  • Possess are further of six kinds which are those for the essential services, media, health worker, security worker, and essential service maintenance 

The process to apply online

Those who wish to e-Pass Online Apply for such e-pass need to apply online. For this, they first need to

  • Download the official notification and go through the document and legibility criteria and the placation process

  • Then there shall be short information given about the surface pass and then they must further follow the process of registration which includes:

  • Visiting the official site of the Punjab Curfew Pass i.e. https://epasscovid19.pais.net.in/.

  • The Curfew Pass application form will be an option visible on the homepage

  • There will be an application form that will be then displayed which needs the details to be entered like owner name, shop name, mobile number, item’s nature, and even the volunteering if needed.

Documents that are needed

  • Aadhaar card number

  • Vehicle type

  • Number and service details.

  • You must then submit the button once the final application is ready with the documents uploaded.

  • Required Details to Apply Online

  • Name of store/ shop

  • Owner name

  • Mobile number

  • Address

  • Nature of items

  • Volunteer required 

  • E-payment facility is offered or not.

Scheme Benefits

  • After there has been a coronavirus breakdown, there are so many measures that have been designed to control the spread of this virus. This scheme is one of them.

  • The government has already implemented a curfew and people are only engaged to get the essential services because of which the risk of spreading reduces

  • If this pass is available at least commixing becomes hassle-free

Eligibility Criteria

  • Kiryana/Milk/Chemist Shop owners.

  • Citizens of Punjab State.

  • Government Documents.

Key Features of Scheme

  • With this e-pass solution milk vendors, grocery traders and chemist can apply for it

  • The service providers like chemist and ilk sellers can do the online registration for the goods home delivery

  • This e-pass is helpful to be used by the service providers to offer essential goods to the common man.

  • Along with this, the e pass will also be issued for the delivery boys and to all those who focus on offering only the essential services.


Other than the services shared, there is also 104 Punjab Curfew ePass Helpline Number That has been issued by the Punjab government for those who need assistance on anything be it health or any other reasons. This e-pass is arranged for the service providers who need to restore the supply of the essential services in nationwide event curfew.

Question and answers

What should people with no knowledge of the internet do?

For those people who are not tech-savvy, it is obvious to have concerns. Well in that case there is the assistance that they can get through the process. However, for residents, it is important to apply online for the passes.

Who has arranged the Curfew Pass of Punjab?

In Punjab, the concept of Curfew e-pass is arranged by the Amarinder government of Punjab to offer services to the providers without any problem.