Punjab Ration Card List 2021


The Civil Department of the Punjab Government has come up with the Ration card which is now considered to be one primary document for identification as well. Besides, Punjab Ration Card primarily serves the purpose of essential commodities at the subsidised value. In the country, every state has its own ration card issued for the citizens of the state. Those who don’t have one can even apply for it online. Punjab Ration Card is now being launched and transformed into a smart card whose all details would be available on its official website

Those beneficiaries who are interested in it would of course want to know about the application form and status. The best part about the ration card list that shall be issued in the year 2021 is that beneficiaries can get all the details on their mobile with just a few clicks simply sitting at home. This card is issued depending on the family status and income status of the people. As per the list, the BPL ration card is issued for those families who are below the line of poverty. Further, there is also an APL ration card that is issued for the people who are living above the poverty line.

Ration Card 2021

You can use a ration card not just to purchase the essential commodities but also as your identity. Using this card, the state citizens got food items like kerosene, rice, sugar, and wheat that the government provides at the ration store each month at the subsidized price. People of the state who are already struggling for food items because of their economic weakness can get the items at a cheaper price if they show the ration card and thus meet their basic needs.

Purpose of Punjab Ration Card List

To make sure the food grain is not getting damaged, the private entrepreneurs of Punjab have come up with a wide covered storage capacity under the scheme of PEG. The ration card can be sued for different identification purposes. An individual who would apply for the electricity and gas connection can even show the ration card to get the facilities. People who have been living below the line of poverty can get such a card from the state government. However, in Punjab, the new state government has come up with revamping this scheme and has now transformed it into a smart ration card. Since the list of Punjab ration cards is out already, people can see their and their family member's name online. They don’t have to visit the office any longer and that their time will get saved and they don’t have to face any issues at all.

  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

This is the scheme designed for the BPL category people which are the poorest of the families. In this scheme, the beneficiaries will get 35-40 kg of essential commodities at a low price.

  • Priority Household (PHH)

This is the scheme designed for families who are above the BPL category. In this scheme, the beneficiaries will be identified when the desired number of foods is available

Know more about pds.punjab.gov.in list 2021

The Punjab smart ration card list for the year 2021 is released by the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs. The applicants who have applied for the new ration card can always check the name in the list of Punjab ration cards online on its official website. Besides they can also make themselves aware of different government schemes. To apply for it the process is quite simple and it can be done by the people without any hassle.

Punjab Ration Card List 2021 benefits

  • Eldest Woman will be considered as the head of a family

  • The beneficiaries are de-duplicated based on the Aadhar number.

  • Wheat will be delivered in 30 kg standard packing.

  • For Smart Ration Card Scheme Punjab tehri are more than 1.42 crore beneficiaries in Punjab.

  • The department officials, beneficiary, transporter, gram panchayat, nigrani committee – all will work in coordination for proper disbursement of wheat.

  • Wheat will be distributed at a price of Rs. 2/- per Kg.

  • There is no upper cap. Every member gets five kg wheat per month.

  • The biannual entitlement of wheat will be given at one go.

  • The Punjab govt. food and civil supplies department will distribute the food items at the doorstep of the beneficiary 

  • The beneficiary gets to keep the wheat bags in which he gets the grains.

  • The beneficiary can go to the consumer court, in case they do not get wheat as per his entitlement.

How to see Punjab Ration Card List 2021?

Those members who are interested in seeing their name and their family's name in the ration card list should follow the method given below.

  • The applicant must visit the official website that the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs has launched https://epos.punjab.gov.in/

  • On the homepage, the applicant can see an option of Month Abstract, click on this option 

  • Another page will open where the applicant needs to choose the district and Inspector. 

  • The applicant will then have to choose the FPS ID.  

  • Post this, the list would open in which there will be all information of the EPDS Punjab Ration Card Status.

How to check the Punjab Smart Ration Card Status Online

In case you don’t see your name in the Punjab Ration Card List then you might want to track down your application status using FPS ID. For this you need to follow steps like:

  • Visit epos.punjab.gov.in/

  • On the homepage, click on the FPS Status option in the Reports section 

  • Another page would open on the screen where you need to enter your FPS ration number in the box provided and click “Submit”. 

How to see your family name in the Punjab Ration Card List

  • Visit the official website where the homepage shall show the option of Beneficiary Details epos.punjab.gov.in/ 

  • Click on it and then a front page will open where you need to fill up your ration card number in the box given  

  • You will then get all the family information in the ration card list.

How to follow the process of knowing the beneficiary details

Visit the official website of Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System Punjab where the homepage shall show the option of beneficiary details on which you have to click

  • There will be a new bridge in front of you where you have to submit the details 

  • Fill up the SRC number 

  • The Beneficial details will be on your device


The concept of the Punjab smart card is already in the news because of the great features and advantages it offers. However, to access every section of it, there is a process that you need to follow. If the beneficiary does not get the 30 kg standard packing wheat as desired in the guidelines, then the person can go to the consumer court. The Nigrani Committee and department officials along with the Beneficiary and transporter work in coordination for the disbursement of wheat. It is compulsory to provide your ration card as the identity document since it shows from which state you belong.

Question and Answer

How to get the EPDS Ration Card Status?

  • Visit the official website of EPDS Ration Card Status where you can see a form epos.punjab.gov.in/

  • Click on it and fill up details asked like your district, village, village, FPS etc. 

  • Click on viewing the report

  • You will then get all the details of the ration card on the fresh page

How to follow the Login process?

  • Once you visit the official website of the Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System Punjab epos.punjab.gov.in/

  • On the homepage, click on the login section 

  • The login form will then open in which fill up the details asked 

  • You can then be able to access the account through login.

How to Process viewing sales register?

  • Once you visit the official website of the Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System Punjab epos.punjab.gov.in/

  • On the homepage, click on the link to FPS. 

  • Select the sales register. 

  • On the new page, you will have to select Allotted Month, District and XPS ID. 

  • Submit and click on the button

  • Stock details will be on your computer screen 

Who will be the head of the issuance of the ration card?

The older women in the household who is 18 years or above is head of the issuance of the ration card

How to understand the Active Inactive Shops Viewing Process?

  • Once you visit the official website of the Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System Punjab epos.punjab.gov.in/

  • On the homepage, click on the link to MIS. 

  • Create a link to active interactive shops. 

  • A new page will open which will contain all the information related to the active and electric shop. 

How can I get a BPL card in Punjab?

  • The person needs to first visit the official Punjab Ration Card List EPDS Department 

  • Enquire about the ration card application form

  • Fill up all the details asked in the form like Epds Punjab Department

  • Attach the supporting documents to the application form.