Punjab Traveller e-Pass Registration

Punjab Traveller e-Pass Registration

Since the second wave of covid-19 has surged and every day lakhs of people are found to be infected by this virus. Because of this most of the states have made their borders sealed to prevent travelers from coming to the state and spread the virus if they are infected. 

State Governments are trying to curb the spread of covid-19 through various methods. While face masks, social distancing, and sanitizing are three major acts we should follow, it is also essential to stop the spread through people’s movements. This virus is so dangerous that some people who are infected may even not know because of lack of symptoms but they can spread it too weak people.

The people whose immunity is weak or they have some other diseases and can get quickly infected. The Punjab state government also has sealed the state border to protect their residents. Due to this, many people may face problems, especially businessman travelers, who are not able to travel now. 

If we want to know what are the specific guidelines set by the government so that you can know how despite the lockdown can continue their work. The Punjab government has set a new registration procedure. There will be Punjab traveler e-pass facilities that can help you allow you to travel cross-state. Through this article, we will be discussing the procedure for traveler e-pass registration

Since the adjacent Delhi, NCR is at the peak of the coronavirus cases it was essential to implement the Punjab traveler e-pass system for those who want to travel from Delhi NCR to Punjab. Those who wish to travel to Punjab from any state must register themselves and apply through the cova.punjab.gov.in portal online. The purpose of the e-pass requirement is to allow only those people who are not infected by the virus and are safe for other people of the state. After entering Punjab state along with the e-pass, travelers need to remain home quarantined for 14 days and they will be identified by a stamp on the hand. 

Those who have not done traveler e-pass registration cannot enter the state as per the directives of the state government. Those trying to enter without an e-pass may be eligible for civil action or interrogation by the Punjab state government. The details about the Punjab traveler e-pass are as follows -  

NameTraveler e-pass
Launched byPunjab Government
BeneficiariesPeople coming from Delhi NCR
ObjectiveProviding proper travel facilities
Official websitehttps://cova.punjab.gov.in/registration


While you are doing the registration for e-pass for Punjab, you need to take care of some precautionary measures which are as stated below – 

  • After entering the Punjab state, those who are asymptomatic should observe 14 days quarantine by self-isolating at their homes.

  • During the isolation at home, they need to report and update their health status to the authorities every day by calling 112 or through the Cova app. 

For the indicative travelers, the instructions will be given directly to the state border authorities. 

The information about all the travelers will be gathered and controlled by the specialists and the police headquarters through a ready and continuous framework.

Police headquarters are directed to keep routine check procedures through both physical and specialized methods on the arrival of the traveler for their security and the safety of state residents. 

  • If you want the Punjab traveler e-passto apply online procedure, you can visit the official website which has elaborated the process as follows – 

  • Visit the website cova.punjab.gov.in.

  • On the homepage of the website, click the registration tab.

  • A new page will be displayed on your screen.


  • You can also click the ‘online registration link’ directly on the webpage.

  • There you can now find the Punjab traveler e-pass online form, which you have to fill for the following information –

  • Type of travel

  • Mode of transport

  • Type of vehicle

  • Vehicle number

  • Date of travel plan

  • Details of passengers

  • Mobile number

  • ID type

  • ID number

  • Present address

  • Travel details

  • Place of origin

  • Place of destination

  • District 

  • Destination address

  • Tick the declaration box 

  • Click Submit. 

Those who need to frequently come to Punjab for either job or business can register under the frequent traveler category. If one is a frequent traveler to Punjab then he can register so through the official website –

  • On the home page at the top side, you will find the ‘Register as a frequent traveler’ option.

  • Click on this option and then fill in all the required information - 

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender 

  • Mobile number 

  • Type of ID proof

  • ID proof number

  • Address

  • Origin

  • State 

  • Destination

  • Category

  • Reason for frequent travel

  • Then upload the demanded identity proof and documents such as

  • Identity proof

  • Passport size photos

  • Address proof

  • The registration approval for frequent movement will be valid for a maximum of 30 days from the date of approval.

The frequent traveler option is a facility for those who reside in Delhi NCR but travel daily to Punjab for a job or business. Before 30 days you need to again register for a new e-pass before the end date of the validity of the e-pass. 

Register through Official App

While registering through the official app you can follow the simple steps: 

  • Download the Cova app through the Play Store on your mobile

  • Install the app to activate.

  • On the app home page select ‘self-registration for travel into/through Punjab

  • The registration form will display on the screen

  • Fill in all the information

  • Click Submit.

During the registration for the e-pass application, you need to have some mandatory documents which are:

  • Aadhar card

  • Vehicle paper

  • Registration slip

  • Driving license

  • ID cards of all passengers

  • Covid-19 check-up reports

  • Masks are compulsory for travelers


Since the second wave of a covid-19 virus is spreading more than the first one, travelers need to understand that following the safety mandates is very important for themselves and others. Wear a mask, exhibit social distancing, and wash hands will be the key precautions one must take to curb the spread. Also, it is imperative to prioritize the requirements and travel only if it is essential. Prefer to stay home if permitted and take care of the family.


  • What is Punjab travelers’ e-pass?

Punjab travelers’ e-pass is the requirement of getting official permission from the Punjab government to enter the state through registering for the e-pass.

  • How can I register for the Punjab e-pass?

Applicants have to register on the official website, fill up all information asked, and upload the documents required.

  • What is the cova.punjab.gov.in portal?

It is a digital platform for a traveler to register for an e-pass for Punjab state.

  • Can I go out of the house after entering Punjab via e-pass?

No, you have to self-isolate yourself for 14 days after you enter the Punjab state.

  • How can I be sure that I am allowed to travel to Punjab?

You will get the e-pass soft copy on your mobile or mail ID which you mention in registration. You can travel after that.

  • If I have to travel to Punjab frequently do I need an e-pass every time?

There is a separate option for frequent travelers and you can choose that option to get an e-pass valid for 30 days maximum. 

  • What if someone travels to Punjab without an e-pass?

Without an e-pass, a person will not be allowed to enter the state and he might face action or interrogation on the state border if deemed so.