Qtoken in Delhi Liquor


The government of Delhi has come up with a scheme of liquor tokens that helps in purchasing the liquor using the online registration platform. The people in such cases need to offer information such as – Name, Address, Govt ID, and nearest liquor shop details to get the token online. To get the q token in Delhi liquor, the individual needs to visit the official website which is www.qtoken.in. The platform of e-Token also is known as q token which denotes that it is available online. This takes hardly some time but certainly reduces the hassle of staying in the queue. Such a system shall offer the customers liquor to cut down long queues and wait time. Post the pandemic crises that have begun, the government has come up with such a decision.

What is a liquor token

This is one kind of an e-token started by the Delhi government. To qtoken in Delhi liquor apply, there is a process that needs to be followed. Basically, this type of token is used to purchase the wine in Delhi during the lockdown. Its primary purpose is to lessen down the number of people who shall rush into the wine shops at one time.


Those who have been looking forward to the qtoken in delhi liquor apply online need to first understand what exactly is such type of token all about. This token is followed in Delhi. It is issued by the state government using the online website. This website is called Q token or www.qtoken.in which was started solely for the users to apply online. The token of the liquor in Delhi is called the q token, otherwise, such an option is not seen elsewhere. It is an online coupon or e token that is distributed through the online application process. While getting such token applicants must offer their details and other information on the Janta samvad portal or www. qtoken. in to get Delhi liquor token.

In Delhi, E-token has the applicant’s name and the wine shop where he or she must have applied. The applicant needs to choose the shop from where the purchase needs to be made. The website for Qtoken will create a new qtoken delhi for liquor purchase.

Delhi Sharab Token Scheme

The reason why liquor in delhi has gained popularity is that in lockdown there has been quite limited access which was given by the government to come out from the home. With so many wine and open alcohol stores, it is obvious for people to visit the store personally. To avoid the overcrowding issues, the government has come up with a q token for liquor in the deli. There are liquor lovers who have o registered at www. qtoken.in website to apply for Delhi Wine Purchase Token Online.

About e-Token

The registration of e-token is now open at www.qtoken.in. It is one wise option to choose so that heavy rush at the liquor stores can be avoided. The government has come up with the q token for liquor in delhi so that people who used to crowd in contracts to get liquor, now they can take liquor according to their token. To get the token is quite simple however, a systematic process should be followed. In the middle of the Coronavirus Lockdown 3.0, the Indian government has decided to start with the liquor shops. Even if there is a fear of the covid 19 virus, there has been so much of a crowd which is possibly seen on the contracts. To lessen down the crown, this system can be efficient.

Qtoken for liquor in delhi – Documents Required

To be a part of the online website that offers online tokens for liquor in Delhi, it is important to submit some important documents. As the permission to open liquor shops in the Delhi NCR region has been approved, there is quite a huge crowd that has gathered at the wine shops. That is why during lockdown the Social Distancing is not followed properly. People who want to have beer or wine can now apply online for E-Token to Purchase wine Bottles. However, the candidates must fill in the following details correctly while applying for Alcohol E-token. Also, the documents that are required are:

  • Govt ID

  • Voter ID

  • Driving License

  • Aadhar

  • PAN

  • Govt ID Number

  • Name, Address, and Mobile Number.

The Delhi Government’s Excise Department has issued the Delhi Online Liquor Token to buy any type of Wine, beer, and whiskey from the shops nearest you. Candidates who have submitted the right document can buy the wine only after registering at the official website which is www. qtoken.in Delhi Liquor Token Website. They further shall get an SMS Have Token number and time of Purchase. This way at the time of allotment, they shall be at the shop and by the Sharab under the limed quantity as the government allowed.

Important things to remember

  • While applying, the name and phone number of the applicant will be required and the e-coupon will be sent to the registered mobile number.

  • Any person can apply for an e-token through the link https://www.qtoken.in.

  • E-token will be allowed to one person from the family to buy liquor from the nearby shops

  • To apply for the e-token, a customer must visit the website, you must enter the details based on your government ID card.

  • It is important to even mention the name and address of the liquor store closest to you.

  • The individual shall get the e-token which will include the time and date to go to the store.

  • The benefit of the e-token is that in an hour only 50 persons are allowed to the store, this will ensure social distancing.

  • There is a separate line for those who have an e-token and a separate line for those who don’t.

Slip Printed and Details Mentioned on Delhi Liquor E-Token

  • Date of validity

  • Time slot or timing

  • Name

  • Contact number

  • Serial number or token number

  • Purchase centre

Features to know

While maintaining the social distance, the government has come up with the scheme of the Delhi Liquor E-Token online facility. It helps in purchasing the liquor online. However, to avoid the long queue, it is possible for the a to can apply for the E-token online from the official website of www.qtoken.in. Token will hold the time slot and date to purchase the liquor. The wine shop dealer will provide you the liquor as per the time slot mentioned in the E token.

  • A separate line will be made for those having e-token than those without a token.

  • Name, Address, Govt ID- (aadhar, voter id, PAN Card, etc), Mobile Number, Shop details are required for the online registration.

  • Only 50 tokens will be distributed on a single day.

Steps to apply for online Delhi Liquor E-Token 2020

There is a systematic step that needs to be followed. This includes:

  • Open the official website https://qtoken.in/

  • A new page will open where click on the” Apply for liquor purchase Token” link

  • The page will open where you provide the details like govt id, id number, details, and personal details.

  • After providing details click on the “Apply for Token”

  • Token will be generated on your mobile phone with slot timings.

  • Details printed on the Delhi Liquor Token

  • Date of validity

  • time slot or timing


It is important to note that this token is also available through the app. The app can be downloaded from the play store by the name of Qtoken App. This is a different app and there is no point in downloading it for liquor coupons. The app is a private one created by a third party and is not affiliated with the Govt of NCT of Delhi.

Due to the covid crises, the Excise department of Delhi has come up with the e-Token Service. This is available for all the candidates. There is also the e-Token registration facility which, however, is open only for those candidates who wish to buy liquor without a long queue. To get such a token, the interested people need to visit the official website of Qtoken. in. Only after registration, the Wine Shop provides the wine as per the time slot on your ticket and The Delhi government has permitted it to open around 160 shops. People Stay and connect with us regarding the latest update.

Question and answers

What to do if www.Qtoken is not opening?

If Delhi govt qtoken website is not opening, it might be because of the overload of the server and Q token form. The website will show a ‘502 bad gateway’ or ‘404 Not found’ error on the opening website. In this case, you cannot register for Q token for liquor in delhi. It is a server error, so you cannot do anything about it. Once the website's load is decreased, you will be able to get a liquor purchase token again.

What is the process to get the e-token?

  • Log on to www.qtoken.in

  • Alternatively, log on to https://www.qtoken.in/liquor/apply/

  • Click on the ‘Apply for Liquor Purchase Token’ button

  • Mention your name, phone number

  • e-token will be sent to the registered mobile number

  • Take the e-token to the nearby shop and purchase liquor without overcrowding the store

What are the advantages of e-token?

  • Only 50 people per hour will be permitted to take the token

  • Notably, only 160 stand-alone liquor shops are opened in Delhi.