Reprint Pan Card

  • When it comes to paying taxes in India, obtaining a Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a need. It is a form of identification that is also utilised for a variety of financial activities in both the corporate and personal worlds.
  • Every PAN number assigned and PAN card issued is valid for the rest of one's life. Those who misplace their PAN do not need to apply for a new one. You can, however, apply to the income tax department for a duplicate pan card.

What is the meaning of a duplicate pan card

When a PAN holder loses, misplaces, or breaks his card, the income tax department issues a duplicate pan card. Daily, people expose crucial papers to various threats and then question how to recover them. The IRS has made it incredibly simple to obtain a duplicate pan card. Let's have a look at how it's done.

What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate pan card

Obtaining a duplicate pan card is quite straightforward. The application can be submitted online through TIN-NSDL, or it can be sent to the NSDL's PAN services unit. Duplicate card applications can be completed online, which saves time and money. Let's have a look at how it's done online:

a. Go to TIN-NSDL and choose the "Changes or corrections in existing PAN data/ Reprint of PAN card (No changes in existing PAN Data)" application type. (If your PAN card has been lost, misplaced, or stolen, you should reprint it without changing any of the information.)

b. Complete the mandatory information and submit the form.

c. A token number will be generated and emailed to the email address that you supplied on the previous page. Continue with the application file after noting the token number for future reference.

d. Fill in the required information on the "Personal Details" page, as well as the manner of submission for your PAN application form. The three modes offered are as follows:

  • Physically send application documents: The acknowledgement form generated after payment must be printed along with the copies of documents requested and mailed to the NSDL's PAN services unit via registered mail.
  • Submit digitally using e-KYC and e-sign (paperless): Aadhaar is required to use this option, and all of the information contained in your aadhaar should be used only in the duplicate pan card application. For authentication of the details provided, an OTP will be sent to the aadhaar registered number. Uploading a photo, signature, or any other paper is not required. When using this option to submit the completed form, a digital signature (DSC) will be required to e-sign the document. iii. Use e-sign to submit scanned photos: Aadhaar is required for this option, but you will need to upload scan images of your portrait, signature, and other documents. The application form will only be authenticated using an OTP.

e. Next, you must decide whether you require a real PAN card or an electronic PAN card. If you choose an e-PAN card, you must supply a valid email address. The digitally signed e-PAN card will be sent to the email address given.

f. Finally, complete the "Contact & other details" and "document details" pages before submitting the application.

g. You will be routed to the payment page, and an acknowledgement will be generated once the payment has been made.

h. Using the 15-digit acknowledgement number generated, you can verify the status of your duplicate pan card.

i. After the department receives the application, the duplicate pan card will be sent out within two weeks.

When is it necessary to obtain a duplicate pan card

The following conditions may necessitate the use of a duplicate pan card:-

  • People frequently carry their PAN cards in their wallets or pockets, and they will probably lose them if their wallet or pocketbook is stolen. Multiple applications to the department are a typical occurrence in India.
  • Misplaced: It happens all the time that people leave a card somewhere and then can't remember where they put it.
  • Damaged: The only way to fix any form of damage to an existing PAN card is to reprint it. d. Information change: It's likely that the information and signature entered when applying for a PAN will change over time. In this instance, we only have one option: to edit it and reprint the card with the updated information.

What is the procedure for surrendering a duplicate pan card

  • The income tax code makes it illegal to have more than one Permanent Account Number. There is a risk, however, that you will obtain multiple PAN cards with the same or different numbers. The taxpayers do not need to be concerned about this. To report a duplicate or faulty PAN card to the income tax department, follow these steps:
  • Write a letter to your assessing officer, including your full name, date of birth, information about the PAN card to be kept, and information about the PAN card to be relinquished.
  • You can either send the letter by express mail or hand it over to the assessing officer and get an acknowledgement receipt.
  • The acknowledgement receipt serves as confirmation that the duplicate pan card was cancelled.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about nsdl reprint pan card.

How much does it cost to get a duplicate PAN card?

The cost of issuing a duplicate PAN Card is INR 110, according to the IT department. The processing fee is INR 93, plus 18 percent GST. The charge can be paid in two ways: online or offline. Net banking is an online payment option, whereas DD or check is an offline payment alternative.

Is it necessary to file a police report if you have a duplicate PAN card?

If a person's PAN card is stolen, they must submit a police report at the nearby police station. When applying for a duplicate PAN card, you must send a copy of the FIR as well as other documentation.

Is it necessary for me to link my Aadhaar to a duplicate PAN card?

It is required that your Aadhaar and PAN cards be seeded with each other. PAN and Aadhaar Card can be linked in a variety of ways. It can be done online, by SMS, or by filling out a paper form. The government may cancel your PAN card if it is not linked to your Aadhaar number.

What is the time frame for getting a duplicate PAN card?

It takes about 15 days or two weeks to receive a duplicate PAN Card after an individual submits an application.