RNFI Login

  • Distributors, retailers, and clients are all partners of RNFI Services Private Limited (RNFI). IT help is provided, as well as technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Logging in via the Rnfi login page has made services like online payment more convenient in today's world. In all of your online services, RNFI is a platform that maintains your confidence and account confidentiality. In a short time, RNFI has begun to establish itself in the general public as a result of its services. In the post below, we'll show you how to use the RNFI portal in the simplest method possible. You must log in to use this platform to enjoy its services and benefits.

Services provided on RNFI portal 

  • RNFI offers a variety of online services. Which we will discuss in the following essay. RNFI is the best of all of its facilities, and it also protects its clients' data. This platform offers services connected to business-to-business transactions, as described in the accompanying article.
  • AEPS RNFI: – You can use MicroATM with this service by validating your RNFI Aadhaar Card. You can log in to your account and begin using your AEPS facility once your RNFI Registration is complete. You can utilise this function at any moment once you've started it.
  • Money Transfer from the RNFI: – People nowadays are hesitant to use internet money transfers. People are sceptical of any money transfer service after hearing about online fraud daily. All customers who do not have bank accounts can use RNFI's money transfer service. Customers can transfer money to any bank account with RNFI money transfer in a few simple steps.
  • RNFI Payments and Bills: – You can conveniently use your electricity bill, mobile recharge, D2h recharge, and other services through this Rnfi portal. You can use this service to pay any of your bills by following a few simple steps. To make a bill payment, simply log into your RNFI account and select the appropriate payment method from the account.
  • RNFI API: – RNFI is a service that exclusively helps customers make more money and sell more. It has simplified the process of buying and selling things. You can use this service by logging onto your RNFI account.
  • SMS Service from the RNFI: – You can use the SMS service in addition to the RNFI's services. You must input your cellphone number in your RNFI account just for this.

RNFI portal registration process

The company has a sizable customer base, and it has shown to be advantageous to smartphone users. Buyers, sellers, and distributors all benefit from the money transfer feature on the Rnfi login page. The RNFI services serve the primary goal of supporting B2B customers.

  • First, applicants must visit the RNFI website, www.rnfiservices.com, to register for the Rnfi portal.

  • The applicant will be directed to the home page via the portal in the second step. The Registration option may be found on the Home page.

  • Applicants must complete the RNFI registration form with information such as their name, phone number, email address, state, and so on.

  • The applicant must decide what type of service they want to provide and if they want to work as a retailer, distributor, or partner. The Portal provides a place on the webpage where the applicant can fill in any questions or concerns. After that, press the submit button.

  • Officials from the RNFI will contact the candidate after gathering their contact information. Officials will gather the applicant's documents for verification, including the Aadhaar card and PAN card. The RNFI will offer the username and password after verification.

RNFI login 

  • First, users must go to the RNFI Service Portal, which is located at www.rnfiservices.com, to sign in to the Rnfi portal.

  • On the RNFI main page, click the Login option.

  • Enter the required information, such as User Name and Password, and then hit the Login button to enter the Dashboard. 

How to recover password on RNFI portal

If a partner forgets their password, follow these simple procedures to recover the Rnfi login credentials.

1. Users must go to the RNFI Partner website, www.partner.rnfi.in, to restore their Rnfi login Password.

2. Users can go to the Forgotten Password section on the relipay main page and click on it. 

3. On the same login page, a new page will appear. Users must now enter their mobile number, registered PAN card number, and click Get OTP to generate the OTP. 

4. The partner must click the button after entering the generated OTP into the column. The partner must then reset the password to retrieve the data.

5. To join RNFI, the company provides a toll-free number 8560 900 500, and applicants can also contact the company by email at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Where can we go for support if we have a problem?

You can reach us at 7836824991 or +91-1145545350 if you require assistance. These are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are handled by IT professionals.

What if we observe a money deduction but an incomplete service?

In situations like this, the main cause is a server outage. You can wait for a while here. If the service is still unsatisfactory, your money will be reimbursed to your account. Otherwise, you can call them at the numbers above or send an email to [email protected].

What are the most significant documents that must be submitted?

A PAN card, full address, Aadhaar card, registered business data, contact information, and other documents are required.

How do i Log in to RNFI Portal 2021?

We have provided step by step process for rnfi login above o this blog. Please follow the steps as mentioned.