RSBY Online Registration


Those people who fall under the category of Below the poverty line may have to face a lit of problems and challenges simply to meet their needs because of lack of funds. As they are not able to afford some expensive treatment at the hospital, the Labour and Employment Ministry has launched the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) in the year 2008 to deal with the health contingencies of the poor. Thanks to digitization, the swasthya bima yojana online registration can be done quickly and without much stress. This scheme gives workers the right coverage which they need for the medical requirement. This scheme offers good health insurance coverage to families that are below the line of poverty. The primary aim of this scheme is to offer protection to the BPL households against the financial liabilities that may arise out of the health shocks that usually include hospitalization.

Know more about the pm swasthya bima yojana online registration

The primary reason why pm swasthya bima yojana online registration has been provided is to let the workers irrespective of the location, avail the features and benefits of the scheme. There is no doubt that health insurance is one such amazing platform by which poor households can get the right protection against any kind of health risk that may often lead to poverty. The poor may not be even able to bear the price of health insurance due to lack of price or even the lack of perceived advantages. Organizing and administering health insurance especially in rural areas can be quite challenging. To recognise the requirement of giving social security to such workers, the Central government has come up with this scheme. Till now from the year 2013, there have been more than 34 lakhs of smart cards issued already with 5,097,128 hospitalization cases taken care of under this scheme.

Benefits of pm swasthya bima yojana

Once you chiak rsby online registration and fit in the eligibility criteria. You will be entitled to get the best of the benefits of health care insurance from the respective State Governments depending on the geographical area. The state government must incorporate the following advantages in the scheme:

  • Cashless attendance to all covered ailments

  • All pre-existing diseases to be covered

  • The coverage will be given to the unorganised sector worker and his family (unit of five) 

  • Transportation costs (actual with a maximum limit of Rs. 100 per visit) within an overall limit of Rs. 1000.

  • The total sum insured would be Rs. 30,000/- per family yearly on a family floater basis.

  • Hospitalization expenses, taking care of most common illnesses with as few exclusions as possible

  • Funding Pattern

  • The Indian government shall make 75% of the estimated annual premium of Rs. 750 contribution that shall be subject to a maximum of Rs. 565 per family per annum. The price of a smart card shall be borne by the central government

  • The State government shall make the25% of the annual premium contribution along with additional premium

  • The beneficiary shall pay Rs. 30 per annum as registration/renewal fee.

  • The administrative along with other costs of scheme administration would be contributed by respective State Governments

What is RSBY Rashtriya Swasthya bima yojana online registration Process?

The applicants who shall be eligible for this scheme, must go through all the instructions carefully and follow the steps shared below:

  • The health insurance company receives a digital list of all the eligible individuals falling under the BPL criteria in a pre-specified data format

  • There will be an enrollment schedule for each village, along with dates that are prepared by the insurance company with the help of the district level officials.

  • The policy agents must contact the BPL families and encourage them to get a medical insurance policy.

  • The insurance company will create a listing of the logo under the scheme.

  • This list will then be posted in every village at the prominent enrollment stations which are equipped by the insurer with the hardware required for collecting biometric information (fingerprints) and photographs of the members of the household covered and a printer to print smart cards with a photo.

  • The collection of biometrics and photographs of every member of the BPL family comes next.

  • The beneficiary must register for the scheme with Rs. 30.

  • The process takes less than ten minutes. The cards are being delivered on a plastic cover.

  • The enrolment shall be done in front of a field key officer or a government officer and a representative of the insurance company for attesting the enrollment legitimacy. 

  • There will be a consolidated list then sent to the state nodal agency.

  • The list of enrolled households is maintained centrally and is the basis for financial transfers from the Government of India to the state governments.

Required Document for Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana

To apply for this scheme, you must keep some documents handy and see to it that the attestation is done properly so that there will not be any problem during its smooth application. This includes:

  • Mobile number

  • Ration card

  • Income certificate

  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card

  • BPL certificate

  • Address proof

  • Passport size photo

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana Eligibility Criteria

There is also an eligibility criterion that has been set already. You need to make sure you fit in the eligibility criteria so that department can consider your application. This includes:

  • Unorganized sector workers belonging to the BPL category and their family members shall be the beneficiaries under the scheme.

  • Applicant must be a resident of India.

  • The beneficiaries will be issued smart cards for identification.

  • The implementing agencies must verify the eligibility of the unorganized sector workers and their family members that are proposed to be benefited under the scheme.

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) Covers

  • Mine Workers

  • Rag pickers

  • Licensed Railway Porters

  • MNREGA workers who have worked for more than 15 days during the preceding financial year

  • Domestic Workers

  • Building and other construction workers registered with the Welfare Boards

  • Street Vendors

  • Beedi Workers

  • Sanitation Workers

  • Rickshaw pullers

  • Auto/Taxi Driver

What will not be covered under the RSBY scheme (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana)?

Some expenses will not be covered under the RSBY scheme such as:

  • War and nuclear perils

  • Intentional self-injury and suicide

  • Any dental treatment or surgery unless arising out of an injury or disease

  • OPD (outpatient department) expenses. 

  • Congenital external diseases

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

  • Fertility related treatment expenses

Know more about RSBY Smart Card

With the use of a smart card, different activities that include beneficiary identification using fingerprints, and information associated with the patient is possible. The crucial function of the smart card is that it lets the transactions be cashless at an empanelled hospital and benefits profitability across the country. Since this is one cashless scheme that is given through smartcard, it offers less risk of fraud and better scope of security. There are more than 1100 diseases covered with a health insurance coverage of R30,000. For this, the premium is shared by the state and the central government with a ratio of 75:25.

Know the features

  • The primary purpose of those schemes is to offer guidance to the registered workers along with financial assistance who are working in the construction processes for a residential facility. Listed are some important features you need to know:

  • Beneficiaries must pay only Rs. 30 as the registration fee which shall be used for incurring administrative expenses under the scheme.

  • The BPL population of India Government has sponsored the scheme called RSBY. The majority of the finances which is around 75% shall be given by the Indian government while the remaining shall be given by the state government. The Indian government contribution is around 90% if it is the North-Eastern state or Jammu Kashmir respectively that needs to pay off around 10% of the premium only.

  • Earlier, it was only for the BPL family that coverage was made in this scheme. However, now non-BPL categories like MNREGA workers, building and other construction workers, more than 70% disability, street vendors, sanitation workers, auto-rickshaw persons and taxi drivers, Weavers and artisans and contract workers are also included under the scheme.

  • The scheme is a family floater cover, providing complete medical coverage for everyone in the family.

  • Under this scheme, the workers of the unorganized sector will be given health insurance of Rs 30000 by the government.

  • There will not be any age limit for coverage under this scheme.

  • The insured families will be issued a smart card containing the biometric details of the insured.

  • There will be cashless attendance to all covered ailments

  • The expenses of the hospitalization will be taken care of for most common illnesses with as few exclusions as possible


Indian government to date has introduced so many schemes of social security for the citizen's well-being that have specifically been designed for the uninsured country’s population. From 2008, this scheme has gained popularity and demand and turned out to be the best health insurance for the below poverty line population of India. It has now been even extended for the workers in an unorganised sector.

Question and answer

How to approach the Claim settlement process in Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana?

There is a hassle-free process that needs to be followed to get the claim settlement process done. This includes:

  • The beneficiary needs to show an RSBY card (smart card) at the network hospital when using the healthcare services

  • Once the healthcare services, hospitals should send an electronic report to the Third Party Administrator or the Insurance provider.

  • Once the information and records are verified and provided by the hospital, the Third Party Administrator or the Insurance provider shall settle the claims for which there will be a direct payment to the hospital within the specified time limit.

  • This would lessen down the overall expense for the BPL population who has availed the benefit under the RSBY scheme.

What if the head of the family and dependants are staying in two different places for work purposes? Who can keep the RSBY card?

In case the family head is travelling to another location for some unavoidable purpose the beneficiary dependent can have a split card to use the similar scheme at different locations. The family can then decide to split the price for the card as per the needs. But the beneficiary shall have to bear the price of insurances of the split card.