RTA M Wallet

The Telangana Transport Department launched the RTA M Wallet app for Android and iOS on March 30, 2016. The primary goal of providing this Online mobile application is to eliminate the need to physically carry certificates and documents such as a driver's licence (DL), registration certificate (RC), and other two-wheeler or four-wheeler certifications. Telangana state motorists will be able to use the RTA Wallet app to show their vehicle-related documentation to traffic cops.

What is an RTA M Wallet

This is an online digital platform created by the Telangana IT Department to store vehicle documents internally. Motorists are no longer required to carry any tangible documentation when driving. They can now use the RTA M Wallet Online to hold all of the relevant documentation. To use this app, users must first register for an RTA M Wallet account online and then follow the app's instructions for use. After the applicants complete the RTA Wallet Registration Online, their complete information will be available on this app.

This is an application that users may use on both Android and iOS devices to carry their vehicle-related documents in case traffic cops ask to see them while breaking traffic regulations or other unwelcome events occur. The RTA M Wallet App accepts paperwork from both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. This also provides storage for the large number of documents that are stored in the storage. As a result, the RTA M Wallet online has aided people in carrying all of the appropriate documentation with them while driving a vehicle such as a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.

Citizens can also use the T-wallet application to pay their usual bills, such as electricity, Post Paid, Prepaid, Vehicle Pending Challans, Insurance, DTH, Education Fees, Fastag, Post-paid Landline, Life Insurance, Laon Repayment, LPG Gas, Municipal Taxes, Credit Card Bill, and so on. T-the wallet is a TS government-launched software that is one of the greatest online platforms for Telangana residents to pay their overdue bills.

Advantages of RTA M Wallet online

The RTA M Wallet software has a number of advantages:

  • During the RTA inspection, drivers can show the RTA M Wallet app on their smartphones.

  • There's no need to bring tangible documents with you.

  • It is possible to add multiple vehicles.

  • The software allows you to add your driver's licence and registration card.

  • Digital certificate retrieval through the internet. There are fewer chances of fraud.

  • Only require internet for the first time. There's no need to connect to the internet once you've obtained the Digital Certificate.

  • Auto retrieving of the recent year's insurance information.

RTA M Wallet login and registration process

Citizens of Telangana who want to preserve their motor vehicle-related soft copies online should follow the instructions outlined below and provide them to their local traffic police.

  • 1st step: citizens must search for the RTA M Wallet app in the Google Play store.

  • 2nd step: On your Android or iOS device, download the RTA M wallet app.

  • 3rd Step: If citizens have not yet registered, they can do so by clicking the Register button and entering their name, phone number, and email address on the registration page.

  • 4th Step: After completing the M wallet new user registration process successfully, applicants must click the Sign-in option and sign in to the page using their Mobile Number and OTP.

  • 5th Step: If the OTP is not sent to the registered phone number, users can use the Login to T-app option to log in to the T-app with their mobile number and MPIN.

  • 6th Step: After logging into the t-app, the user will be directed to the RTA M Wallet home page. Citizens can use the Registration number and the last four digits of their cheese number to add their RC, DL, and other documents.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I use the TS Road Trasport Authority's (RTA) mobile wallet app?

A one-time password is not sent to the user's mobile number due to server difficulties. It will be resolved quickly. Users will not be able to use the Login to t-app option till then.

When will the m-wallet application issue be resolved?

The technical team is now trying to resolve the server issue. It will be operational soon.

How can I connect my Vehicle Registration Certificate to the m-wallet app of the Road Transport Authority?

You must enter the vehicle chassis number and registration number to upload the Vehicle Registration Certificate to this m-wallet app.