Service Plus Bihar


The government has come up with so many different schemes which make it more convenient for the people to use the services with just one click. Talking of which service plus Bihar is one such option that people should consider. There are many options from which you can select the service that you need. But before opting for it you need to know different services that can be accessed through it. With this option, it is possible to access different government services that the common man in his nearby area can choose. For this simply the choice from the common service delivery outlet should be chosen. This makes sure there is better transparency, efficiency, and reliability that is maintained at great pricing. This way basic needs of the common man are met.

What is ServicePlus service

  • Before you opt for any of the Bihar service plus services, it is important to have better background knowledge about it. Service Plus was created as part of Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) under epanchayat Mission Mode Project (MMP).  It has a meta-data-based e-Service delivery framework that is created on the architecture called LowCode–NoCode (LCNC). It delivers the electronic-services to citizens.
  • The option of rtps service plus Bihar is an incredible service since it offers quick learning and ways to use the process without much of the effort needed. A person with a limited skill set can also use this type of option.

Features and advantages that people get from using the service portal

The reason why the service plus Bihar rtps option is advised is that citizens can get services online. Besides, they can even get the certificates by applying anytime and from anywhere. Some of the best features are:

  • Build Software through Dictate, Design & Deploy

  • Automated Data Migration

  • Systematic Process Flow Management

  • Interactive, Intelligent & Interoperable

  • Integrated Dynamic Report Generation

Bihar RTPS Service

  • Once you follow the service plus Bihar login, you can get the best of the RTPS service which is designed for those individuals residing in the state of Bihar. The focus of the project is to offer Government services to the citizens at their doorsteps. This project is well executed by the Information Technology Department under the Government of Bihar through ServicePlus.
  • This project focuses on the delivery and grievance redressal software framework of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Indian Government. With the help of this portal, the Bihar state citizens can avail the RTPS services advantages.
  • With so many different government schemes like service plus online Bihar that the government has introduced for the citizens of the country and sometimes the documents, citizens may not be able to avail them all because of lack of knowledge. The PM Kissan Samman Nidhi Yojana is one such efficient scheme that was recently launched by the Indian government. It offers some amount of money every year and to avail of the scheme, the applicant must show his Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate.

Bihar Right to Public Service

The process to create the proof can be quite a time-taking task. But using the sarvish plush Bihar portal the citizens of the state of Bihar can apply for the Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate. This way there is fair transparency to the applicant. With such an online medium it is possible for the applicant not to get the service without standing in long queues. This will save a lot of time for the applicant.

Important Instructions to follow

  • Use the latest web browser. Prefer using “Mozilla Firefox Browser”.

  • The certificates will be provided online to the applicants. The service is provided at your doorstep and the applicants need not come to the RTPS counter.

  • Please use HTTP only while accessing the official portal of RTPS Services.

  • The applicant must install the “Adobe Flash Player extension for Mozilla Firefox” on the system to capture a photo from the webcam.

  • Please install “Adobe Acrobat Reader” to read/print the acknowledgment certificate provided through the portal.

Different Bihar RTPS Services Certificates

The certificates and information regarding them are available on the official website of RTPS Services. The list of certificates is-:

Income Certificate-:

  • The State Government issues the Income certificate, which certifies the annual income of an individual from all sources. The authority that issues the certificates varies from state to state. In the case of rural areas, it is issued by the village tehsildar and for urban areas by District Magistrate or the Revenue Department. The Income certificate is very important, as it is needed for the EWS certificate.
  • The RTPS Service provides individuals to apply online for the certificate of Income. The individual can prefer to visit the blockhead for the certificate or can apply directly by visiting the official portal.

The list of documents needed for the process to enroll for the Income certificate is -:

  • Age Proof (Birth Certificate or Marksheet),
  • Ration Card of the applicant,
  • Residential Proof,
  • Income Details (Monthly salary, Salary slip).

Caste Certificate-:

  • The Caste Certificate represents the proof of one belonging to a particular caste. The state/center government issues the certificate. Generally, the applicant who belongs to the reserved classes i.e. Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe and Other Backward Class requires the certificate to attach to various government examination forms and schemes. Without the certificate, the applicant will be considered as the Unreserved/ General category.
  • The Bihar Right to Public Service has initiated the scheme through which the applicant can apply online. The applicant can apply for the caste certificate online. All they need is a good working connection. The format of the caste certificate is depicted below-:

The list of documents needed for the caste certificate is as -:

  • Identity Proof-: Aadhar Card, Voter Id, Passport, PAN Card, MNREGA Card.

  • Address Proof-: Aadhar Card, Driving license, Residential Certificate, Rent Slip, and Rent Agreement.

  • Affidavit for Caste Certificate-: Copy of revenue records or village panchayat record, High school certificate, Extract of Government Service Record (book) mentioning caste/community category of applicant’s father or relative, Birth Register of applicant or father or relative.

Residence Certificate-:

  • The Residence certificate is a very essential document needed in almost every aspect of verification. The certificate is the proof of the permanent residence of a citizen in a ward, town, or village. For taking the connections of water and electricity, the residential proof is needed also for the government jobs the authority demands the residence certificate of the candidate.
  • The RTPS Service provides the applicant to log in to the window to enroll for the residential certificate. The individual can either visit the block-head office or can directly access the official portal online to generate the certificate.

The list of documents needed for the process to enroll for the Residence certificate are-:

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Voters ID

  • Ration Card

  • PAN Card.


Undoubtedly, the Caste, Income, and Residence certificates are the basic documents that are needed by every common individual for various government and private work. However, in the traditional system individuals must wait for a long time for the document to get ready and must visit several times but now for the sake of the individuals of the state, the Government has initiated this scheme. Bihar RTPS Services was launched on 15 August 2011. Through the portal, now individuals can apply for the documents without visiting the office

Question and Answers

How to Enrol for RTPS Services Online?

  • We have mentioned the steps to enroll for the RTPS Services below. The process is like Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate.

  • The applicant must visit the official website of RTPS Service plus

  • The page shown above will appear. Click on the tab naming as “Issuance of Caste Certificate” for caste certificate, “Issuance of Income Certificate” for Income certificate, and “Issuance of Residential certificate” for Residential certificate.

  • The tab will show various options naming as, Issuance of Caste/Income/Residence certificate at CO, SDO, and DM level.

  • The page will appear which is the same for the SDO and DM level for all documents i.e. Caste/Income/Residence.

  • The applicant is requested to enter the details by clicking on the tab “Register Yourself”.

  • The tab for “Register Yourself” appears as below and the applicant must mention their Name, Mobile no., Password*, and State.

  • *(Password should be 8 to 15 characters with at least one special character (*[@#$%^&+=]), one numeric, one small case, and one upper case letter i.e. Abcd@123).

  • Apply by entering the security captcha.

  • Now, move to the “Apply for the service” Tab which shows-:

  • From the option shown in the window i.e. Kiosk, In-Person, and Online. Click on the dropdown “Online”.

  • Enter your details Email Id and Password followed by the captcha.

  • Select the category from the page.

  • The applicant can also track the application through the track application status.

  • Keep a copy of the tracking slip/application status for future references.

How To Make a Caste Certificate?

  • To get a certificate, you have to first visit the RTSP service plus the official website

  • On the left side, you will see (Issuance of Caste Certificate) 

  • Note: Bihar govt provides different types of caste certificates. Select your caste certificate as your concern.

  • You can make the certificate at Circle Officer Level, Sub-Division Officer Level, District Magistrate Level.

  • If you want to create a caste certificate at the Circle officer level, then click on the link. The link will redirect to an official page.

  • Before online apply for the certificate, you have to register yourself on the portal, click on the register your link. Enter Your Full Name, Email Id along Mobile Number.

  • Now you have to make a password.

  • Note:- Password should be 8 to 15 characters with at least one unique character(*[@#$%^&+=]), one numeric, one small case, and one upper case letter (i.e., Abcd@123).

  • After making a password enter the captcha code and click on the green color validate button. Now you have a Login ID. You can create a caste certificate of RTPS service plus a website. Apply and Status

How To Make Income And Residence Certificate?

  • To make Income (Aaay) and Residence (Niwasi) certificates, you must visit the RTPS service plus official website

  • On the right side, you will see, Issuance of Income Certificate, Issuance of Residential Certificate option. 

  • Click on the link as you are concerned.

How to check the application status?

  • If you have applied online, then you can also track your application status.

  • For checking the status online, you must have an application number.

  • Using the Registration Number, you can follow; otherwise, you can’t get your application status.

  • To track your application status click on this link- Application Status RTPS Now answer some questions like who has provided the Service, state govt or Central Government.

  • Please select the Name of the state that is providing the service.

  • If you have applied for a caste certificate, then click on caste certificate otherwise click on your Certificate.

  • Enter the captcha in the empty box afterward click on submit button. Now application status will appear on your device.