Sevana Civil Registration Kerala


If you want to go ahead with the Sevana Civil Registration Kerala Online Registration process then you must visit the which is its official website. But before you go and make the application, there are few important things that you need to know. The government of Kerala has now found a new way by which all the taxpayer-based companies can be found on the web. There are lines where the public authority started with Sevana Civil Registration Kerala to ensure the online administration such as the declaration of the demise, authentication of the birth, and marriage endorsement on the web happen very well.

The objective:

If you are looking forward to the Civil Registration Kerala-based solution then Sevana is the right platform since it can help you save time. The primary purpose of such online registration was to make sure the government authorities and even the individuals would be able to save ample of their energy. Besides, it even reduces the manual work which eventually would help you not wait for anything. You simply must visit the official website and do the process as said and the application for the online administration shall be done.

Along with saving time, it is also transparency which the Kerala government focuses to maintain. With this scheme, it is completely possible. There will be an online facility that shall reduce a lot of manual work and the transparency and privacy both will be maintained at par. This means the Kerala citizens who need to make any of the documents like death or birth certificate can simply log on to the official site and get it done in less time.

What is Sevana Civil Registration 2021?

As per the Kerala government, it is important that all kinds of government services are available online and thus be digitalized so the problem of que and even the time does not occur. Because of these reasons, the government has even released a new portal on which there are services such as the death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate which would be available online. This is one such initiative that was launched by the government which is called Sevana Civil Registration. It helps to save precious time of the state people and reduce the work of the government to a great extent.

Sevana Civil Registration Services List

At the  Sevana Civil Registration, you can avail yourself services such as:

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Issuance of Death Certificate

  • Issuance of Birth Certificate

How to Register for Sevana Birth Certificate

The process of registration for the Sevana Birth Certificate is quite simple. You must:

  • First, visit the official website of the Sevana Civil Registration is

  • Once you are at the homepage of the site, then you can click on the Registration of Births and Death section. 

  • Once this page opens, you can then see the form and select the birth report 

  • A clock on it that shall then take you to a new page containing the Birth Report Application Form in PDF Format

  • Now get the printout of this application form and fill it up well with clear handwriting

You will also have to enter other details such as:

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Father Name

  • Mother Name

  • Permanent Address of Parents

  • Parents at the time of the child’s birth

  • Place of Birth

  • Informant’s Name

  • House Address

  • Hospital-Institution Name

Once all the details are filled up, you then have to recheck it and then attach all the important documents needed with the form.

It is finally time to submit the form to the concerned department for further verification.

How to Search Certificate Online

You can even Search Certificate Online with the steps given below:

  • First, visit the official website of the Sevana Civil Registration 

  • On the homepage, you must then choose the certificate search option and then another page will open 

  • On the website homepage, you then must choose the option Certificate Search where another page will open 

  • On this page, you will be able to see the form that needs to be filled up with details like local body, district, and type 

  • Once all the details are filled up, press the submit button and status of death and birth registration 

Now you have to choose all the concerned year and the option that you had been looking for

  • Birth Certificate Status

  • Death Certificate Status

  • Marriage Certificate Status

Once the applicant chooses the death certificate of a certain year, then there will be a registration form that shall open. On this page, all the details like date of the death, gender, mother name, father name, and even deceased name should be entered.

The search button needs to be pressed and the status shall open on your device


This is one amazing option that the state government has come up with. It sure would save a lot of time for many people. However, the steps should be followed and all the documents must be handy while applying for any of the options. You can always speak with the team of technical support that shall be available for assistance and get your all doubts cleared. This registration process is simple and does not take time but you must know what choices are available and what is the primary motto of you to visit on the site. This would avoid maximum confusion and you shall focus more on the task to get done.

Questions and Answer:

What is the primary reason for Sevana Civil Registration Kerala Portal?

To issue birth/death/marriage certificates online is the main objective of the Portals

What is the right source to avail the services of Sevana Civil Registration Kerala?

Citizens can always refer to to avail of the services of Sevana Civil Registration Kerala

What All are the services that applicants can avail of in Sevana Civil Registration Kerala?

Applicants can avail of birth certificate, death certificate, a marriage certificate services online on the portal and save time.