Spice Money Login 2021 B2B


  • Spice Money is one of the largest Rural Fintech Companies in India & we have brought a transformative impact on digital, financial, and e-retail services across the rural and semi-urban regions. Having created more than 7 Lakhs and Rural Entrepreneurs (Adhikari's) and managed financial transactions worth USD 12 billion, they are growing at more than 150% year on year. The services benefit 100 million consumers and we are seen as one of the most trusted Rural Fintech companies in modern India.
  • As you all know that there are a lot of companies available in the market to provide a lot of portals and provide IDs for balance inquiries to withdraw money to do railway tickets for online transactions. But when it comes to Spice Money Login 2021 B2B, AEPS Agent Login portal, you must know that Spice Money is India’s portal of Best AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System) through which you can use the money transfer money withdrawal, PAN card, etc.

Spice Money Services

  • It has also gained recognition from the Reserve Bank of India. Spice Money is now continuing its services based on the license obtained by the RBI. It has also taken a BBPS license to provide good convenience to its users.

  • The services started by Spice Money have also started providing micro atm facilities. In this service, Spice Money is also going to provide an ATM facility to its users.

  • This company is also giving you bank facilities like RuPay Prepaid Card. Yes-Bank helps them in this work of Spice Money.

  • Whenever you want to go somewhere, you can book your tickets through Spice Money. The facility has now been opened to the general public due to its partnership with IRCTC.

Document Required for Spice money Retailer – Documents required to become an agent

  • Aadhar Card (Self Signed)

  • Pan Card (Self Signed)

  • Agent Passport size color photograph

  • Cancel Check

3 Way to Register Online For Spice Money Retailer & Distributor Portal

  • Website

  • Spice Money Agent/ Distributor

  • Customer care

Get Spice Money Retailer ID Through Website Registration

  • If you want to register Spice Money ID through “spice safar” the website, then you click on the link given below and a screen will open in front of you, here you have to write all your information and upload your PAN card and Aadhaar card.
  • And you have to upload your photo too and by ticking on the services given below you have to click on the submit button and here a reference number will be generated in front of you!
  • You keep it safe with you, within 24 to 48 hours you will get a call from the company and your information will be authenticated and then you will get your SPICE Money Agent User ID and Password.

Process of Application

You can register for the application through various means. An application can be done through the website, an agent, or the call center.

1. Detailed Procedure of application through the website

The procedure to apply for Spice money retail through the website is very simple.

  • First of all, go to the Spice Safar website https://b2b.spicemoney.com/.

  • A new form will open and you have to fill in all the information regarding yourself.

  • To upload the Aadhar card and PAN card now.

  • Also, upload your photo and after this, you will get a phone call from the company for your verification.

  • After you are verified, you will get the Spice money retailer ID. This is how you can get it done from the website

2. Process Of Application through the Agent

The process of application is very simple and can be done easily. For this, you need to find a Spice money agent for yourself.

How Can I Get the Spice Agent?

You can get to contact a Spice agent by contacting the nearest Spice distributor. Then you have to give several documents like a signed Adhaar card, signed PAN card,  photograph, email ID.

In this, you need to go to a Spice money agent. The Spice agent will then give you a form to fill and you need to fill the form, attach the documents and give it to the agent. The agent will apply on your behalf and let you know when it is done.

Applying through Customer care number

  • Now I will talk about how you can apply through the Customer care number.

  • Call at +91 120 3986786, +91 120 5077786.

  • You can also email [email protected].

  • You can ask the representative how to apply for this and they will guide you.

  • This is another way by which you can register for the spice money.

Spice Money Retailer id Through Agent / Spice Money Distributor

  • If you want to do Spice Money Retailer ID registration through your Android mobile, you will get Spice Money Distributor Whatsapp Group by clicking on the link given below and you can get Spice Money Retailer ID by contacting Spice Money Agent. !
  • If you do not want to choose any of the above two “spice safar” options, then you can call Spice Money’s customer care number and they will tell you how to get your b2b spice money retailer ID
  • And there you will be asked for all the information and they will themselves register your retailer from there and Spice Money Agent ID and password will be sent to your registered email id mobile number!
    • Spice money id
    • Spice money registration fees
  • In order to get the right Spice Money’s Retailer ID, you will have to pay Rs 299!
  • Through b2b spice money AEPS, you can withdraw up to 10 thousand rupees from any customer in a day!
    • Spice money customer care / Spice money contact number:  +91 120 3986786, +91 120 5077786
    • Spice money email: [email protected]
    • Spice Money Agent Login Link: You can Download Spice Money Merchant Android Application

Spice Money AEPS

  • To start this service offered by Spice Money, you have to log in to your Spice Money account. After login, you can use the facilities provided under AEPS such as – Financial transactions, POS (Point of sale), Microatm. With this, you are given the facility to transfer money to any bank at any time.
  • Through your Aadhaar card information, you can transfer money from AEPS. The benefit of this facility is provided to you after logging in to Spice Money. After today’s cashless facility, everyone now performs their financial activities through the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.


In today’s time, Spice Money is becoming very popular with its facilities. Spice Money has become quite famous due to the ratings given by agents and its users. Due to the services provided by Spice Money, the distance between common sellers and users has been reduced. This company has provided a lot of sari online services to its customers including banking services. Services provided by Spice Money are not provided by any other company. Therefore it has acquired such an important place among s users. To log in to Spice Money, you will need to submit an online form. The details you have to give along with the form. With its help, you can log in to a Spice account from your mobile and fill in your bills. In this, your privacy is protected.

Questions and Answers

How to login Spice Money B2B?

  • You can get your registration done by going to https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPagegogin.

  • Now you have to go to the official website and search for B2B.

  • On the page that opens, you will have to log in with your user ID and password.


  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and if agreed, OK the box is given below.

  • Now go to the main page by clicking on the login button.

  • In case of not being able to log in, you can reset your password.

  • To reset the password, you have to click on the reset password.

  • Once the password is reset, you can go to your account and take advantage of b2b services.

How do you use the Spice Money app?

  • Accept Payments from Customers (mPOS) and QR Code

  • You can let your customers pay you

  • using a QR code or an mPOS machine by swiping their card.

  • Alternative Available: Most UPI

  • apps let consumers transfer

  • money to you

  • using a QR code scanner

How to make the Spice Money Agent Login?

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website to do Spice Money Agent Login https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPagegogin.

  • Now you have to install the Spice Money application on your mobile.

  • After opening the application, you will get the option of Join Spice Money in it, click on it.

  • Now on the next page, you will have to enter your phone number and click submit.

  • Now the application will issue OTP for verification of your given number.

  • After entering OTP, click on the submit button.

  • Now on the next page, you will have to upload your important information like your shop name, a selfie with your shop, and a short video made by you.

  • Now you must check the terms and conditions and click on the submit button.