SSO Helpdesk

The Rajasthan government established the eMitra RajSSO Helpdesk, which serves as a one-stop shop for all citizen services. This includes UIDAI-issued IDs such as Aadhar and others. There are many various features and services available, such as Jan Aadhar, which is a version of Aadhaar that is solely available to Rajasthan residents. In addition to services, the portal offers Bhamashah, Udhyog for Business, and SPIF for government employees.

What is rajsso Helpdesk

  • The State Government of Rajasthan has introduced RajSSO Helpdesk, an online digital service provider. Rajasthan SSO ID Help desk eMitra Single Sign on login is intended to make it easier for citizens to take advantage of a wide range of services and initiatives under the auspices of Digital India. The RAJSSO ID is a one-of-a-kind identifier that allows you to use all of the services provided by the Rajasthan state government. Rajasthan Single Sign On (44) is a unique identity portal designed by the Rajasthan government with the purpose of providing online services through a single window. Under the Digital India Campaign, it works on the concept of service digitization.
  • UID/Aadhar numbers are no longer stored in the RajSSO Helpdesk system, as per the recent UIDAI policy. However, the Rajasthan State AADHAAR VAULT provides a Reference Number, which is saved and shown on the user's profile.
  • SSO ID (Single Sign-On Identification) has been launched by the Rajasthan State Government. The RajSSO Help Desk Single Sign-on Identity Portal brings together a variety of services for people, businesses, and government employees in one place.

Purpose of SSO helpdesk number

The goal of this programme is to provide people, businesses, and government employees with access to online services available in the state through a single site. People will no longer need to go; they will be able to access all online services from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to this sso iportal. d's Through the SSO ID scheme, the state of Rajasthan will progress, and the people of Rajasthan will become self-reliant and empowered.

Benefits of sso helpdesk contact number

  • People in the state can apply for any government job using this SSO ID.

  • You can pay your power and water bills with this SSO ID.

  • After obtaining an SSO ID help desk, you can register with a variety of government agencies, including e-mandi and the Right to Information.

  • You can register for Aadhar card, scholarship, business registration, Bhamashah, and other online services using the SSO portal.

Rajsso helpdesk list of services

  • SSO ID for Arms License

  • artisan registration

  • Attendance MIS

  • bank correspondence

  • Bhamashah

  • e-sakhi

  • e-Tulaman

  • GSP Consultancy, GST Home Portal

  • e-Library, e-Mitra and e-Mitra Reports

  • BPAS (UDH)


  • EbayBazaar, E-Devsthan, EHR, EID

  • E-learning, Electrical Inspectorate

  • business registration

  • challenge for change

  • CHMS


  • Boy

  • Higher Technical and Medical Education (HTE)


  • Integrated Health Management System (IHMS)

  • i start


  • job fair

  • Labor Department Management System (LDMS)

  • Local Self Government (LSG)

SSO helpdesk number and sso helpdesk email

Customer from Rajasthan, If you have any issues, you can call this SSO helpdesk contact number to get them resolved. Customer service may be busy at times, or you may need to explain your query more thoroughly, in which case you will need the SSO Helpdesk email address, which is included in the table.


SSO eMitra Helpline Details

Contact Helpline


Email ID

[email protected]

Helpdesk contact list

How to create or register sso id help desk

To register for the RajSSO helpdesk portal, follow these steps.

  • Follow the official website link . 

  • is the official website of the Rajasthan RajSSO portal.

  • There are two options on the Emitra SSO home page -> Registration and Login. 

  • If you are a new user, go to the “RAJSSO Registration” link. 

  • In Emitra SSO Registration, you must select one of the following options: "Citizen," "Industry," or "Government Employee." 

  • Emitra SSO ID registration Login with one of the following Login Credentials: "Bhamashah," "Aadhaar," "Facebook," "Google," or "Twitter."

  • Fill in the blanks and provide the beneficiary's mobile number, which is linked to his or her bank account.

  • When you upload a document, a rajsso ID will be generated during the registration process on the SSO portal.

Frequently asked questions

I'm unable to contact the Rajasthan eMitra SSO helpline. what to do?

You can call the Rajasthan eMitra SSO helpdesk number from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during normal business hours, although there will be a delay during COVID-19.

Who should I contact at Rajasthan eMitra SSO if I have a specific question or problem?

If you have a specific issue, query, or problem, I recommend visiting the RajSSO helpdesk page, which can be found here or at, where you can find their contact numbers and email addresses for your specific question, inquiry, or problem.

Is there any other way to contact the Rajasthan eMitra SSO helpline?

If you need to contact their customer service department, dial these numbers and extensions: 0141-2221424, 25, 0141-2820454. (Ext.-22214).

Is there any application fee for creating ssoid?

To apply on the RajSSO Helpdesk Portal Seva, you do not need to pay any registration fees. There are no fees associated with using any of the RAJSSO portal's services. The SSO Rajasthan portal's major goal is to create a transparent atmosphere between the general public and the government.

What is the procedure for changing the SSO password?

  • Go to SSO eMitra's official website

  • Select “Forget Password” from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter your Adhaar virtual ID or your registered cellphone number or email address.

What is the purpose of the E-Mitra Kiosk Service Portal?

EMitra kiosk is an online service platform that provides citizens with online services such as sso id application 2020 and Rajasthan SSO Id Help desk Registration Online 2020. Emitra centres are located in both urban and rural areas and reflect the digital India Model's notion of service digitization.

How can I delete an SSO ID?

Follow these steps to delete an SSO ID SAML Single Sign-On configuration:

  • Sign in to New Relic with your SAML SSO login URL.

  • Account -> Account settings > Security and authentication > Single sign-on from the New Relic menu bar.

  • Select Delete SAML Configuration from the drop-down menu.

  • To delete raj sso id, click the "OK" button at the prompt confirmation.

What to do in case you forget ssoid help desk number?

  • Select the document type that was submitted when the SSO Login application form was submitted.

  • Enter the document number as well as your registered mobile phone number.

  • SSO ID will now be sent to your registered mobile phone.