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  • Positions are nothing more than a scorecard in today's race for the best job, but a recruiting session that students and employers are happy with is rare, companies are dissatisfied because they don't succeed. The best deal is out of your pocket. But Superset is here to clean up the chaotic recruiting world. 
  • At its core, the Superset platform is Business to business enterprise placement automation software for universities for an end-to-end campus placement process. applications, post shortlists, schedule interviews, apply policies for reporting. 
  • Thus, in effect, a university registers on the platform and then provides registration information to all of its students to register on the platform throughout their careers.

Superset Activity News 

  • Superset brings tiles with jobs, employers, and students together on one platform. Students must enter credentials to upload their resume data in automatic format. The Location Tile Specialist will see a list of entries as well as take a close look at the student's profile. The profile includes a candidate's application for a job, an assessment, and a recruitment stage. 

  • Job managers can create job profiles based on eligibility requirements and criteria. Students can register for suitable jobs and receive notifications and alerts. Job managers can upload candidate resumes and the data they need to take the hiring process to the next level. 

  • Superset makes the platform easy for employers. Employers can log in and upload job profile requirements and invite students to work. The portal administrator allows recruiters to pre-check job applications and posts the status of their applications. The dashboard provides a complete list of actions and data analysis, so the portal lists stakeholder associations.

Procedure to register and fill the petition form of the Superset Portal Program  

Registration of the Superset Portal Program  

If the applicant wants to get registered then before doing that, they must first ensure that they are eligible for the program so that their time and money don't waste. If the applicant has ensured and confirmed that they're eligible then they can fill out the petition form so that they get registered for the program. 

Given below are the steps for filing the petition form: - 

  • Firstly, the applicant must visit the authorized address of the web portal of the Superset Portal

  • When the applicant visits the portals, on the homepage they would see that there are all the instructions and guidelines given on the cover page. The applicant can go through them and understand them before actually filling out the application form so that they can avoid mistakes. 

  • The person would be required to make an account if they're doing it for the first time then they need to sign up and for signing up the portal would ask the person all the crucial personal details about them such as their name, age, city, district, state, parent's name, phone number, email id address, school name, etc. After giving all that information the portal would send a one-time confirmation code to the phone number being provided by the applicant and the applicant must enter that code to proceed further. After entering the code, the person can set their password and now from the next time the person just needs to log in by entering the username and password which has been set by them previously at the time of registering. 

Online mode of filling the application form of the Superset Portal Program  

  • Firstly, the applicant must log in to the official portal address of the Superset Portal Program

  • For doing that the user must make sure that they're connected with a good quality internet connection and their internet doesn't lag. They can visit the portal from their devices such as laptops, computers, or phones.

  • The applicant must log in using their username and password which they set earlier at the time of registration. 

  • After logging in, the portal would open up and the user would be directed to the homepage of the program. 

  • The homepage would contain all the necessary information and guidelines and the user must go through them. 

  • At the corner, there would be a three-dot symbol and the user must click on it. 

  • A list of options contaminated in a table would appear on the screen. 

  • The user must go to the application form option and click on it.

  • After clicking on it, the user must specify their city, district, and state name. 

  • Then the individual must fill the application form by either typing out the details on the screen itself or by taking a printout of the form and then filling it. 

  • If the applicant has typed out the details on the screen, then they need to press the submit button and their form would be submitted. 

  • If the applicant has taken out the printout of the form, then they need to write the details manually and then take a photo of it and upload it on the portal then press the submit button. 

  • The application form would ask for details such as the name, residential area, qualification details, parents' name, phone number, etc. 

  • The address of the portal is

  • The user must also attach the required documents while filling out the application form. 

This is how the person can jot down the application form in the online process method. 

Offline mode of filling the application form of the Superset Portal Program  

The applicant can fill in the application form in the offline mode too and for doing that the step is given below: - 

  • Firstly, the applicant can visit the Superset Portal Program office physically. 

  • After reaching out to the office, on the reception the application must find the clerk. 

  • The clerk would provide them with the application form in a hardcopy way. 

  • The user then needs to fill the form there itself by providing all the asked crucial personal details. 

  • The user must also carry the documents with them and hand out the documents along with the form. 

  • The clerk would take up the application form and the procedure are done. 

This is how the user can fill the application form through the offline mode procedure. This mode is easy but is also time-consuming.

The procedure of tracking the status of petition form filled under the Superset Portal Program

  • If the person wants to track the status of their application, they need to open the official portal of the Superset Portal Program which is and click on Online Services. 

  • After that, the person needs to select the request Status option from the list. 

  • When they click the option of "request status", the electronic Ration card system portal will appear on their screen about the status of the application.

  • Now the person needs to enter all the required details, there is an option that they can choose, or they can enter the ration card number or confirmation number, but the rest of the data must be filled in in the registration form. 

  • Data such as mobile phone number needs to be mentioned and then the applicant has to select the activity and enter the security code. 

  • Finally, after providing all the details now the person can click the option of check status. 

  • The details of their application form will open on their screen.

Procedure to restore the forgotten password under the Superset Portal Program

After the consumer enrolls withinside the portal and gets their account call and password, they could log in at any second the usage of the one's factors, however, many human beings overlook their password. There is a manner to reactivate the password and create a brand new one, however, the individual has to first: -

  • First, open the portal of the website

  • After the portal's homepage has loaded, the portal will ask you for an account call and password earlier than proceeding.

  • "Forgotten password?" could be written in blue underneath the information box.

  • The consumer has to write the whole captcha.

  • The new web page could get loaded.

  • On that web page, the consumer has to offer factors consisting of their phone number, account id, and so on.

  • The portal will ship a one-time code to the enrolled phone number or the enrolled electronic mail to cope with the process as you have input the information earlier.

  • The individual has to then input the one-time code.

  • After the portal approves that code, they would have a lot of the latest passwords and now the person must remember the password for future reference.

Helpline contact of the Superset Portal Program  

If the person has any difficulties, then they can contact the Superset Portal Program department by dialling their helpline number. Given below are the helpline contact details of the Superset Portal Program which a person can have details about: - 

  • Firstly, the individuals can ring the number of the organization between 10 AM to 5 PM. The office clerk of the plus one trial department would attend the call and clear up the person's queries. The number is +91 70225 88707

  • Secondly, the person can check the portal of the program as all the details are mentioned in the portal and the portal also has the frequently asked questions section where all the common queries of the public are posted. The person can go through them and find their answer, the address of the portal is

  • Thirdly the person can also post a letter of the query to the office's address of the Superset Portal Program Policy. 

  • Lastly, the person can mail their queries at the authorized mail address of the Superset portal program. The address of the email id is [email protected] and [email protected]

These were all the helpline contact details of the Superset Portal Program the person can reach out to the department if they are facing any difficulty. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Superset Portal Program 

Question 1) What is a superset profile? 

Answer 1) Superset is a platform that enables universities, students, and businesses to interact in a way that simplifies campus placement and recruitment. 

Question 2) What is superset recruitment? 

Answer 2) Founded to consolidate and democratize India's graduate recruitment system, bringing students and employers together through university placement tiles on a common platform, Superset helps the university streamline its complex recruitment process and provides employers with a single gateway to access young college students. 

Question 3) How do I complete a superset profile? 

Answer 3) Start typing the name of your university and select the appropriate university from the list. Enter the name of your university. Enter your email address, it will be used as your login email every time you log into Superset after completing your profile.

Question 4) What is Superset's tackle General Data Protection Regulation?

Answer 4) At the onset, General Data Protection Regulation might also additionally appear intimidating making it tougher for software program businesses to get entry to consumer information. However, it additionally presents the issuer with a possibility to reconnect with their target market and make the brand-patron relationship. The take on this possibility is to tell customers of the statistics we gather and the way they use them and cause them to protect their rights which may be reassuring and build trust.

Question 5) How does General Data Protection Regulation practice to Superset?

Answer 5) When it involves the use of the platform with the aid of Superset clients, universities, employers, and students, Superset is both the Data Controller and Data Process and which means Superset.

Question 6) Superset's dedication to statistics safety and privateness?

Answer 6) At Superset, the trust in safety with the aid of using layout, which means that they've got constructed safety into the middle of their product and feature made it a key recognition place considering day one. Superset’s safety with the aid of using layout committee meets on a normal foundation to review, speak and put in force privateness ideas withinside the layout and improvement of the features, functionalities, and operations of the Superset. Superset’s safety with the aid of a layout committee consists of supervisor degree personnel from the product, engineering, and operations agencies collectively with Supersets privateness and safety teams.