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Google launched a new task app called Google Task Mate while we were busy earning free Google Play credits through the Google Opinion Rewards app. Google's Task Mate app is a task-based money-making app developed in India. In the Google Task Mate app, you can complete some simple tasks for which you will be paid Indian rupees. You can deposit funds directly into your bank account.

What is google task mate?

With the launch of its Task Mate App, Google has recently taken advantage of its reward system. Every Google Pay user can earn money by completing a few simple and easy tasks on their Smartphone devices using the app.

Different companies or business ventures can use the tasks to register on Google. This aids in the improvement of Google search results. Users of Google Pay, on the other hand, who complete such tasks successfully will receive payment from the app.

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Ttaskmaster Invitation code

The Google Task Mate App is currently in beta, and Google is using a Google task mate invitation code system to allow its users to take advantage of the app's features. As a result, you must wait for an invitation before using the app and earning money from it.

Assignment of Tasks

Following your acceptance of the invitation, Google will assign you a few simple tasks to complete on your phone. Field tasks and sitting tasks are two different types of tasks. You can also look for tasks near your location and complete them to begin earning money. After you've earned rewards, you can cash them out at any time.

Task Management

You can see the number of assigned tasks, the ones you completed correctly, the ones that are pending, the level of your completed tasks, tasks that are under review, and the earnings for completing each of your tasks as Task Mate App users.

Get Paid

You can cash out after completing a certain number of tasks and earning a certain amount of money by going to your Profile page and selecting Cash Out. The Task Mate App will send your earnings to a partner bank or an e-wallet service of your choice.

How to earn through google task mate referral code?

As the name suggests, this is a task-related app. You will receive account-specific surveys, which you must complete and submit for review. Once the Google Task Team has reviewed and approved your survey, you will receive reward cash for each successful task approval.

As per Google's official information, all task types are of this type:

  • Take a picture of a nearby eatery.

  • Answer questions about yourself in a survey.

  • Please help me with some English sentences.

You have the option of picking your favourite task or skipping it and moving on to the next one. You can complete the task at any time and from any location.

How to download google task mate apk?

Candidates can download and register for the Google Task Mate App by following the instructions below:

  • To begin, go to the Google Play Store and search for Google Task Mate Apk, or click here to download it.

  • To continue, download the Task Mate App and enter your email address.

  • Select a preferred language for this application, and then select a language to complete the task.

  • You must now enter the Working Referral Code from the list below.

  • The next step is to accept the agreement by clicking the Accept button.

  • Now you're on the Google Task Mate application's dashboard, where you can choose between Sitting Task and Field Task.

  • After completing the task, it will be reviewed. The amount will be directly deposited into the candidate's account after successful submission.

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Frequently asked questions

Why isn't my Google Task Mate referral code working?

Task Mate App's invitation code is a 6-digit unique code that can only be used three times. To put it another way, if you create a task mate account, you can only share your referral code / invitation code with three others. Then he'll tell their three pals about his referral code. As a result, the chain (network) continues to grow.

If you try to sign up using a referral code and it doesn't work. This indicates that the code has expired, and you will need to register a new account with a valid code. Remember that you do not need to enter any random numbers, or your device will be permanently prohibited.

How can I locate a valid google task mate app referral code?

A referral code can only be used three times at a time, as you may know. You can't sign up for Task Mate beta without an invitation code. On our website, you can discover new and working task mate invitation codes; we update this task mate invitation code list with new codes every day. All you have to do is keep checking back here, and you'll be able to effortlessly register a new account using the most recent referral code.

Do you have to be a certain age to register for the Google Task Mate App?

No, there are no age restrictions for registration. Candidates that are capable of using a phone can apply for this position.

Is it true that I can make money using Google Task Mate?

Answer: Yes, you may make money with the Google Task Mate application by doing easy tasks.

I no longer have any tasks. Is it possible to get more?

You are assigned jobs depending on your performance, which includes things like accuracy and whether or not you have previously broken any of our policies. You are given new tasks when your performance improves or as pending jobs are reviewed. You should be able to identify new tasks if a requester needs more work done and adds them to the site.

Why haven't my tasks been reviewed in days?

Tasks you complete are frequently evaluated by other Taskers to ensure that they are correct and of the acceptable quality. Tasks can take a few days to examine if there are no accessible Taskers who are allowed to do so. Tasks may take up to a week or more to be reviewed in certain circumstances.