The liquor industry is one of the leading industries in not only one country but the whole world. Millions of sales are achieved by the liquor company every year and that is why everyone is damn sure about investing in it in the first place. One such leading liquor company is TASMAC.  TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited) was incorporated specifically on 23rd May 1983 and since then, it has only seen higher and higher levels of success and accomplishments for sure. 

This company is owned by the Tamil Nadu Government itself. The registry office of tasmac is in Chennai that is accessible very effectively in not only Chennai, Tamil Nadu, or India, but the whole world. The export policies and facilities of this liquor company are also very strong with a lot of different types of offerings presented by the same. They can be named Beer, Wine, Foreign Liquor, Whiskey, Scotch, and a lot of other items. All these are available through the tasmac online app directly at your homes and that too at extremely affordable costs. 

Booking your order on an online medium is very easy nowadays because of the amazing delivery flexibility offered by TASMAC to all of its regular and new customers. There exist some steps that need to be followed to avail yourself of the tasmac app home delivery facility. These steps can be listed in specific details as follows-

  • Download the TASMAC application and install it on your mobile or laptop:

The first and most important step towards tasmac online booking is to download the official tasmac app and install it on either your mobile phone or your laptop. A Recommendation is to use this app on the mobile phone itself so that the visibility is much clearer and up to the mark. 

  • Sign up to Create your Account on the TASMAC app:

To create your account on the tasmac home delivery app, you should sign up for the same in the first place. This signing process is done either with the help of your mobile number or email ID. 

  • Select your Required Items and Add them to your Order Cart:

Select all of your required items from the ones available on the app and add all of them to your order cart. This process of online tasmac booking may take more time if you have not updated the app properly and that is why it is important to keep yourself updated on the application. 

  • Process the Payment and Confirm your Order:

Confirm your order by processing your payment after collecting all your required items in the cart. To process your order, you will have to proceed with your tasmac online sales by either paying through a credit/debit card or  any UPI app such as Google pay, PhonePay, etc. This will confirm your order and will start tracking the progress of your order immediately. Once the order is handed over to the delivery person, you will also be able to call them and keep track of the reaching of your order. 

Ordering liquor has become much easier with the help of TASMAC online delivery service and that is why the people who want to avail themselves of one of the best quality liquor brands in the whole world should undoubtedly choose the online delivery services provided by TASMAC at comparatively affordable and reasonable prices in the first place for sure. 


With the amazing liquor services of TASMAC provided to the customers till now, the online tasmac shopping property has added a special effect to its sales for sure. The rapidly increasing demand for  tasmac products has not changed its quality in the first place at all and this is the thing that surely attracts people the most. 

Therefore, availing yourself with the amazing facilities of good quality liquor will be available on an online medium for you and you will never have to worry about going out and buying anything for yourself in the first place, and that too without any doubt. 


  • Is the online ordering and delivery of tasmac reliable?

Yes, in this pandemic period when people should try and be as safe as possible, you can  trust Tasmac online delivery facility. It will book your order properly and make it reach you well in time as well. 

  • What are the different payment methods for tasmac online purchases?

For availing yourself of the tasmac online purchase services, you should be able to pay the bills in 2 different ways. TASMAC either accepts credit/debit card payments or UPI payments. It does not accept COD (cash on delivery) payments from the people. That is why only these 2 are the methods through which you can clear your billings for your orders, and that too in advance, i.e., before you get the delivery of your order. 

  • Can we track our tasmac online orders and talk to the delivery person?

Yes, online tasmac delivery is available with special tracking and calling features. Right from the collection of your order by a delivery person, you will be able to track them down and also call them in case of any change of direction that needs to be made. 

  • Is TASMAC legal or legitimate?

Yes, TASMAC is a legal or legitimate liquor company in Tamil Nadu. The legality procedures of this company are completed by the Government of Tamil Nadu itself and that is why it is the undertaking of the Tamil Nadu Government. 

  • Under which Act was TASMAC incorporated?

TASMAC was incorporated under the Companies Act of 1956 that approves the formation of companies by a registration process and by hiring special boards or officers for the company such as secretaries and directors. 

  • What is the range of spread of TASMAC?

TASMAC is spread all over Tamil Nadu surely like wildfire. Not only one district or region, but the whole of Tamil Nadu is now acquired by the amazing services and online deliveries of TASMAC. Also, these deliveries can be made inter-district or inter-state and that increases its reliability to a much amazing extent for sure. 

  • Who contributes to the capital of TASMAC either monthly or annually?

The entire capital of TASMAC, either monthly or annually is contributed solely by the Government of Tamil Nadu. This undoubtedly benefits both the company and the Government and brings amazing profit to both of them at the end of the day.