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Tata Consultancy Services Limited, or TCS, is a well-known firm around the world. It is a multinational company that provides IT services, business solutions, and consulting. TCS has around 387,000 people and operates in 46 countries around the world. TCS is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The majority of people aspire to work at TCS. According to the current situation, the number of employees is growing every year, making it extremely difficult for the company to manage a large number of people that work all over the world.

About tcs

  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited is a company that offers business solutions, information technology services, and outsourcing. As a result, they have a large number of personnel in each department. As a result, keeping track of all of the employees' information becomes quite difficult. As a result, the company built TCS Ultimatix, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, to minimise the complexity and handle a huge number of personnel. TCS Ultimax is a fantastic interface that can be used to manage your entire staff management system. It is Tata Consultancy Services Limited's official employee portal.
  • The majority of individuals are unaware of what an ERP portal is. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, and it is a type of business process management software that enables a corporation to use a system to manage the automated back office and business processes connected to human resources, services, and technology. Ultimatix provides a wonderful approach to managing services such as HR, salary management, timesheets, and more.

Tcs ultimatix changed to elxsimatix login

  • The web address for the TCS Ultimatix portal has been changed to https://www.elxsimatix.net/.
  • TCS employees may readily use Ultimatix, which is the company's official portal. It is an official portal, hence its original URL was www.tcxultimatix.com, however, it has been modified. The official website of the TCS Ultimatix portal is now http://www.elximatix.net/, after TCS changed the URL for the TCS Ultimatix portal.
  • Only the URL has changed; the content and theme of the new site are identical to that of the previous domain. Furthermore, the previous site's features and functionality remain the same, and everything is available under the new domain; nothing has changed. If you are a TCS employee who has already used the old website and is familiar with all of its features and functioning, there is no need to be concerned about this transition.
  • If you're worried about being able to utilise the portal with the new URL, don't be. Everything will remain the same. Furthermore, there isn't much of a difference.

Uses of TCS Ultimatix or ERP System

The ERP system can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Daily, the timesheet, as well as the details of the work, can be filled out.

  • The leaves can be requested, and supervisors will have the authority to approve or reject them using this management system.

  • Other TCS employees' information, such as the project on which he or she is working, his or her supervisor, email, and cell phone number, will be available.

  • The salary slips can be downloaded from the TCS Ultimatix portal.

  • Employees can access key papers such as appointment letters, joining letters, and increment letters by downloading them.

  • TCS employees can also see what chances are available to them within the company.

  • This portal will track your performance, which will be used in the promotion or salary increase process.

  • Employees can access the ERP site to manage their PF, VPF, and other allowances.

  • For any type of assistance within a company, one can quickly interact with HR or other team members.


Ultimatix now has a mobile app, so to take advantage of its features, you must first download it on your smartphone. If you don't know how to get the TCS Ultimatix touch app on your smartphone, follow the steps below:

  • To register the device, go to Smartphone >> Utilities >> Appmart in Android or iOS Smartphone >> iPhone.

  • The next stage is to become authorised and registered. When you've finished, you'll be able to see all of the applications that are accessible to download for your Smartphone, regardless of the device type.

  • You can now select the TCS Ultimatix app from the list of available downloads and install it with a single click.

Although downloading and installing software is fairly simple nowadays, this is an official TCS portal and application. As a result, the procedure for obtaining and installing this programme is slightly different. Following the instructions above, one can quickly and easily download and install the app.

Setup of the TCS Ultimatix login Authenticator App

Go to the TCS Ultimatix digitally connected portal and follow the steps to set up the TCS Ultimatix Authenticator App –

  • Visit https://uxapps.ultimatix.net/ for more information.

  • Ux Apps, the Enterprise App Store, is available for download.

  • Use your Ultimatix Username and Password to log in.

  • UX Apps are available for download.

  • After accepting the terms and conditions, install the TCS Ultimatix login Ux Apps.

  • Log in to your account and look for the Ultimatix Authenticator app.

  • Select the option to "Begin Setup."

  • Create a new login PIN after logging in.

  • Select the option to "generate auth code."

  • Copy the auth code and use it to log in with your username and auth code.

  • Login to TCS Ultimatix

TCS Ultimatix login PROCEDURE

  • Visit https://www.ultimatix.net/ for more information.

  • To log in, enter your username.

  • Please type in your password.

  • To log in, click the login button.

  • You'll be redirected to TCS Ultimatix's login page.

You can also log in using an auth code using the authenticator app. If you have a password, you can log in immediately with it.

Retrieve forgotten Username for TCS Ultimatix login

Use the methods below to get your TCS Ultimatix username:

  • Visit TCS Ultimatix's main page.

  • To get help, click the Need Help button.

  • Now, click the link that says "Retrieve Ultimatix account details."

  • Choose to Get Personalized Ultimatix Username from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the ‘Receive by mail' option from the drop-down menu.

  • Your employee number should be entered here.

  • Put your date of birth in the box below.

  • Send in your application and any additional information that is requested.

  • You will receive an email with your TCS Ultimatix Username.

Benefits of using TCS Ultimatix for employees

  • There are numerous reasons for an employee to use this portal, including the fact that it simplifies their work and allows them to manage all of their key tasks in one location. For example, instead of searching everywhere for an offer letter or a joining letter, one may just enter into their Ultimatix account and download it.
  • On the other hand, it is very usual in a company for each employee to be responsible for maintaining the timesheet and daily work, which requires a significant amount of effort. However, with the help of this portal, their job has become a lot easier. If you're not in the office and need to update your timesheet, don't worry; TCS Ultimatix's mobile application allows you to do so from anywhere and at any time.
  • This portal simplifies a company's work by allowing them to manage all types of employee activities through a single ERP site. To put it another way, one ERP system makes everyone's work straightforward. It allows you to manage a large number of employees' information through a single gateway. As a result, every TCS employee is required to use this ERP system, which is exclusively available to TCS employees. Other than TCS workers, no one else has access to this ERP portal's functions.

Ultimatix helpdesk

If you are a TCS employee who is having problems using the portal, you should contact the TCS Ultimatix helpdesk. There are two ways to reach out to the helpdesk: phone numbers and email addresses.

TCS Ultimatix Helpdesk Numbers

TCS Ultimatix India Toll-Free Number – 1-800-425-4827 OR 1-800-225-5827

TCS Ultimatix US Toll-Free Number – 1-877-827-4639

TCS Ultimatix UK Toll-Free Number – 0207-2458000

Voice: Buzz(VoIP): 500 5555 PSTN : 6060 5555 # / 022 – 25188155

Another number is – 1-800-425-2922 OR 1-800-209-3111

TCS Ultimatix Helpdesk Email

Frequently asked questions

What is the official TCS Ultimatix login website?

Ultimatix.net is the official website.

What if I'm unable to log in with my password?

You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Need Help' button. For that, you'll need to validate your account.

What if I have to file a Lost Token Report?

Select the option to report a lost token in the support section. Then, on the ‘Ultimatix – Report Lost' Token page, log in with your employee number and date of birth.