Telangana Registration Number Search


  • The government of Telangana has established an Integrated Grievance Redressal System and also the Official Website of Registration & Stamp Department where the focus is to help the citizens of the state to browse various services that are provided by the authority. Those who have been waiting for the Telangana registration number search can find the details on the official website. The service details are provided by the IGRS Telangana registrations portal. Applicants are advised to go through the website to avail of the services under the IGRS Telangana.
  • Those who have been looking out for the TS transport registration number search can get all the details with just one click. The scheme has been given by the government of Telangana for the people to gather all the details about different services such as Property Registration, Prohibited Property, Marriage Registration, Society Registration, Firm Registration, and Information on Chit Fund, etc. Before enrolling for the IGRS Telangana Registration there are some of the important points which must be cleared so that you can easily apply for the registrations.

IGRS Telangana

Those who have been looking out for the TS registration number search must also understand the role of IGRS Telangana. It is useful for the citizens and the government of Telangana. The online portal provides various facilities to the citizens. Some of the services that IGRS Telangana provides to its citizens are provided in this article.

Telangana RTO Details

  • Before understanding the TS registration number search, it is important to have the basic details of the Telangana RTO as well. As per Section 213 of India’s Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, the transport department of Telangana is required to enforce certain provisions.
  • These provisions include providing an efficient, safe, and economically viable transportation service to promote the effective movement of goods and passengers on the roads of Telangana.
  • In addition to these provisions, the Telangana transport department offers a range of services that promote the welfare of transport and safety in the State.
  • These include the issuance of a motor license, issuing of driving permits, and the registration of vehicles among other functions through TS-RTOs sprawled throughout the State.

Functions of Telangana Transport Department

The process of Telangana vehicle registration search is not a hassle if you know what exactly are the functions of the Telangana Transport Department

  • Collecting Fees: All fees associated with getting or renewing one's license, registering one’s vehicle, and more are collected by the transport department.

  • Registration: The transport department also functions as a place for getting a trade certificate, permanent or temporary registration of one’s vehicle, renewal or duplicate registration, address change, ownership transfer, no injection certificate, diplomatic vehicle registration, HP termination, or endorsement.

  • Penalties: Any prosecution and compounding charges are levied by the Telangana transport department.

  • Collection of Vehicular Taxes: The Telangana transport department is responsible for the collection of green tax, lifetime tax, quarterly tax, composite tax, border tax, co-signature tax, as well as looking into any tax exemption claims.

  • Driver’s License: Primarily, the Telangana transport department issues driving licenses for learners and permanent drivers. They also issue renewed, duplicated, class, and international driving permits.

  • Permits: Telangana transport department issues permits, renews, and reissues duplicates. This can be done for rickshaws, all varieties of taxi cabs, busses, private service vehicles, school buses, goods carriage permits, and more.

  • Issuance of Fitness Certificate: Issuing a fitness or temporary fitness certificate for a transport vehicle is also among the responsibilities of the transport department.

Role of IGRS Telangana Registration, Status Check Stamp Duty & Property Registration

  • IGRS also provides a service of online search of prohibited property in the state.

  • Provides e-Stamp services to the public.

  • It also shares information on chit funds.

  • Through IGRS, people can search the market value of the land property and TS registration search.

  • They can also search for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC).

  • People can gather all information on property, society, firm, and marriage registration.

  • Citizens can search their SRO (Sub-Registrar Office)

  • IGRS Telangana also provides information on notaries, stamp vendors, and Franking services.

  • Citizens can also share their feedback and grievance related to any matter be it TS vehicle registration search, Registration & Stamp Department of Telangana.

GRS Telangana Property Registrations

Applicants can refer to the steps that are required for the property registrations. The process is offline as the applicant has to visit the sub-registrar office for document verification and providing signature records in the office. The registration is divided into the following parts-:

Online document preparation procedure

  • The client needs to set up the archive to be enlisted utilizing the Public Data Entry framework and transfer required archives (as demonstrated in the agenda).

  • The client at that point needs to make an imperative installment through the online entry and book an opening for enlisting the record.

  • The client at that point needs to go to the Sub-Registrar office as per the space booked and present the archive.

Procedure at Sub-Registrar Office

After completing the first phase of registrations. The applicant will then have to report to the Sub-registrar office where the checklist of the procedures will be made.

Initially, there will be KYC of the applicant and all the documents presented by the candidates will be verified by the authority. After the verification, the documents will be uploaded to the official portal.

Applicants can view the property registration through the applicant dashboard on the homepage.

Know more about the Checklist

The checklist includes the list of documents that are needed for the property registered under the IGRS Registration and Stamp Department Telangana, Govt. of Telangana. Please refer to the official portal for more information associated with vehicle registration search TS.

Advantages of IGRS Telangana

  • IGRS facilitates transparency and thus helps in reducing corruption and fraudulent activities.

  • Citizens do not have to visit the respective department for various issues as these tasks can be solved through the IGRS Telangana portal.

  • IGRS Telangana is a good example of the use of information technology to facilitate good governance in the state.

  • Citizens can use this online platform for the redressal of their grievances and complaints.

  • It saves time and has also reduced the manual work.

Services List Accessible at IGRS

Given below is a list of services that are as accessible as the Integrated Grievance Redressal System of Telangana. Take a look and check out the complete list.

  • Know Your SRO

  • Firm Registration

  • Prohibited Property

  • Registration of Property

  • Certified Copy

  • Encumbrance Search(EC)

  • e-STAMPS

  • Department Users

  • Stamp Vendors/ Franking services/ Notaries

  • Market Value Search

  • Society Registration

  • Data on Chit Fund

  • Marriage Registration

  • Telangana transport registration number search

  • Dashboards


The Registration and Stamps Department Telangana also has an android application. This way citizens don’t have to rely on a desktop or laptop to open the Telangana IGRS portal. They can do it on their mobile phones. For that, they have to download an android application on their mobile phones, and after downloading it whenever they need they can use it.

Question and answers

How to Search for a TS Encumbrance Certificate (EC)?

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate plays an important role at the time of purchase or sale of a property (usually land, house, etc.). It is a document that contains all the legal and financial information about the property and acts as evidence that the property can be transferred without any litigation. Citizens can check to search for their E-Encumbrance Certificate on the IGRS system. They just have to follow the steps given below-

  • Visit the official website of Registration & Stamp Department, Government of Telangana i.e.

  • Click on the “Encumbrance Search (EC)” link under the head Online Services on the homepage.

  • An e-Encumbrance Statement will appear on the screen. Citizens have to read all the points and have to click the “Submit” button.

  • On submitting the e-Encumbrance statement, a search page will appear.

  • Citizens will be two search criteria viz. search by Document No. and Search by Form Entry. They have to select one option and have to enter the year of registration. 

  • You can also Search by Document No.

In this, they have to simply enter the first letter of their SRO name/ code and click the “submit” button, and the e-Encumbrance certificate will appear on screens.

  • The option to Search by Entry Form is also possible

If citizens select the entry form option then they have to fill a form. In this form, they have to fill buildings/Structure, land, and SRO details in the space provided and have to submit the details. After submitting the details, they can see EC on their screens.

How to Get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online?

Applicants looking to avail the IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Certificate online can refer to the steps provided below. The certificate can be availed online through the Telangana MeeSeva portal.

  • Firstly, the applicant has to visit the official portal of the Telangana MeeSeva portal

  • After this, the homepage of the official portal will flash on the screen.

  • Candidates will then have to click on the Application Form. 

  • Under this tab search for the registration links for the certificate.

  • Click on the Encumbrance certificate and start filling in the details asked in the application form.

How to Know Your SRO?

Sub-Registrar Office (SRO) is an important part of the Registration & Stamp Department as it is responsible for handling all the registration-related data.  In case a person in Telangana is not aware of the SRO falling under his jurisdiction then he can take help of the IGRS portal. He needs to follow the simple procedure shared below to know his SRO-

How to get e-Stamps through

  • Initially, applicants have to open the official IGRS portal.

  • Scroll down the homepage and you will see the “e-Stamps” link. 

  • Hit that link. On the next page, details of e-stamps will be presented on your screen. 

  • Fill details in your respective stamps and register.