Telangana Treasury

Since its inception, the Digital India program has been gradually but steadily implemented throughout India. One of them is treasury and accounting. When it comes to the treasury and accounting department, however, the Telangana government is the first to go digital.

IFMIS Telangana treasury is being updated regularly to give transparent and timely services. Ts Treasury has begun working online to improve efficiency in providing services to the people. Services for this Directorate of Treasury and Accounts have been made available online by the Office of State.

What is ts treasury

In the Treasury Administration, the Treasury and Accounts Department performs a critical role. In Telangana, the Treasury Department is one of the most important links between the Finance Department and the District Treasuries. Treasury management is becoming a considerably more difficult undertaking at the moment, as the government's expenditures are expanding much faster than its revenue sources.

The following are some of Ts Treasury key new initiatives:

  • Implementation of the Treasury Audit System

  • Pensions are paid through banks.

  • GPF (General Provident Fund) Accounts Maintenance

  • Employees upgraded the paper token system, among other things.

The ts treasury department has created IMPACT (Integrated Management of Pay and Accounts and Treasuries), an integrated software suite aiming at computerizing all treasury processes. The treasury department of the ts aids in the provision of the following services.

  • Passing of bills

  • Reconciliation

  • Lapsed Deposits under PD Account

  • AC Bills and DC Bills

  • Government Receipts and Expenditure

  • Maintenance of Class IV GPF

  • Electronic payments

  • Pension payments to 3.4 lakhs existing pensioners along with new pension cases

  • Electronic transmission of scrolls

  • e-Kuber for Salaries, Pensions, Rythubandhu, Kalyanlakshmi, Budgetbills, Milk, Scholarship bills

Functions of ts treasury

The following is a list of all the functions done by the Tg cyber treasury:

  • It manages the budget and regulates spending.

  • Maintain budgeting, payment, and accounting system that is efficient, reliable, and responsive.

  • E-governance innovations.

  • The Treasury Directorate clarifies and regulates CPS's key functions.

  • It releases budget authorization for several departments.

  • The chief controlling officer's job is to oversee the budget and pension plans for the Treasury Department.

  • Cadre management and inspection of accounting and treasury branches are part of its administration.

  • It is crucial in the installation and interpretation of IFMIS in the accounts and Treasury Departments.

  • Create new audit paradigms that increase transparency and accountability.

  • The PRC has been fixed on the Cyber Treasury website.

  • Visit the Cyber Treasury website to fill out an online challan entry form.

  • The TG Cyber Treasury Website is available to DDOs.

What is ifmis Telangana treasury

  • The IFMS Telangana treasury portal is accountable for more than just providing its users with financial and accounting information. However, through the Ts treasury funds, they also oversee all fund transactions and finances that occur within the state.
  • From the standpoint of the government and employees, this is one of the primary justifications for its implementation.
  • With its extensive reporting, the IFMS Telangana treasury allows the government to keep track of and record the operation of its finances.
  • Employees working in any of the state's departments will be able to visit a portal to verify their pay information, loan amounts, and salary slip information.

Ifmis Telangana treasury login process

If you've already registered with IFMS Telangana treasury, the steps below will guide you through the IFMIS TS login procedure.

  • Go to and look for the User Login site.

  • Enter your username and password in the User Login section.

  • fill in the captcha from the image

  • To access your IFMS ts treasury account online, click the sign-in button.

How to check bank details in tg cyber treasury

To view bank-by-bank details in Telangana Treasury, applicants must complete the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Ts treasury

Step 2: On the home page, select the ‘'cyber treasury" option.

Step 3: Applicants must select the ''bank-wise details" option under the cyber treasury option.

Step 4: Applicants must then enter the month and year.

Step 5: Finally, click the ‘'submit" button for Treasuries and Accounts.

Check payslip on ifmis Telangana treasury

Using the methods below, you can locate your Telangana employee payslip by entering your employee code or account number.

  • Go to payslip to access the payslip portal.

  • Choose between "Employee Code" and "Account Number."

  • Enter either the employee code or the employee bank account, as well as the picture captcha.

  • When you click the search option, your payslip will be shown month by month and year by year for you to download in PDF format.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if the IFMIS phone number is missing and I get a contact DDO error?

If you encounter this issue when trying to locate your payslip using your employee code, It indicates that the phone number is missing. You must contact your HR department via employee Masters to edit your phone number before you may access your payslip online.

In IFMIS Telangana, how do I change my phone number?

You can modify your mobile number in IFMIS Ts by going to HR > then selecting Employee Masters portal, where you can alter your number.

Is it possible to get the status of Ts treasury Bills on the IFMIS Telangana portal?

The Telangana Treasury bill status may be seen on the official Telangana Treasury website, Only employee-related finances are accessible through IFMIS Ts, not treasury-related finances.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Ifmis Salary Payslips That Can Be Downloaded Online?

The IFMIS TS official payslip portal at payslip can be used to obtain an IFMIS salary payslip online. The payslip can be downloaded indefinitely. Along with the captcha code, enter the employee code or employee bank account number. To get the payslip results, click on search.