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The government of Tamil Nadu has been coming up with different launches of the scheme that are said to be quite beneficial for society. It is not just the society but also the nature upliftment and the people development on which the state focuses. This time the government has launched a new scheme called the TN labor registration 2021. It has been made for the state workers. If you are not aware of this scheme but you find this option quite fascinating then certainly this is the right place where you have landed up.

Know more about TN labor registration

The Government of Tamil Nadu has come up with an online portal of the labor department. On this portal, you will find all the updates made on the different schemes that are associated with the labor only. this would make it quite easy for people to take all the latest updates. The portal is focused more on the labor class people organization in which the government has agreed to offer financial assistance. As per the official date, nearly 27 lack of laborers made their registration in the seventeen board of welfare.

With this site’s help, the government has managed to offer the amount of 1000 INR as financial support and would give dry ration twice a day to the registered laborers of Tamil Nadu. The labor department commissioner Shri R. Nanthangopal has made an announcement for issuing the short card membership to a certain group of people who are already registered on such an online portal

The purpose of the portal

The authority of the Tamil Nadu state has come up with this website to offer better guidance and help to those poor people who are not able to live a better livelihood. In the crises of lockdown and covid, there are so many people who did not even get any kind of work which eventually made them starve to death due to hunger. Considering all such scenarios, the government has finally decided to arrange a portal by which such people can get help without any need of going anywhere.

Such a portal offers the TN Labour Registration 2021 Application Form that also aims at saving the time and money of the people. These two things have a great impact on saving people's lives and this is pretty much clear after seeing the hectic lifestyle which we are living up. The person can apply from any location at convenience for different schemes and avail the advantages associated with it. The portal has also been designed for labor and hence it is possible for those sections of people to see all the updates associated with the welfare of the Labor Department.

Benefits of TN Labour Portal

  • As we have now understood the purpose of launching this portal with a Labour Registration Application Form, suffice it to say it is important to even have clarity on what advantages can a person avail from such a portal and the schemes associated with it.

  • There will be financial assistance that the government shall get with help of different schemes. This would make sure the people food security would always be there and no one will starve to death

  • There will be maximum families members who would be able to avail the advantage of such a portal and the schemes that the government has come up with

  • Since this portal is quite easy to navigate, it is only one time when you must put some effort into learning it. To make the process even easier you can find further details on the portal

  • As you use this portal, it would be convenient for you to save transportation costs and time. 

  • The portal also reduces the risk of getting in contact with other people which in this academic crisis has become a common need.

  • There have been more than 12 lakh people who already are taking advantage of such schemes. It even has turned out to be the financial relief in the covid 19 crises since many people have lost their job and faced hunger concerns.

Eligibility Criteria TN Labour Scheme

The portal of the TN Labour Registration Application Form is designed only for the labor unorganized section people who need to get financial assistance and food security on a regular basis. However, for such scheme and portal services, there is an eligibility criterion that has been set. That is why before you go ahead and apply for the scheme understand whether you can fit in the basic standard for the scheme. The official notification states that the candidate must be a resident of the Tamil Nadu state and must be registered on the official portal of the TN labor. 

Document needed

Once the eligibility criteria fit in the following documents should be submitted along with the application process which are:

  • Voter ID

  • Ration card

  • Mobile number

  • Driving license

  • Aadhar card

  • Passport size photograph

How to register a user In TN Labour Portal

There are some official guidelines that need to be flowed for the registration. This includes:

  • You need to first visit the official site of the Online Labour Department 

  • You can see a login option where you must opt for the new user registration 

  • There will be a new page that would open on the screen 

  • On that page enter all the details such as:

  • Gender

  • Age, name of the applicant

  • Contact Info,

  • Identification Proof

  • Details of the Ration Card

  • Valid Email address

  • Address details

Once all the details are entered your mobile will be verified as they shall send you the verification code. Enter the code in the box on the site once you get it on your phone. 

Once the number is verified, it is time for document uploading. 

On the next page to have to make a new password and confirm the same by re-entering it again

Now click on the option of registration 

Once the registration process is finished, you can then go ahead and log in.


With the launch of this impeccable portal that the state government of Tamil Nadu has launched on account of Covid 19, there is no doubt that the least workers section can get food and home security in such cries. Earlier as well the government has come up with Rs 1000 and even the drought rations to the unorganized section of the workers who were registered on such portal.

Question and answers

Is there any way to renew a Labour card in Tamil Nadu?

You can do so by simply completing the registration form at where you can renew the labor card online in Tamil Nadu

What exactly is Tamil Nadu Labour Department?

This department has come up to serve the maintenance purpose for industrial harmony and peace. The department shows a regular intervention with industrial settlement disputes.