Tneb Bill Payment Status

Who wants to go out and stand in lines for hours just to pay their electricity bill? You can now pay your TNEB bill online or through a mobile app, saving both time and money. Pay bills for Coimbatore, Erode, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Trichy, Vellore, and Villupuram in Chennai North, Chennai South, Coimbatore, Erode, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Trichy, Vellore, and Villupuram. Tangedco portal offers you the safest and quickest way to pay your TNEB bill.

Why would you waste time going out to pay your TNEB bill when you can pay your TNEB bill online in minutes?

You can now pay your TNEB bill online without any hassle. You can go directly to TANGEDCO's official website and make a payment using online payment methods. Now you can relax at home and take care of the necessary tasks at your leisure.

What is tneb bill status

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) is a power-producing and distribution company owned by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO), which is part of the Tamil Nadu Government in India. It was established as a directed imposing business model under section 131 of the Electricity Act of 2003, superseding the previous Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. In terms of the number of buyers, it is the country's largest State Electricity Board.

On July 1, 1957, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) was established, with a total subscriber base of 279.27 lakh. TANGEDCO, a subsidiary of TNEB, generates and distributes electricity in Tamil Nadu, with a capacity of 18,732.78 MW.

The official TNEB site is, which is given by the Tennessee government. You may get a reading of your power bill to assist you to pay it on time and online. However, to access the web portal, the applicant must have a consumer service number and a registered cell phone number.

What is tangedco mobile app?

Consumers can use the TNEB's official mobile app to access all of their electricity and make payments. Download and instal the TANGEDCO mobile app from your play store or App store. Open the app to get all of your electric information online at any time.

TNEB new user registration procedure

Follow the steps below to register as a new user on the TNEB portal.

  • Visit the official website of TNEB 

  • Or follow this link -

  • Then click on the New User option

  • Now select the Existing service connection number and then tap on the enter button. 

  • Then select your region of residence and enter the 10 digit Consumer number. 

  • You will find the consumer number on the first page of your EB card.

  • Next click on check details.

  • You will be taken to a new screen where you will find your details and address.

  • If everything is correct then click on confirm then submit.

  • You will receive a confirmation email to the registered email id upon successful confirmation.

Tneb bill status check online

Follow the steps below to check the reading details on the online portal of TNEB.

  • Go to to access the official TNEB website gateway.

  • To continue, select the Account Summary Page from the menu.

  • Choose your TNEB region on the internet and type in the customer service number.

  • Before submitting the online form, enter the mobile number for the EB reading and the captcha code.

  • The following information will be displayed on the screen in addition to the EB reading: name and address, service number, bill status (such as amount owed), and so on.

Tneb reading details login process

Follow the steps below to log in and check the reading details.

  • Consumers should go to, which is the official website.

  • Go to the EB TNEB option on the menu.

  • Then click the login button after entering your official login id and password.

Tangedco bill status

Proceed with the steps below to check the TNEB reading details on the TANGEDCO app.

  • Go to the TANGEDCO official website,,  or app.

  • Click on the billing service tab from the menu.

  • In the billing services section, next to the option bill status.

  • To continue, enter the customer service number listed on your statement.

  • Select a residential area from the drop-down menu and enter the captcha code.

  • The EB bill status will be displayed on the screen by the system.

How to pay TNEB bill online

If you want to pay your TNEB electricity bill online, you must follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit TANGEDCO's official website

  • Click on the ‘Online Payment Service' link on the main page.

  • You'll be redirected to a different page.

  • Click on ‘Login' after entering your username and password. After that, you'll be able to access the portal. By selecting ‘My Bills,' you may examine your electricity bill. You can complete your electricity bill payment by clicking on ‘Quick Pay.'

  • You'll be taken to a new page where you may select your preferred payment method for the bill amount created. You can also input a different quantity than what's on your statement.

  • Once you've decided on a payment method, fill out the required information and click 'continue.' You will be directed to the payment gateway section, where you must follow the on-screen instructions to pay your electricity bill.

  • You will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number and an email on your registered email address once you have paid your bill. In the portal's 'My Bills' section, you may also see if your bill has been paid successfully.

How To Pay Tneb Bill Online Through The App

You can also pay your electricity bills by downloading the TANGEDCO mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The following are the methods to pay using the TANGEDCO mobile app:

  • On your phone, instal the TANGEDCO app.

  • Allow the app to make and handle phone calls when you first open the app.

  • You must also give the app permission to view your phone's photographs, media, and documents.

  • Click on ‘Login' after entering your username and password.

  • As a PIN, you will be prompted to provide a four-digit number. In the next step, confirm your PIN by entering the four digits.

  • After logging in, you can update your profile by submitting the requested information to TNEB.

  • You can then go to the app's home screen page after editing your profile.

  • To pay your electricity bill, select ‘Quick Pay' from the drop-down menu.

  • You have the option of paying the amount shown on your bill or any alternative amount.

  • Select your preferred method of payment.

  • Fill in the information for your payment method. You'll be redirected to the payment gateway page. To finish the payment, follow the remaining instructions.

  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered cellphone number, as well as an email to your registered email address.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about TNEB bill status, registration and online bill payment process. Have a look at these to clear all your doubts.

How can I check the status of my TNEB electricity bill online?

Go to TANGEDCO's official website and click on billing services. Then select Bill Status from the drop-down menu. Enter your service number and your resident area on the same page. To check the TNEB amount, fill in the captcha.

How do I alter my TNEB cellphone number?

Click on the mobile number change form on the TNEB website, choose the region code, enter your TNEB consumer number, and receive your most recent bill payment. Input the preceding bill's payment date as well. Then type in the phone number you want to update and hit the Submit button.

 How do I get my TNEB account activated?

To activate your TNEB account, go to the TNEB official website and click on the new user register here on the first page. On the next screen, enter your service number, then select LT or HT connection and fill in the relevant information, such as name, consumer number, region, and so on, before clicking to register now to complete your registration.

What is TNEB's ACCD?

ACCD stands for Additional Current Consumption Deposit. This deposit is (Refundable) and can be referred to as a 'Consumption Deposit' in simple terms.

How can I add a consumer number to the TNEB database?

Visit the official website and click on add consumer number on the home page, then fill in your information such as region, phone number, and so on, before adding your consumer number and clicking submit.

My transaction did not go through. When I try again, it says it has already been paid. So, what should I do now?

In this scenario, the transaction is broken, and it will be automatically rectified within three working days. Do not attempt to make a payment for the same service number if the sum has already been deducted from your bank account. Contact the board via the customer service numbers if you have any questions or concerns.

Is it possible to pay for several services? Is it possible for me to pay for the owner, tenant, relative, or friends?

Yes, you can pay for many services at the same time. All you have to do is enter their consumer numbers into your profile, and you'll be able to complete the transaction.

Is there a bill calculator I can use to figure out what kind of bill I'll get based on my usage?

Yes, you can use the TANGEDCO bill calculator, which is available on the company's official website. Tariff check, billing cycle, contracted load (if applicable), consumed units, and KVAH is the details you'll need to enter (if required). When you click 'calculate,' you will be able to see the bill that will be generated based on your usage.

What is the best way for me to update my address?

To have your address changed or amended, you must go to the local section office with valid proof of address.

Is it possible to pay the fines online?

 If you don't pay your bill on time, the electrical board will cut off your power. If your connection is still live, you can log in to the customer site and make your electrical bill payment, including the penalty payment. In the event of disconnection, you must complete the payment at the nearest section office.