TNPDS Smart Card Status Check Online

The government is issuing new TNPDS smart cards to citizens as part of the state's PDS system digitization programme. The government is converting old ration cards into new smart cards so that it can have better control over the ration system.

Tnpds smart ration card

With the digitization of all PDS operations, the system has transitioned from a manual to an automated state, which is a significant achievement. The automation of the PDS system in state facilities increases the department's transparency, visibility, and accountability to the public.

Residents of Tamilnadu can choose from four different types of digital ration cards. The following is a list of the various types of ration cards: -

  • Rice and other commodities are purchased with Light Green cards from Fair Price Shops (FPS).

  • White cards are given out if the sugar quota is exceeded by 3 kg.

  • People who are not entitled to draw any commodities from ration shops are given a no commodity card.

  • Police officers up to the rank of inspectors are given khaki cards.

Benefits of smart ration cards

The introduction of the smart ration card in Tamilnadu will achieve the following goals:

  • It will be impossible to carry out fraudulent practices.

  • The resident's information will be verified.

  • The conversion will save money on paper.

  • The cost of printing and distributing ration cards will be avoided.

  • The ration card will be distributed online, which will save time.

  • Residents will now only need to apply for a ration card online, which will be more convenient and less time-consuming.

  • Residents will benefit from the implementation of a digital ration card because it will provide transparency.

How to check smart ration card status online?

Applicants who have successfully registered for a smart ration card can check the smart ration card status for tnpds application tracking at any time. They can check the status using an SMS service, a mobile app, or an online portal. They must follow the simple steps outlined below to check the application status via the online portal:

  • They should go to TNEPD’s official website

  • They must now click on the link that says "Smart Card Status Check"

  • Applicants must enter their valid registration number on this page.

  • The status of the application will be displayed on the screens. Candidates can call the helpline number if they need more information.

How do I file a complaint through the TNPDS Portal?

Citizens can also use this portal to file a complaint if they have a problem with the smart ration card application or any other issue.

They can use the following procedure to file an online complaint:

  • They must first go to the official website

  • They must now select the “Register a complaint” option on the portal's left-hand side.

  • They must fill out the complaint registration page with their name, phone number, email address, and a description of the complaint before submitting it.

Citizens can check the status of their complaint and provide feedback after it has been successfully submitted. They must go to the same complaint page and follow the aforementioned steps to check the status and send feedback.

To file a complaint, go to:

TNPDS Text Messaging Service

Tamil Nadu's automated PDS also offers SMS services for three purposes: finding out whether a commodity is available at a ration shop, filing a billing complaint, and finding out whether a ration shop is open or closed.

Each service has its own set of codes. Citizens must type the code and send it to 9773904050 using their registered mobile phone number.

The following is a list of codes and their descriptions:

  • PDS 102- availability of commodity at the ration shop
  • PDS space> 101- ration shop status (open/closed)
  • PDS space> 101 - Billing Complaints

TNPDS Smart Ration Card Customer Service Phone Number

Citizens can contact the following help desk numbers if they need assistance with their smart card:

1967 Or 1800-425-5901

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of TNPDS ration cards available in the state?

Citizens with any of the four types of ration cards are eligible to apply for the smart card.

Who is eligible for TNPDS SMS services?

Only citizens who have registered are eligible to use the service.

What is the procedure for filing a complaint?

The complaint can only be filed by a registered citizen.

What are the advantages of becoming a registered user?

A registered user has the ability to:

  • View ration card details

  • View family member details

  • View address

  • View aadhaar no. of family members

  • View and raise a new grievance

  • Check entitlements and transaction details

  • Provide feedback

  • Whenever necessary, make changes to the ration card online.

What if you have a TNPDS ration card but your phone number isn't listed?

In this case, they should call the helpdesk at 1967/1800-425-5901 to register their phone number.

What can a citizen do if he does not want to buy a PDS product?

Citizens in this situation can convert their card to a "No Commodity Card." This service is also available via the internet.

How do you check for Tnpds smart card status online?

The official Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System (TNPDS) website,, allows you to check smart ration card status online. Simply go to the tnpds website and follow the steps mentioned above in this article for the tnpds status check.