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Every state in India has a government department that deals with the food supply and other requirements of the public that suffer from the problem of lack of monetary power. In Tamil Nadu, this department is maintained by the Public distribution system or TNPDS. This Indian food security system is a part of the consumer affairs Food and Public Distribution of the government of India. They validate and govern the flow of food grains and other edible items to the common masses that are eligible for the distribution under the categories of Smart ration card Tamil Nadu.

What is Smart Ration Card?

TNPDS Smart card is the new and improvised technique that is used by the food and supplies department to allot the permission to those who are eligible to avail these benefits. The main function of the smart ration card is to offer the power to avail the food grains and other essentials. Databases are created with all the essentials and details regarding those who are eligible for the benefits and when smart ration card are scanned at the ration shop or fair distribution shops, all the details open up and it makes the task of distribution simple and free-from corruption.

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TNPDS was introduced to promote corruption free distribution as in past, ghost cards or fraud entries were done in order to commit bogus claims and illegal distribution of claims. This not only is a great crime as many people are facing the issue of not being able to get anything to eat but also these frauds are causing a huge burden to the government itself as they have to provide more than what they have available funds for.

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Check TN Smart Ration Card Status

Once you complete the registration of the TNPDS smart card, your information goes under the process of verification. So, it is important to keep a check of your TNPDS smart card application status. This should be done on a timely basis. You can check the status using the TNPDSmobile application, SMS service or by simply visiting the official TNPDS website.

How To Check TNPDS Smart Ration Card Status Online?

So, following are the steps with which you can track the TNPDS smart card application status online using the TNPDS website:

Step1: Firstly, all you have to do is to visit the official website of the TNPDS which is


Step2: Now, on the homepage of the official website choose the language which is native to you, you can choose between Tamil and English


Step3: Check for the title ‘Smart card Application services’ and click on the option of ‘Smart Card Application status


Step4: Now, simply fill the box under the heading of Reference Number, this mobile number should be the same as the number you would have used for registration.


Step5: Once, all the above-mentioned steps are completed correctly, this page will display the TNPDSsmart card Application status. For those who require more information regarding the application status or have any other queries of the same, they can contact the officials directly via the helpline number which is mentioned on the bottom of this web page.

How to apply for a smart card in Tamil Nadu?

Since the introduction of the technology of smart cards, applying for one in Tamil Nadu has become quite an easy task. So, Following is the step by step procedure of applying for a TNPDS online registration of smart card in Tamil Nadu:

Step1: First and foremost, you have to visit the official website of Tamil Nadu public distribution system which is


Step2: On the website, the original language of the contents is Tamil, you can change the language as per your desire.


Step3: Now, go under the Smart Card Application Services, look for the button saying ‘Smart Card Application


Step4: On this webpage, you can choose between two options that are ‘New Smart Card Application’ and ‘Old Card Enrollment


Step5: Now, you are supposed to fill all the details such as Name of Family Head, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Address of the applicant etc.


Step6: After completing these details, upload the photo of the Head of the Family and proceed on to filling the details regarding District, Taluk, Village and mobile number.


Step7: Fill all the options regarding the details of the family members, once done check the options for Gas connection and tick on the declaration box, and at last submit the registration form.


Step8: Now, you will receive the reference number with which you can check the status of the ration card and this concludes the application process.

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What is the Helpline number for TNPDS Smart card?

In order to make sure that no user suffers from the lack of information, the government of Tamil Nadu has offered a helpline number for the TNPDS online Smart card. On this helpline number, you can contact the professionals who will assist you in satisfying you with all the question or queries that you will have on your mind. The helpline number of TNPDS smart card is 1800-425-5901. This helpline number will create a direct connection of the user with the help desk person. This automation of the TNPDS system has made the whole department more visible and the queries or problems of the users are sorted quickly and efficiently.

How are the Smart cards produced?

Smart cards are the latest add on to the department of TNPDS. With this technology, the department has become more efficient as it has put the corruption off by a great deal. The production of the smart card is quite a bit complex. Unlike the old paper cards, smart cards are made out of plastic and also carry a communication chip that carries a great deal of information within itself. The chip is fixed at one point of the plastic card when the card is swiped in the machine, all the details that are fed in the electronic chip of the smart card are connected to the online database and the entry is made on the database itself. Thus, the manual checking or allotting the grains and other material is not in the picture anymore.

What are the advantages of TNPDS Smart Ration Card?

There are a lot of benefits that come along with the TNPDS Smart Ration Card. Following are some of the many benefits that a user will enjoy with the usage of TNPDS Smart ration card:

  • The User can view the ration card details with just a swipe and on the online database too
  • The details related to the family members of a smart cardholder can be easily accessed
  • It can also be used as an address proof
  • The aadhar card status is also linked with the smart card so you can also access the aadhar details with it
  • PHHA Smart cardholders are allowed to avail 35 kg of rice + several other commodities like Toor dal, Sugar, Wheat, Urd dal etc.
  • NPHH Smart cardholders are allowed to avail 20 kg of rice + several other commodities like Toor dal, Sugar, Wheat, Urd dal etc.
  • NPHHS Smart cardholders are allowed to avail only sugar

How to update the TNPDS Smart Ration Card?

Updating the TNPDS Smart Ration card is quite easy. Following steps will help you to update the smart card:

Step1: First you have to visit the official website of TNPDS by clicking on the following link


Step2: On the website, the original language of the contents is Tamil, you can change the language as per your desire.


Step3: Now, you have to enter your registered mobile number in the box and also, fill the Captcha code correctly, once done, click on the submit button sitting right next to the captcha box.


Step4: You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number, enter it in the box and proceed with complying any changes or updates that you wish for.

Step5: Add the photograph of the head of the family in the required section and click on the submit button to complete the form.

Step6: This will complete the process of updating the TNPDS ration card. Also, you will receive a reference number with which you can check the status of the update anytime you want.


With the introduction of Smart card in the Tamil Nadu Public Distribution system {TNPDS}, the procedure of all the steps have become pretty easy to complete and all the users can save the time of going from one office to another.