UMANG App Download

The UMANG App was launched by our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in November 2017. The UMANG app was designed to combine all the services provided by the Government to the people of India under one frame. This way, people will not have to roam around searching for the right website for availing themselves of particular government service. To Download the Umang app is a very simple process and does not take a lot of time for people as well. Also, even the least learned person can use this app and that is why the chances of getting cheated under fraudulent activities have reduced among the less learned and illiterate people. 

Anyone can download the UMANG application on their Android or other mobile phones and create their account with the help of their working mobile number. Also, through this process, your mobile number and other details will be completely safe and no one will be able to take advantage of this information for their illegal motives at all. Plus, logging into the UMANG app facilitates people with much greater benefits rather than just visiting the respective Government office and getting their work done there. 

The Download Umang app feature is available for all the phones such as Android, Apple, etc., and any permanent and valid citizen of India can avail themselves of this application and that too from anywhere and anytime. 

Benefits of using the UMANG App

There exist a lot of benefits of the UMANG App Download for Android and IOS and some of these can be listed in detail as below-

  • Getting all the Government Services in one place:

All the Indian Government services have never been available in one single application to date. This is a big change for the whole country to adopt and this change has brought a lot of other happy changes in the life of people for sure. Now, people don’t have to travel miles to just reach a Government office so that they can take their deserved advantage for particular Government service. This application is a milestone that India has never achieved till today. 

  • Application to any Government policy becomes much easier:

Applying to Government services takes a lot of time, stress, and effort of people and may sometimes even result in huge disappointment in the first place. To avoid all this stress for the people, the Indian Government has launched this app where people can apply for any of the available and suitable services anytime they want. Application to a new Government service has now become much easier for the people for sure. 

  • Direct contact with the Government authorities of the respective service:

This app offers even the small-town people to have direct contact with the Government authorities of the respective service. This is not at all possible when people visit the Government office to avail themselves of any service. 

  • A lot of people’s Time and Money is saved:

Visiting the Government office again and again to check the status of any service takes a lot of money and time from the people and this also becomes very exhausting and frustrating. However, all this stressful part can be skipped through the UMANG app and that is why it is one of the most time-consuming apps that the Indian Government has ever introduced. 

  • People can track their applications just with a single click:

Tracking their applications from time to time is only a single click away for the people now. Also, this does not take a lot of time and effort of the people and even an illiterate person can do this tracking work independently and with full confidence and enthusiasm. The dependency of people on Government officials has reduced to a great extent with the introduction and successful running of the UMANG application. 

All the benefits of the UMANG App Download for Android and IOS will help every citizen of India to understand the Government system in a much better way and to get all the deserved benefits of this system in the first place as well. This is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities of your life to get all the required Government services without working too hard for the same at all. 


The introduction of the UMANG app has provided a lot of facilities and conveniences to the people and has benefitted them for all the government plans and services. When people Download Umang App, they bring a slight light of happiness on their way which gets enlarged when they apply for the services present on this application. Also, getting your vaccine appointment has become much easier for the youth nowadays. Because of this application, they can reach out to their nearest vaccination spots and get the vaccine protection for themselves, and that too free of cost. 

Therefore, it is proven that the introduction of the UMANG app has been one of the most incredible things that the Modi Government has done for the wellness and betterment of Indian citizens. That is why considering this app will be very beneficial for everyone and will solve a lot of problems for the people for sure. 


  • Can people check their PF balance on the UMANG app?

Yes, checking their PF balance is easy for people through the UMANG app. People just have to follow the below steps for the same-

  • The first step is to download the Umang Mobile App from the Google Playstore. 

  • On the UMANG app, select the EPFO option.

  • A new list will open on your mobile screen and from all of them, you will have to select the 'Employee Centric Services' option from it. 

  • In the Employee Centric Services category, you will be able to check the PF balance very easily. 

  • Enter all the required information and wait for getting an OTP on your registered mobile number. Once you receive the OTP, enter it in the respective box and click on the Submit option. 

  • Select the EPFO option and check your respective PF balance. After your work is done, log out of your account and close the UMANG window on your mobile.

  • Who launched the UMANG mobile app?

The UMANG mobile app was launched by the Government of India to provide reliable support to the people in all the schemes and policies that the Government has to offer to them. A lot of schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Krishi Yojana, Aadhar card facilities, Antyodaya Saral Haryana Yojana, and a lot more are available on this application. 

  • How is the UMANG app related to the Co-Win vaccine?

The upgraded corona vaccine known as Co-Win is available for registration through the UMANG application. This application provides all the details about this vaccine registration and people can book their appointments from this application. This application is specially designed for providing vaccine appointments to people between the age group 18-34 from all over India. 

  • What can people do to withdraw their PF accounts from the UMANG App?

People only have to follow the below steps to withdraw their PF accounts from the UMANG app-

  • Open the UMANG application on your phone and click on the EPFO option in the menu. 

  • After this, you have to click on the Employee Centric option present on the screen. Then you have to click on the Raise Claim option and apply for the PF account withdrawal process to take place. 

  • You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number and you will have to insert it in the provided box on the screen. After this, click on the Next option. 

  • Next is to select the type of withdrawal that you want to make and claim your withdrawal procedure accordingly. This will lead you towards a claim reference number that you should never get misplaced. With the same number, you will be able to track your withdrawal claim from time to time and will not miss any updates about the same for sure. 

By following all the above steps properly, people can get their PF accounts to get withdrawn very easily, and that too undoubtedly. 

  • What are the e-government services that are available on the UMANG App?

The e-government services that are available on the UMANG app can be listed as follows-

  • Aadhar card application,

  • Gas cylinder application and rebooking,

  • Various passport services,

  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, 

  • PAN card services, 

  • Income Tax services, and many more. 

  • UMANG app works in how many languages of Indian culture?

UMANG app is a multi-lingual application that helps people to Apply Online for Government Services in a lot of different languages spoken culturally in India. India is a diversified country and many languages are spoken in India. This is taken into proper consideration by the makers of the UMANG app and that is why it is undoubtedly considered as one of the most helpful applications existing in today’s world. 

  • How many services are available in total on the UMANG app?

A total of 162 services were present on the UMANG application at the time of its introduction. However, with the evolution of the country with these passing years, the services of the UMANG app have also increased. Now, this app offers a total of 600 services for the betterment of people all over India.