West Bengal Marriage Registration

The newly married couple receives a marriage registration certificate from the Law Department, Registrar General of Marriages, Government of West Bengal. You may apply for marriage registration on the rgmwb.gov.in website. This article explains the online application process in detail, as well as the eligibility requirements, document requirements, and other important details.

What is wb marriage registration act?

The Hindu Marriage Act 1955, The Special Marriage Act 1954, The Indian Christen Marriage Act 1872, and The Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act 1936 are all laws that couples may use to register their marriage. The Hindu marriage act applies to anyone who is a Hindu in any of its forms or innovations, including Virashaivas, Lingayats, and followers of the Brahmo, Prarthana, or Arya Samaj, as well as Buddhists, Jainas, and Sikhs who are not Muslim, Christian, Parsi, or Jews. The Indian Christian Marriage Act applies to those who are members of the Christian faith. The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act governs the Parsi culture. Other people's marriages are governed by the Special Marriage Act.

Advantages of marriage registration: 

A marriage certificate is a document that serves as a useful proof of marriage.

A marriage certificate is a document that provides social security and self-confidence, especially to married women.

A marriage certificate helps obtain a visa for the wife or partner.

If the account holder or the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise, it would be useful in claiming bank deposits or life insurance benefits.

It's a crucial document for establishing a claim to inherited land.

Marriage Certificate Validity

The above-mentioned marriage certificate will be valid indefinitely as long as the marriage remains valid.

Eligibility criteria for wb marriage registration

The following conditions must be met to receive a marriage registration certificate in West Bengal:

  • The bride and groom must be at least 18 years old and 21 years old, respectively.
  • At the time of registration, the parties (husband and wife) must be living together.
  • There should not be more than one partner for any of the parties at the time of marriage registration.
  • The husband and wife must have lived together in the district where the marriage is to be registered for at least one month.

Documents required for marriage registration 

Along with the application form, send the following documents when registering the marriage:

  • Bride and groom evidence in their own home.
  • Picture of the bride and groom in passport form.
  • The bride and groom's age certificates.
  • A marriage invitation card, a shared portrait, and an affidavit from the priest or local panchayat bodies are examples of proof of marriage.

West bengal marriage application form

First Step

  • To register online, go to the Law Department Register General of Marriages, Government of West Bengal's official website first https://rgmwb.gov.in/.
  • In the middle of the page, on the right-hand side, click the “register your marriage” button.  
  • Click "click here to apply online" on the newly opened page and follow the instructions. 
  • The application form will appear on the screen after you select the Proceed option. 
  • Choose the act for which you want to apply for registration. 
  • The first section of the form will appear, prompting you to fill in the details of your husband (Groom), such as his name, father's name, date of birth, registration, email, phone number, religion, nationality, Aadhar number, and other relevant information, as well as upload the groom's documents. 
  • Then go to the second section of the form, which is the bride's information, such as her name, father's name, date of birth, registration, email, phone number, religion, nationality, Aadhar number, and so on, and upload the bride's documents. 

Second step

  • Now go to the third section of the form to fill in the details of the social marriage, such as the place, date, and marriage invitation card. 

  • Proceed to the fourth section of the children's form detail (it is not a mandatory field you can skip this information if not have). 

  • Then choose a marriage registrar based on the Groom's or Bride's address. 

  • The name of the marriage registrar appears on the screen. Select a marriage officer form, district, sub-district, work area, block, police station, and gramme panchayat from the drop-down menus.

Third step

  • Now go to the last stage of the application form, where you must fill out the registration details. Choose between “office of the marriage officer” and “outside the office of the marriage officer (within his/her jurisdiction)” as your registration place.  

  • Then enter the name and address of the company, as well as the name of the street/locality, district, sub-district, work area, block, police station, gramme panchayat, village, and post office.

  • Then choose “during the marriage officer's office hours” or “after the marriage officer's office hours.”

  • Enter the code and press the submit button; remember to print it out before submitting it for future reference.

How to raise an objection

You must go to the official website to file an appeal.

From the home page, select the search service option.

Select "objection" from the drop-down menu.

On the phone, the application form will appear.

Fill out the form with the information mentioned below.

  • Application number

  • Name

  • Relation with applicant

  • Mobile number

  • Email id

  • Postal address

  • Objection reason

  • Upload Signature

  • Captcha code

After filling out all of the information on the application form, press the "submit" button.

Frequently asked questions

What laws govern the registration of marriages?

Marriages are governed by the following statutes:

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, for example,

2. The 1954 Special Marriage Act (Under Section 13),

3. The 1954 Special Marriage Act (Under Section 16),

4. The Indian Christian Marriage Act, which was enacted in 1872,

5. The 1936 Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act

What is the location of the Marriage Officers' office?

District Registrars' Office, Additional District Registrars' Office, Additional District Sub Registrars' Office, and Sub Registrar's Office

In West Bengal, who is responsible for issuing marriage certificates?

The marriage certificate is issued to interested applicants by the West Bengal State Law Department Register of Marriages.

What is the official West Bengal website for registering a marriage certificate online?

To apply for a WB Marriage Certificate Online, applicants can go to the official website rgmwb.gov.in.

Is it possible to verify the status of my application on the official website?

Applicants can use the official portal to verify their application status.

Is it possible for people to apply for a W.B. Marriage Certificate online?

Yes, applicants can apply for the scheme by registering their marriage with the appropriate agency.