Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking? 
Internet banking, also known as online banking or electronic banking or Internet banking, is a service offered by banks and financial institutions that allows customers to use banking services over the Internet. Customers don't have to go to their bank’s branch to take advantage of every little service. Not all account holders have access to internet banking. If you want to use Internet banking services, you must register the same with the bank when opening an account or later when required. You must use your registered customer ID and password to log into your Internet banking account. 
Online Banking Features 
. Review the online statement. 
. Open a time deposit account. 
. Pay utility bills, such as water bills and utility bills. 
. Make payments for merchants. 
. Transfer money. 
. Checkbook request. 
. Buy general insurance. 
. Recharge prepaid / DTH cell phone
Advantages of Internet Banking 
The advantages of Internet banking are as follows: 
Availability - You can use banking services 24 hours a day throughout the year. Most of the services offered are not limited in time; You can always check your account balance and transfer money without waiting for the bank to open.
Easy to Use - Using online banking services provided by meeseva 2.0 login is simple and straightforward. Many find that online transactions are much easier than visiting the branch. 
Convenience - You don't have to leave the household chores behind and go to the bank’s branch. You can complete your transactions from anywhere. Pay utility bills, recurring deposit accounts, and more through online banking.
Time Saving - You can complete all transactions in a few minutes through Internet banking. In net banking, funds can be transferred to any account in Germany or a fixed-term deposit account can be opened in no time. 
Activity Tracking - When you carry out a transaction at the bank’s branch, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. There are no ways to lose it as all transactions you make through a bank's internet banking portal are logged. You can present this as proof of the transaction if necessary. Details such as the beneficiary's name, bank account number, amount paid, date and time of payment, and any comments are also recorded.
Disadvantages of Internet / Online Banking
Internet Requirement - An uninterrupted Internet connection is one of the most important requirements to use Internet banking services. If you do not have access to the Internet, you cannot use the online offers. If the bank's servers have failed due to technical problems, you will also not be able to access Net Banking services. 
Difficult for Beginners - There are people in India who live far from the internet. Understanding how Internet banking works may seem like a completely new thing to you. Worse yet, when there is no one around to explain how internet banking works and how to do it. It will be very difficult for inexperienced beginners to figure it out on their own.
Secure password - All Internet banking accounts require entering the password to access the services. Therefore, the password plays a key role in maintaining integrity. If the password is shared with others, they may use the information to fabricate a scam. The chosen password must also comply with the rules specified by the banks. People must change their password frequently to prevent password theft, which can be a difficult task for the account holder to remember. 
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