AP Transport

  • The Regional Road Transportation Authority has released a new RTA citizen ap app for Andhra Pradesh residents. An AP Citizen can download the app to his or her smartphone and utilise it for the stated purpose. As a countermeasure, the RTA has introduced an app to make transactions more convenient.
  • The use of internet resources and the release of this app can benefit individuals in a variety of ways. RTA machinery will save time on repetitive tasks because of this web smartphone application.

Key services of the RTA citizen ap app

1. A citizen can apply for a new driver's licence. The applicant can also apply for renewal or first-time licence approval. The Registration Certificate, RC, can be cancelled using RTA.

2. There may be errors in the car and driving licence documentation, which the RTA will amend at the applicant's request.

3. Additional features include the ability to transfer ownership, support for no-objection certificates, and the ability to link the Aadhar Card to a driver's licence through the apps. On heavy-duty trucks, businesses can apply for a national permit.

4. The RTA will allow automobiles to be transferred from one state to another via an online application. The applicant can apply for a car transfer online, and the transfer paperwork is completed in just a few hours, as opposed to hours of waiting in line.

Registration Process for RTA citizen ap App Services

A citizen can use the internet to apply for a variety of services. They are new vehicle registration, ownership transfer, driving licence application, and learner's licence application. An applicant can also apply for a driver's licence renewal.

 AP Vehicle Registration Search on app

1. Users must first download the AP RTC  ap vehicle registration Search app from the Google Play Store to obtain ap vehicle registration information.

2. After downloading the app, enter the vehicle number and search for information on it.

App for  ap Vehicle Registration Information

1. Users must first download the AP Vehicle Info app from the Google Play store in order to view the AP Vehicle's information.

2. Users must log in to the app using their mobile number and verify the Vehicle information by inputting the ap vehicle registration Number after installing the app.

Other services on the RTA citizen ap app

New Registration

The registration services for a new vehicle are provided by the RT citizen app. Vehicle sellers will be required to register the vehicles in the buyers' names. It means that the registration process must be completed by the dealer, which saves time and energy for those who choose to purchase new automobiles.

Transfer of ownership

  • The online website allows for the transfer of car ownership, although biometric authentication is required.
  • The owner of the car must produce the paperwork and upload them to the web portal.
  • For the car transfer, the web portal will collect a registration fee. Citizens must pay the registration charge and submit it to the appropriate government agency.
  • You can also use the RTA citizen ap app to check the status of your registration by entering your registration number.
  • The applicant must upload the documents and make a note of them on the webpage.
  • The applicant must attach the following documents: proof of identity and address, as well as Form 23 relating to the vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC). It also comes with a certificate of no objection.
  • Form 31 is required when transport is financed, as is a death certificate for the vehicle owner if he or she has died away. If the car is being transferred inside a family, the family member certificate is required.

Applying for a Driving licence or Learners’ License

1. Fill out the online application form and upload all required documents to the web portal.

2. The application fee for a driver's licence must be paid using the payment channel. After paying the money, the applicant can submit the application for a transportation licence.

New Driving License

1. The date of the test will be given to the applicant who is applying for a new driver's licence. For candidates who have a learner's licence, the RTA will deliver the "permanent licence" in one month.

2. In a month, candidates who hold a learner's licence will receive notification of their "permanent licence."

3. An applicant must go to the citizen app website, select the licencing option, and then select a licence from the drop-down menu.

4. The applicant must choose whether to register for a driver's licence or a learner's permit. Then, choose the type of transaction you want to make.

How to Apply for a Permanent License

1. For a permanent driving licence, the applicant must input the learning licence number or pick a new driving licence.

2. The candidate must input his or her Aadhaar number, select the test date, and submit his or her information.

Driver's License Renewal

1. Install the RTA citizen ap app, then select the licence, and the applicant must fill out the required information. The device will then display the details of the driver's licence on the screen.

2. The applicant must submit the application by clicking the renewal button. To obtain authentication, the applicant must validate biometric authentication and provide the Aadhaar number.

3. The applicant must proceed to the payment gateway page and pay for the licence renewal. The payment details will appear on the screen after the fees have been paid successfully.

Frequently asked questions

How do i get the RTA Citizen APP?

Follow the steps below to install the RTA Citizen app and avail of the services.

Download the RTA citizen app on your phone in these steps:

  • Open the Google Play app on your phone.

  • Then search for the RTA Citizen app

  • Click on install 

  • After successful installation of the app, open the app on your phone and sign up.

  • Fill in all the details asked and sign up.

Which document is needed to transfer ap vehicle registration?

Authentication of enrollment, verification of ID and address The main essential archives for car enrollment move are vehicle insurance, a declaration of contamination in line, and a no complaint testament.

What are the benefits of using the RTA Citizen App?

Using the RTA Citizen application, you may successfully enrol in the most recent car, as well as apply for a driver's permit for students, transfer of possession, and reestablish your driver's permit.

What is the best way for an AP vehicle transport registration check?

To find out more about the Ap transport registration check, type “VAHAN VEHICLE number” and send it to 7738299899′′.