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IFMIS treasury

Overview Telangana state government has come up with the IFMIS TS portal for the benefit and convenience of the state employees. This is a web portal that shall offer the state government employees to get the monthly payout. Once the IFMIS...

published on Jul 01, 2021

UP FIR Status

Citizens in Uttar Pradesh can file some complaints online through a mobile app instead of going to the police station. The software allows users to file e-FIRs and provides 26 additional functions, including the ability to file FIRs regardl...

published on Jul 01, 2021

Kisan Rath Mobile App

Overview Due to pandemic crises, farmers are finding it quite challenging to even book trucks and tractors to transport their products. Considering this problem, the government has launched the Kisan Rath Mobile App. With such an app at lea...

published on May 05, 2021

Hot to apply for TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Overview In the pandemic crises that we all are going through, there is no denial of the fact that the state government is trying its best to offer better support and services to its citizens on many levels. There are state governments that...

published on May 05, 2021

Kerala Bevq App Download

Overview The Kerala State Beverages app called the BEV Q app download link has now come up on the Google play store. It is also available in IOS form. The Kerala government has now started selling alcohol online in the state post the relaxa...

published on Apr 21, 2021

Mera Ration Mobile App

Overview: With digitization, there have been so many things easy and smooth now that you surely don’t have to worry at any point in time at all. The Indian government has recently launched the app called Mera Ration App which can even help...

published on Apr 12, 2021